85 thoughts on “The Unbelievable True Story of Baseball’s Oldest Rookie | Jim Morris | Goalcast

  1. never quit on yourself. You choose who you are and what you do. Never quit never back down

  2. you have everything you need already to build success. if your "not smart enough" focus on self improvement by reading books and learning on youtube. I did and changed my life. 25 years old and make 180k last year.

  3. I watched the movie but I never thought that the person was real, that it was a true story boy it's inspiring❤

  4. "Don't do anything you would rather not have anybody see you do, even if nobody's watching, what you do makes you who you are" Powerful.

  5. He is an amazing guy but your source for the movie scenes should be Disney, they produced the movie not Warner Bros. Just a little critique on your video.

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  7. To many compliments are a bad thing do not do it often only when valid it makes u give up when told to much no need to get better if u the best I wish I was never told it I was never pushed growing up better then others by nature is sad life don't stop trying

  8. Man, I’ve somehow stumbled across these motivational talks and I feel like a new person with the possibility that I can achieve and be my definition of successful.. I’ve felt this way before and I know there’s only so much videos you can watch until you get use to them and they lose their effect.. but wow , I hope this feeling lasts

  9. Damn he shook me when he said "Rabun County Highschool" because I attend that school as of right now. It's a great school, great teachers my favorite one I have ever attended.

  10. You are born with your bame and die with your name whta you do in between is a legacy you leave for everybody else

  11. Some people do not want to go and be indoctrinated. I always knew I was smart I associated with many students and graduates many of whom I was more intelligent then which annoyed them and many graduates have a false superiority complex and sense of entitlement and are extremely rude imo. I would be happier around average people who value my company than be force fed information to be included in some "club" I don't want membership in.

  12. Goal is to become financially independent!
    With or without an education
    And off course within the law
    Freedom and money

    If you can do that congratulations you’ve made it! You win in life!

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  14. You're born with your name and you die with your name. What you do with it in-between is a legacy you leave for everyone else… Who do you want to be? – Jim Morris

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