The Walking Dead Miniatures: Negan’s Bat

Hi guys! Who else is beyond excited for season 7 of The Walking Dead? The last season ended on a cliffhanger and that drove me crazy. Negan’s bat Lucille played a huge role at the end of last season so I thought it would just be fitting to create a miniature replica of it So let’s get started The first thing you need is a quarter inch dowel Measure 3 inches This will be the full length of the bat From that marking, measure 1 inch and 1.25 inch This is where the grip and a taper will be. Then make another mark 1/8 of an inch away from the first mark This tiny section is where we will carve out the knob of the bat To summarize we will shave down the grip at the green lines and file down the taper at the blue lines I’m using an exacto knife to shave this down which can be a little dangerous Just make sure to keep a strong grip on your blade and go slow Here’s the grip all shaved down Now I’m filing the taper to give a nice transition from the thin grip area to the thick barrel area Next I’m just cutting the dowel at the 3 inch mark You can do this step first but keeping the dowel long gives you a good handle to hold on to while you’re shaving and filing Then I’m just rounding and smoothing out all the rough edges with a file Using brown acrylic paint and some water I create a sort of stain to paint onto the bat Then I seal the bat with some clear nail polish To create the barbed wire I’m just using some ornament hooks I just straighten them out Stack two wires together and stick one end into an electric drill Clip the other and with pliers and turn to drill on This will twist the two wires together and then grab another hook straighten it out and wrap it around the twisted wire This is going to create the barb Clip off excess and do that all along the twisted strand I like to add superglue to each barb just to keep them in place This is optional but I put both the barbed wire and the dowel into the drill to shape the wire into a spiral You can also do this by hand Those barbs actually really hurt so be careful when you’re working with it Here I’m creating another twisted wire for extra detail Just wrap it around the bat and secure it in place with more superglue Next I’m grabbing some red nail polish to create the look of blood You can also use paint You can drag the nail polish for the look of running blood Now I just wonder whose blood that is… Just a few more days until season 7 premieres and we can all find out If you guys enjoyed this video make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more I’m doing a whole Walking Dead miniature series so be on the lookout for that Bye!

52 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Miniatures: Negan’s Bat

  1. I have a question. How are you so good at making miniature things?!?! Especially the gore type things. Oh and also, nice nails XD

  2. This is the most viewed TWD weapon video I wonder why haha. A good safety tip when using blades is to perform the action away from you so if anything happens the blade will not be coming towards you. Good job!

  3. I loved how you clipped the wire into the drill to get the twist. That's so clever. I never would've thought of that.

  4. hi i was wondering if you could do a harry potter miniature like the quddich (no idea how to spell it) or a percy jackson one?
    you don't have to. I'm not even sure if you know any of them

  5. The bat looks amazingand i love the idea!!!! The only change i recommend, that i'm planing to try, is using thin pipe cleaners that you can get from the dollar store or Walmart for the wire. these wires have fluffy fur like stuff on them and are binded together with two pieces of thin thin metal that if u unwind, and remove the fluff, would be perfect for the barbed wire wrapped around Lucille!! that's just a recommendation, you don't have to listen to me πŸ™‚

  6. Wow.. you're so talented :3 I remember doing clay miniatures of superheroes as a kid, I miss those days πŸ™ you'll inspire me to do some πŸ™‚

  7. Yes!! I need two of these for earrings like, yesterday – unbelievable how great they turned out!

    Obligatory: this now belongs to Negan. Good work.

  8. Yours looks so much better than the other ones that popped up, more realistic. Keep up the wonderful work!
    Cool background blood in the intro, and what a tease with those luscious lips, yow! …sorry, just my male-ness, heee!

  9. I'm using this tutorial on how to make a baseball bat for the DC Bombshells Batwoman character
    Thank you

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