The weirdest trade in MLB history was when two pitchers got swapped … by their wives

– So, today I wanna talk about a pretty wild trade
of baseball players, but it had nothing to
do with baseball itself. These baseball players
actually traded families. – Oh. – Oh yeah. – You can do that? – Apparently, yes. – If the salaries match up, then. (whimsical orchestral music) – So, in 1972, there
were two baseball players for the New York Yankees, your team. Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich, and they were roommates
and very good friends, and so because of that, their families hung out with great regularity, mostly their wives. They would go out on, like, double dates pretty frequently.
– And they had kids? – They both have kids, yes.
– Okay. – This story is from 1973. Get in the mindset here. You’re in that, like, post-’60s era where free love is sort
of like more in vogue than it ever has been before, but in the early ’70s,
it started to get real. You know what I mean? – I remember it fondly. – Yes, we all do. Swapping of spouses is,
you know, sort of in vogue, and becoming a little bit more of a thing. Everyone was doing it. – Keys in the bowl kind of thing? – Sort of like keys in
the bowl sort of thing. – Like, for a night. (Ryan and Clara laugh) – Yeah, very rarely were they actually, like, signing paperwork, but it happened in this scenario. So, in the summer of 1972, these four friends go to the party of sportswriter Maury Allen’s place. – That’s very ’70s. Going to a party at a
sportswriter’s house? – Yes. – Nobody wants to hang
out with sportswriters. – No, no, no, no, then or now. – Yeah.
(Clara laughs) – And afterwards, they
have such a good time, they decide to keep things
going, in a manner of speaking, by going to a local diner. Let’s go out and get something to eat. However, let’s drive each others’ wives, and kind of see how things go. Well, it turns out, one of
the two couples didn’t show up to the diner for another
two and a half hours, so. – [Clara] And the other
couple just waited there? (all laugh) – [Seth] I guess let’s get appetizers, or. – Yeah, we’ll have another
order of fries, I guess. So they have this party, and
they hang out afterwards, and there’s probably some
hanky panky going on, and they go, oh, you know what? This is actually really fun. And what all four parties realize is that they’re falling in
love with the other spouse, and so they decide, after a few months, to make it a permanent arrangement. Fritz Peterson’s gonna move
into Mike Kekich’s house, and Mike Kekich is going to move into Fritz Peterson’s house, and leave the wives, and the kids, and even the dogs, they both had dogs, so they were, like, new dogs
they had to take care of, and they just packed a bag and moved into the other guy’s house. – I would’ve loved it if
they also left the clothes in the closet, squeeze in. – That, very much, I’ve been thinking about, like, how much stuff made the move? Like, you take your toothbrush, right? And your deodorant.
– Absolutely, those go first. – The dog thing is
really sticking with me. – Why? – I don’t know, and I have a wife. Like, I should’ve been more upset by that, but, like, you can’t take my dog away. The dog definitely was like,
something’s not right here. – Something’s not right. You don’t smell the same. There’s something weird going on here. – How many times do you think one or the other, like,
pulled into the driveway, and he was like, oh, shit,
this isn’t my house anymore? – Got the wrong key in the door. – I gotta go to Mike’s house. – Fritz, you don’t live here anymore. – Yeah, she loves me now. – After a few months, right
before the 1973 season started, in, like, March of that year, they decided, okay, look,
this is a permanent thing, we’re gonna stick with it. Word is gonna get out. People are gonna think, as we did right from the jump,
that it’s a sex thing, and it’s more than that. They kept saying it’s not a sex thing, which, like, come on. – You’re having some sex, I mean, I hope. – You’re having some sex, presumably. So, in March, right
before the 1973 season, they do two separate press conferences on the same day. Fritz Peterson goes at 10
in the morning, I think, and Mike goes at 4:00 p.m., or maybe it’s the other way, maybe they switched, I don’t know. There’s a lot of it
going around at the time. So they have these two press conferences on the same day to tell the press, hey, look, here’s what’s gonna happen, and everyone just be cool about it. So Fritz Peterson and
Mike’s ex-wife Susanne had a long and fruitful relationship. They are still married to
this day, as a matter of fact, and Fritz has no problem talking about it, and being open about it, which kinda makes sense
’cause he, I think, made out like a bandit in this deal. Mike and Marilyn, Fritz’s ex-wife, almost immediately were
like, oh, this was a mistake. They had a little bit of an
on-again, off-again thing, and then I think they were like, oh, I don’t know, this is no– – Get out of my house. – Yeah, could you please leave? – But this is a husband swap, right? – This was absolutely a husband swap. Like, they are the ones
who packed up and left. – And it makes sense, right? They were involved in a profession where people sometimes get traded, so they’re used to that, and their wives just probably sat around with baseball cards like, well, my guy, you know, he’s
great in middle relief, but we need someone who can, you know, strike out lefties, if
you know what I mean, so I feel like we can do a. Wait, so, with the diner thing. One couple showed up really late. – Yes. – One couple was at the diner just, like, I guess we can order more potato skins. I don’t know where they are. – So, there’s this great article written by Gil Troy for The Daily Beast that sort of, like,
summarizes it really well, and he says in the article, “That night, “they lingered outside the Allen home, “then decided to continue
to a local Fort Lee diner.” And then it says here, “Mr.
Kekich and Mrs. Peterson arrived “for breakfast more than
two and a half hours later.” – Wait, okay, so. – So Mike Kekich and
Fritz’s wife, Marilyn, they presumably pulled off somewhere, and had some hanky panky, whereas Mr. Peterson and
Mrs. Kekich, I guess. – Got to know each other. – Got to know each other
over a plate of fries at the diner while they
were waiting for them. – Their relationship is the one that worked out, right?
– And their relationship is the one that worked out. – So it seems like they maybe weren’t the initiators of this. – They have since said that it was a totally even,
all four parties were, like, all in on it. – Someone had to have been,
like, faking their enthusiasm. Sure, yeah, you could
come to my house forever. (all laugh) – Ben Affleck and Matt
Damon were in development– They didn’t swap wives, but
they were going to develop this into a movie, they were in
talks to produce it as a movie, and Mike Kekich in particular
was like, hey, not cool. I’m pretty sure he eventually moved to, like, Arizona, or Nevada, or some place in the southwest, and even changed his identity. I don’t know if that’s related. He did do that, but he’s, like, now a sort of notorious recluse, and when he heard about the movie, he was like, no, no, no, no, not cool. – It’s like he took a chance once. He made a big swing once. (Ryan and Seth laugh) Not doing it again. Ruined everything. – Yeah, last time someone
said they had a good idea, didn’t work out great. – It didn’t work out so well. – Ben. – It feels like there’s a lesson here. I don’t really know what it is because it’s got both outcomes. Like, it worked out for one couple. If they both broke up, and it was, like, all four people were devastated, then it’s like, okay, don’t do this. And if it worked out for both of them, then it’s like, oh,
everyone should wife-swap. – Rush out to wife-swap. (all laugh) – I’m still, I’m sorry,
I’m hung up on the dogs. If my dog is watching this, I want her to know that I
wouldn’t trade her for any dog. – Trudy, do you want to
address her directly? – Trudy. Trudy, you’re my world. (laughs) I wouldn’t trade you for anything. – That’s sweet, I like that. No dog-swapping for Seth. – No.

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