The Well and the Stump (ft. TheSolidMoose)

Warning! The following story contains
graphic imagery and sensitive topics. If you are unable to handle watching or
listening to the video, please cut off now. Upon the hilltop, there was a single
stone-bricked well. The belly is always full of water, its bucket held by the knot of a cranks rope and provided irrigation for the local farmers in case
of a drought. By the well’s side was a lone tree stump. The stump on travelers’
occasions were used to rest by the well as it provides itself as a chair to rest
their weary feet; drinking the well’s water. Or as a table for the lumberjack’s
packed lunch. And sometimes it’s a bed for stray animals hoping to find a home. They always were on the top of the hill
ever since the village settled in these lands. Watching, waiting for their next
task to come to them. But in this day of the modern age, the locals are oh so
careful of their loved ones. The hills were poisoned by the sin of men who
abused its force to murder, to rape and to betray their kind. Rarely a soul gets
past the trees and dangers to reach the hilltop to visit the well and the stump.
The only visitors now are the woodland critters; from the birds who bathe in the
wells water to the rabbits who made their burrow underneath stumps roots
during the winter hunting season. A couple of years had passed by. Still
alive and waiting. The stump has sown a garden of mushrooms from its body to the soil surrounding it. The well grew itself a large moss coat around its sturdy
structure. Watching the locals bustling, working and socializing in their small
town. The hills were condemned by the local law enforcement in order to
protect citizens from hostile wildlife and taken precautions of possible
criminal activities that would take place. However, when there are laws there are rule-breakers. Young rebels coming in and out of the woods to party and make lust behind the trees. Moonshiners hiding
their illegal brew of whiskey and trading them for an extra
cash held by the richest crime lords on the streets. And of course, the night
stalkers who follow their victims to the hills entrance. Shedding their blood on
cloudy nights. On one fateful night, the well and the stump heard footsteps rushing towards the hilltop. Heavy panting could be heard miles away from their grounds. Out of the trees was an injured young man. The clothing he wor
was torn, his skin full of bruises and bites, and eyes bloodshot. Someone else
from afar shouted, “You get back here, child! Your heavenly Father commands thee to relinquish your sin for you.” A priest. One who abuses their divine right to harm and chastise others when they turn their backs. The injured youth quick on his feet
jumps inside the well. Still full of water, he held his breath and hides as
much as the well’s depth could submerge him in the darkness hiding in plain sight from the pastor. As the pastor arrives on the scene, he looks around at the stump.
Hauntingly hums a hymn, Amazing Grace, as he found the rabbit
hole with his lantern. it was just a shy smaller than the lad’s body. He clicked his tongue and said, “You can’t turn away from God. He guides me to where you are. Next, he examines the well’s moss coat. He then sighed, “The moss would have kept you warm on this cold autumn night.” At last, he examines the well’s body. By a
stroke of luck, the pastor backs away from the well for he did not want to fall in its waters. “That boy must have gone back into the woods,” he grumbled. “I could just tell his parents that he ran away from my house. Yes, that could work,” he added, rubbing his chin. But the boy could no longer hold his breath. His skin became blue and eye became pearl white. Once the pastor has
left, he floated to the well’s surface. Lifeless and cold as the night. The next morning, there was a missing person report about the now-dead boy. The pastor did what he said he would do last night. The news broadcast the boy’s parents in
tears and anger hoping one day he’ll return in their arms. The plan was almost
perfect to secure the pastor’s alibi. It wasn’t long for the bloodhounds
taking part in the search started catching the trail of the boy’s scent. One
ran towards the priest’s house while the other ran for the hilltop. The search
party then split into two finding new evidence that contradicts the priest’s
statements as along with the boy’s body floating in the well. The parents became disgusted and heartbroken by the priest’s horrendous
actions towards their son along with the entire town ready to hang in with the
noose. A week passed by after the incident and
the court ruled the pastor’s verdict guilty for attempting an assault and
injuring a minor. The well and the stump watches him entering the paddy wagon and drove towards the local jailhouse as the boy’s parents with the police watched them engrave his name on the stump So that he can forever watch the town from the hilltop.

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