The Wheel Drill – Baseball Rebellion Hitting Drill

Hey everyone, this is JK Whited from the Baseball Rebellion here to give you the Ferris Wheel Drill and this drill is designed to help a player who might have a very horizontal swing path, or as we call a merry-go-round swing path, that their shoulders or guys who might have a downward shoulder path which creates a lot of cut balls and/or at best, Flat hit line drives. As we know, we want to be able to tell more get the ball in the air more, hit more doubles, be more productive So this is a drill, an extreme drill if you will, that helps players who have an extreme problem not everybody needs this drill again This is specific to people who have a downward swing path Or have a poor shoulder tilt in the back. When I say in the back, I mean early in the swing, okay? so this drill is great at helping a player to feel that early tilt in their swing and then later on help them to feel the The late upward path of their shoulder as opposed to coming off the ball and maybe hit some sidecut ball so again Extreme drill, this is how it works. Okay so you’re going to get to a net or something like this if you have a wall at the house and can scrape up or You don’t mind hitting or and one that you don’t want to hit actually and you have a bat Obviously you can use a bat. This is a smaller bat for me as long as I have a little bit of Separation between the knob and my elbow on the backside, it’s gonna work out just fine All right now with minimal footwork here This is for a design for players who already have a handle and a grasp on their footwork They’re going to be able to go into their swing path up a lot easier that way so they have some balances This is going to be tough So make sure they’re stable and having a good feeling of where their feet need to be okay So from the backside you’re not gonna see it, right yet But I’ll get to that here a second. The purpose of this drill is that if I rotate at all flat… I’m going to get caught up on the net okay, so if I have an extremely merry-go-round horizontal type of a turn I’m gonna hit the net, I’m gonna feel it. It’s gonna give me that instant feedback to tell me I’m too flat. If I have a downward swing path as well and a downward shoulder to the ball which cuts a Lot of balls hits a lot of short pop-ups and grounders. It’s gonna Tell me right away – okay if I go down in the back as I rotate open my hips I’m not going to hit the net now I want to stay close to the net in the back But as I go down I can really feel in my side and my obliques and lower back because that’s where I want to feel that pull down That’s where I want to feel that pinch in my swing okay from the back side It looks like this and you can do this a couple times. Just like this to get that feel that you want Okay, and that’s it for the first part now We know not everybody needs this, some players already do a great job of pulling back and going down first and then kind of sideways Sideways into the zone Obviously this pitch replicates a very down and in pitch to a very extreme pitch to get to. But in my opinion, if you can Reach the extreme pitches if you can really tilt your body to get under and lift a down and in pitch, anything else That’s higher and lower away is just that much easier because it’s less strain on the body From the back side now going into the front side as I rotate open Okay now I’m going to try to stay very Close to the net on the front side Without pulling off and now for players who tilt maybe very well in the back, and then who pull off late in their swing Okay, this is going to help them stay up through the middle and feel a little bit more I keep the barrel going out until eventually they would have to but again This is an extreme drill So we’re gonna stay close to the net after my tilt in the back as far as I can Kind of have the grip you like finish at the end sweet man in the back But again staying on the net as long as I can and keeping the knob on this side of my body for those players who? Might cut across too soon all right They might have a good start, a poor finish, and this is great for players who have a poor start Which my opinion is more important because without a good start, I can’t have a good middle to good End so this is called the Ferris Wheel Drill great for any player with extremely poor shoulder path history

5 thoughts on “The Wheel Drill – Baseball Rebellion Hitting Drill

  1. Nice drill. A rod really dislikes the Ferris wheel approach. He explained how Edgar Martinez worked with him and David Ortiz when they were coming up. They wanted to swing down on the ball. I went to a White Sox game and I heard there hitting coach on BP saying get on top of the ball. What are your thoughts on this?

  2. For anyone who may think this drill is bs, see also:'s, "hitting drills to avoid" as well as, "Bryce Harper's swing 2015-2016, What happened?"

  3. I could be wrong, but looks like a backside collapse to me. Front shoulder would elevate too soon, back side collapses, hands move too high in which the barrel follows (barrel follows the knob) from low to too high giving the barrel a short time in the hitting zone. I understand you are saying it is a feel/exaggeration drill, but a back side collapse shouldn't be part fo the feel, should it?

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