The Wiggles – Where’s Jeff? – Paragliding

SONG: Where’s Jeff? Is he sleeping outside? Where’s Jeff? Has he gone for a ride? ANTHONY: And here’s your host, Greg Wiggle! Ah. (SPEAKS IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE) Hello, friends, and welcome to Where’s Jeff, the only game show in the world where we get to look for Jeff. Right now, we’ve got a fantastic contestant ready to play. Please welcome Murray Wiggle. Hi, Greg. Hi, Murray. Murray, what are some of your hobbies? Greg, I love to read, but I mostly love to play my guitar. Of course, we all love music. So, Murray, just step right on over and let’s play Where’s Jeff? We’ll lower down the quizmatron so you can’t see or hear where Jeff is, and, Murray, let’s start off with a question. Greg, is he outside or inside? Good question, Murray. I like it. He’s outside. Now, Greg, sometimes Jeff falls asleep and he lies on the ground. Is he asleep on the ground? Oh, no, Murray, no. He’s not on the ground. He’s not on the ground, so he must be in the air? Yes, Murray. That’s fantastic. He is. Now, let’s see. He’s in the air, so he must be, uh, on an airplane! Oh, no, Murray. No, no, no. He’s not in an airplane. He’s not in an airplane. So he’s flying some other way. Uh, uh, is he on a parachute? Wwwell, it’s kind of like a parachute, Murray. Kind of like a parachute. Uh, how about a hang glider? Well, it’s kind of like a hang glider, too. Oh, like a parachute or a hang glider. Uhhh. Oh, I know! He must be paragliding! You’re right, Murray! Well done! Jeff is paragliding! Have a look at that! But, of course, as always, he’s asleep. Let’s wake him up. One, two three. BOTH: Wake up, Jeff! (SHIVERING) (WIND HOWLING) I’d better get back to Network Wiggles! Yes, Jeff Wiggle. Come on down. That’s Where’s Jeff? for today. Until next time, bye-bye. Where’s Jeff?

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