There a gap jump over a stump: Seven Up || Squamish, BC | Mountain Biking

Hi everyone and welcome back. Hope you’re excited for the long weekend. Today I am riding a trail that was not at
all what I expected. It’s called Seven Up and it’s in an area of
Squamish I have spent very little time…. the very southern most trails of the Alice Lake area. I’ve ridden the two relatively easy blues
in this area named Lumberjack’s and Rollercoaster as well as the access roads, but there are
a lot of blacks and doubles I have yet to explore Speaking of, this trail starts just a bit
south of Lumberjack’s exit and ends out in a residential community park. It’s a pretty short trail with a really long
lead in, but nearer the end is where it gets spicy. The few small dirt jumps are just the precursor
to a huge and super sketchy looking gap jump. Definitely way above my pay grade. There’s also a ladder drop and a steep rooty
section. The end of the trail is really what I expected
the whole trail to be like. But that’s the joy of exploring new trails. Hope you enjoy it and that you join me again
next week. Will I even fit….nope, not at all Even with 760 bars that would be tight

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