Thermaling tips for paraglider pilots (part 2 of 4)

we’re here in Colombia on our last day
on Piedechinche launch and we’re on our way to the airport we’ve had a
really fantastic two weeks and we’ve been exploring all different equipment
that we brought with us so watch out for that soon and today what we thought we’d
try and do is we’re gonna try and fly together and it’s probably gonna be a
short flight because we’re on our way to the airport but we thought we’d try and
give you some tips along the way and see what we can tell you about what we’re
doing in the air. so at the moment looking a little bit cloudy and quite
hazy so a little scratchy there are gliders climbing but some
struggling as well so what we’re gonna do is take off and do our
best to show you how to work the weak lift and climb out and get up and then
we’re going to head out with our little task 15 km upwind to land on the edge
of airspace on the way to the airport to maximize the flight.
Nancy, are you ready? ready. Let’s go fly! I’ve just taken off, gliding out you see
some climbing a little bit to my right but very weakly
Angelique below climbing weakly little lifts probably should have turned in that last
bit of lift hopefully we’ll get some more I can see
I can see above me Gaisper gliding and Grita out front. just flown through
another little bit of lift but I can see a couple of vultures climbing out front
over the road and turning in that didn’t feel good enough I’m gonna risk pushing out a
little further let’s see if I can get into that thermal these
birds are in, you won’t be able to see them but just in front of me a few vultures
climbing gently, I should really have worked the climbs on the ridge a bit
more, I’ve kind of thrown all my eggs into one basket a bit here. I’m not getting it. Nancy was well below
me, she’s now above me so she’s found something there I’ll go back and see if I can
catch her climb going into it just gotta get myself into
the climb and now … turn around, I’ve got Angelique behind me and I’ve got a fairly weak bubble, that’s a bit better 0.5 .. 0.6 … now as I’m coming around quite
a small little core, as you see I’ve dropped out at the back of it there to
come round here I’m feeling a little push and shove from the harness but
Angelique coming into this space, I’m turning a little tighter there to make space for
Angelique so she can come and join me behind me in the thermal.
great she’s coming in and now we can turn round. Lovely! very nice I’ve got Angelique just on the opposite side of the thermal to me, I’ve just dropped out the side of
it a little bit so I’m readjusting my position to try and get myself nicely in
the best bit of lift. I just straightened up a little bit too long, with these very
small little bubbles this idea of straightening up for several seconds
really doesn’t apply. turn as soon as you feel the little shoves like there,
turn to keep the glider right on it. I dropped out of the back of the thermal
so Angelique did brilliantly there, so I’ll come back round join in
the thermal, so now it’s not safe for me to cut in, I need to go with Angelique around
in this lovely Colombian thermal so now Angelique’s gone a little bit
wide, dropped out there, so I’m turning a little sooner this time I’m joining up
with Nancy in the white and blue glider so as I’m going round as well as feeling the bits of lift
what I’m doing is I’m looking at the other gliders very closely most
importantly of course to keep safe from avoid them that’s the number one
priority of course always but also to see who’s going up and down as soon as I
see somebody going up relative to me I know they’re in a better bit of lift than
I am so I’ll try and readjust my circle to mix with them and there again is
that little shove in the core and I’m tightening up, this is a small thermal
so I’m tightening up on the core rather than widening up which I do in a bigger
thermal Whoo hoo! great! lovely.
now we have Lawrence come to join our thermal, so again all I’m doing is … you can see I dropped out of the thermal I’m having to readjust, straighten up a bit. You can see ahead of me Angelique is climbing nicely so I’m flying a little bit in her direction. come back into the thermal. It feels like
this thermal is weakening at the moment you have to try and work out is that
because it’s dying or because there’s an inversion today looks fairly unstable so
it’s probably not an inversion. There’s a bit of lift there, so I’m recentering, this lift
for whatever reason has readjusted recentred coming back round, Nancy’s done the same and so has Lawrence. I’m gonna widen my turn to let Lawrence to come right in
front of me otherwise we’re gonna get in each other’s way. I wanted to turn there
but that would have cut Lawrence up which isn’t very nice so I’ll just come
wide come back round into the thermal like so. okay I didn’t climb quite as
optimally as I would have done but I’m still in the thermal we’re having a
lovely time, just enjoying ourselves.

30 thoughts on “Thermaling tips for paraglider pilots (part 2 of 4)

  1. nicely done, I usually spend more time on mapping and after this first mapping is done so a try to do as You did, a nice and steady circle … thanks for this masterclass

  2. Not a great video, useful info but i wanted to watch it wearing ear defenders and subtitles on. Crazy idea to have 2 varios both on full whack on the audio track. Min volume so i can hear Carlo.

  3. Why in the world are we listening to two unsynced variometers?? I skipped through the whole thing. Couldn't take it.
    This, and the handheld second-person view make for rough videos.

    Just a little feedback. Overall I really like Flybubble videos and appreciate that you guys are putting out the most paragliding content that I've seen!

  4. Vario's a side it's a good talk. Watching and flying with other pilots is a great thing to learn in climbs. I'm a solo pilot myself and would love to team fly and use info off other pilots. Found it really cool how fast other wings joined in after your first few turns! Interested in knowing more about other people joining your circle. I would assume the pilot you're joining has the right to the lift on the first few turns. Then it becomes a dance and you work off each other to maximize your climb. Or is it every pilot for themselves and the right of way rules? Fun video as always, thanks for flying with a camera in your hand for us YouTuber's!!!!

  5. If you find the vario sounds TOO LOUD try turning the volume down and using the English subtitles (or choose your own language).

  6. I have the vario sound turned off, one reason is that it comes a second or two too late. Without the sound I feel thermals better as my focus is on the surroundings and entire body feel.

  7. Imagine, you are in Colombia for the first time paragliding. Then you hear… vario one, two, three and…. urgh. You reckon they can feel the thermal taking them up!!!

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