Thermaling tips for paraglider pilots (part 4 of 4)

what do you think? How’s it looking? I think we have to go because it really starts working now and there’s gliders climbing here and we don’t want to miss a minute! Enough of this filming. Let’s go flying! One of the things when you get right up to base: if you don’t think about where you’re gonna go next you’re
a little bit blinded at base. You get up and then it’s kind of ‘where
am I gonna go next?’ you just have to fly out to the side of the cloud and then look
around trying to work out where to go next. you’re looking for the next cumulus. So ahead of me I have a little cumulus forming, a new one so there’s that but what I also do is quickly
look at the ground. Looking around at the ground you can see where there are
cloud shadows. As well as looking at the clouds horizontally you can look on the
ground and see the cloud shadows and work out taking into account the angle
of the sun and then try and work out where to go and get your next bit of
lift. I’ve got to say, 26 years of flying it’s
still wonderful. It’s amazing! Can’t say I’ll ever get bored of it. I
guess eventually I won’t be able to do it anymore so make the most of it while
you can. just wonderful!
I’ve got a group of friends we’ve just taken off, climbing up, cruising about the sky, a great fun time there’s no race no competition, it’s just about enjoying the fun and the views and the experience.
Looks like a nice cloud over the landing field. I’m going to go and have a look at that. sometimes when you’re flying XC there’s a moment where you’re getting up high, you’re getting up to cloud base, you look ahead and it’s not looking so good or you’ve got some friends and you
want to hang about and wait for them. sometimes a good technique to practice
when you’ve got nice friendly cumulus clouds is trying to get up to base and
then stay there. that means climbing up leaving the lift and coming back again. It
takes a little bit of practice it can be a little bit bumpy because you’re going
in and out of the thermal but it’s quite a good skill to have. obviously
got to make sure that your sky looks clear and your airspace is all fine. You don’t want to be hanging around right at cloud base with lots of other gliders or
aircraft in the cloud. I have a cumulus cloud that I’m gliding
up to it looks like it’s working very well hopefully you can see that on this
hazy muggy day and I’m just climbing up
underneath it it’s working really well so I’m just straight lining and going up.
I don’t want to actually go into the cloud so what I do is as I get closer to
the cloud base I’ll make my way towards the edge of the cloud. I flew through that bit of lift turn around coming back to it trying to get back
into the lift I’ll wait here until I’m going into the
lift … there we go. so now I can just turn in the lift keeping an eye on cloud
base. yeah I’m getting a bit closer to cloud base and what I’ll do is just pull out until I feel myself dropping out of the climb I can see I’m near the edge of the cloud
as soon as I do that then I can turn back in again. Here I’m coming back around, searching for that bit of lift again. this is quite an easy cloud because the
lift isn’t very strong and it’s got quite smooth edges. there now I’m getting up to cloud I can see when I look horizontally I’m starting to lose a
little bit of visibility so now I just turn back around and fly towards the
clear sky ahead of me and I keep riding till I drop out of the cloud … drop
out of the climb, sorry, I’m not in the cloud. you can still see the ground and
then as I come back and turn around and go back in again. here
I’ve got behind me Nancy and Laurence they’re getting up nicely as well
catching me up now. so it’s a nice technique to practice when you’ve got lots of space
and a friendly cumulus and gentle climbs. I don’t recommend doing it with a big
cloud and strong climb because you might find yourself going whoops up into the
cloud and getting a bit freaked out. it’s also a nice technique because usually
there’s lift underneath the clouds so sometimes you can actually work your
way around the edge of the cloud which is quite fun. now I’ve got Nancy and Lawrence coming to join me over there so there’s a possibility of us
getting lifted into the cloud together so we don’t want that so all I’ll do
is just turn around fly back out. now we can push
back out. so that’s great, that was a really nice tactic, you can see how that worked, it meant that we could regroup and get back together which is great. just there
I’ve got Nancy at my side just over here. there I’ve got Lawrence and looking
ahead we can see we’ve got a really nice cumulus out in the valley. It seems
to be working out in the valley so let’s push out under these clouds and see if we can stay up!

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  2. it's good to see how you work with the environment around… being aware of what do you have in front and around… where are the team mates… where is the lift and keep a good position.. thanks for sharing

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