These 5 Simple Football Skills Will Impress Your Friends!

What is up guys PWG here, and today We’re going to learn five simple moves that you can use to impress your friends They’re pretty easy, so I’m pretty sure that you can do them as well. Let’s get started okay so the first one is a really cool overhead flick up I don’t really know the name of the tricks But it sure will impress your friends check it out And this one is the knee Aka it’s a really cool and effective way to get past your opponents. It’s flashy It’s cool, but I think you can do it check it out Okay, so this one is the airplane or the neck roll or whatever you want to call it It’s really easy and whatever trick you do when you spin is really cool check it out So this is probably the easiest trick of them all but it’s really cool and your friends will like it check it out Ok so this trick is called blind heel you basically have the ball our neck stall Roll the ball back and heel it over your head It’s a bit of a chance trick, but if you pull it off your friends will be jealous So hope you liked the video remember to like and subscribe and do leave a comment down below on which trick We thought was the coolest the easiest and the most difficult see you guys next time

82 thoughts on “These 5 Simple Football Skills Will Impress Your Friends!

  1. Hello unisport I am the biggest fan of you my name is Vansh Rana you should make a video on the tricks that are made by your own not on the tricks that is made by Ronaldo or pogba

  2. Man wow very very easy tried for over 30 mins still couldn't even do the 1st trick seriously I could do around the world but not this one so complex one

  3. Thank you for teaching this tree I so I encourage you for the your life and you should make please try your best in your life

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