1 thought on “Thieves steal nearly $12,000 in equipment, supplies from Del Campo High baseball team

  1. somebody is going around to schools all over stealing baseball equipment.

    time to spread out to flee markets around your area to see if any of it shows up there. .

    any replacement equipment should be branded somehow.. makes it much harder to steal.

    solar powered cameras that transmit wifi video recordings as soon as motion is sensed are a cheap insurance policy.. if there is wifi in the area..

    installing cargo rings on the floor of the containers and on the inside of the doors.. will allow chains and padlocks to be installed so the door will only open a few inches..

    creative people will take 12 volt DC actuators.. and install them to operate massive custom made slide bolts on the inside of the doors.. as long as there are hidden jump start terminals thru the side of the container or the floor so if the battery goes dead.. it can be boosted from the outside. thieves also cut thru the sides of containers.. the roofs of containers.. concrete block walls that the cavities are all filled with rebar and high strength concrete… contact local precast concrete manufactures to see if they have any span crete panels that can be used for the roof .

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