This is cricket! Ez a krikett!

Welcome to “This is Cricket!” In this programme we’ll be taking you
through the elements of one of the
greatest games in the world, played by people in over 120 countries
around the globe. Cricket is played between two teams, normally with 11 players per side. One team, Team A, will bat first
and try to score as many runs as possible. While the second team, Team B, will bowl and field to make it as hard as possible
for the batting team to score. The teams then swap over,
so Team B will bat to try to beat the score set by Team A,
who will bowl and field. Adults, young people and children
play cricket all around the world, on the street, on the beach, in the local park. Now, let’s have a look at the
main aspects of playing the game. The aim of batting is to score runs. The batter also has to try to stop the ball
hitting his wicket and getting him out. Bowlers bowl the ball towards the batter,
trying to hit the wicket and get the batter out. The bowler is also trying
to make it as difficult as possible for the batter to score runs. Fielding is the job of the bowler’s team-mates. Fielders try to stop the batter scoring
by stopping the ball as quickly as possible
when it has been hit and throwing it back
to either the bowler or the wicket-keeper. The fielders can also get the batter out
by catching the ball. If a batter hits the ball and
the fielder catches it before it bounces
then the batter is out. The wicket-keeper is a specialist fielder who crouches behind the wicket
at the opposite end to the bowler. The wicket-keeper is there to stop the ball
if the batter misses it and to catch the batter out. There are 5 key elements of cricket. As you can see, it’s all very simple
and should always be fun.

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