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Football is emotion. It comes from the heart. It crosses all barriers. You play football anywhere. This is an amateur football country. Going to the World Cup was unthinkable, but these guys they have something in them. The real excitement about football,
isn’t always the best team that wins the game. Lionel Messi, he was not the tallest, not the strongest, nobody could imagine that he would be the best player
of the history of the football. No way, that’s genius! This love, this involvement of the whole country, it comes from your guts. It’s not only about sports. it’s shown us what we can do when we work together.

90 thoughts on “This is Football – Official Trailer | Prime Video

  1. Not a single clip of CR7 arguably the GOAT. I mean cmon, how can you not mention Cristiano while talking abt football. The trailer is jst awesome but CR7 should have been in it.

  2. Ok,so football without Ral Madrid???why se jealous with them???they have most no.of UCL in the world and in this video there is not a single photo of them.

  3. I think there should be a movie about all the great footballer, Messi, Ronaldo etc together and how they were all developing in their respective homes until they had their all had their breakthrough

  4. no no it's not football it's barclona and Africa maybe messi and Africa no ronaldo,pele,mardona no teams like united, Madrid and you call this is football

  5. When an American company says "football" instead of that filthy word "soccer", you know they're doing the right things 👌👌

  6. Love from INDIA🇮🇳🇮🇳♥️♥️♥️♥️🛑🛑♠️♠️💘💘💥🔥🔥⚽️⚽️

  7. Messi n barca fan detected .. whoever made this video your'e not a football fan.. your'e a messi fan know that

  8. Where is ronaldo he is the greatest of all time where is he bloody fool who made this fucking film

  9. Love from India and Blue Pilgrims to all the football lovers.
    Support team India wherever it goes.

  10. I’m proud that Amazon have come to their senses by calling the sport where you mainly use your foot ‘football’ not that dumb crap in the US.

  11. the only player that could have made the video more inspirational is Ronaldo and yet they managed not to show him. Barka dogs

  12. This is Good but when are you making Cricket Content ??!! Netflix made it on Mumbai indians.. i hope you make either one on the India v Pak Rivalry or RCB 😂

  13. Where is cruyff, Best, Maradona ,Ronaldo,Pele,Zidane…..the magician Ronaldinho…not a single clip of sir Alex Ferguson this is not a proper trailer about football..

  14. J'ai très envie de voire ce documentaire ! ✨🌏🌍🌎✨ car le sport n'a ni de frontière ni de classe sociale et arrive a faire vibrer le coeur de chaque personne fier de son pays /nation ✨🌎🌍🌏✨

  15. The very reason the game will never be popular in America. When you have absolutely nothing else going on in your country or life, kick a ball to make the days go by.

  16. Just finished watching the 1st episode and i couldn't hold back my tears, this one great emotionally packed documentary with surreal stories..

  17. So you're telling me because Ronaldo isn't in this trailer, you're not going to watch it? Please stay away from this great game.

  18. I just binged this entire thing today. It was absolutely beautiful, every episode, and I cried each episode too. Every story was so inspiring and filled me with such joy for the beautiful game!! Kudos for sharing INTERNATIONAL stories as well, rather than stories that come from only Europe, the continent where so many football-loving eyes are fixated rather than appreciating the game locally. These stories are uplifting and eye-opening. A must-watch for every football fan.

  19. when the boy with throat cancer said "I never felt sick while I was watching soccer" .. man that was deep

  20. THW LIVERPOOL EPISODE 😭😭😭 this is why American football fans, basketball fans etc…. don't understand why FOOTBALL is loved by people all over the world

  21. Awaiting the end of the first episode with the real best team in the world and the true "symbol of hope" called Rogério Ceni.

  22. The only reason we still have TV sets is to watch live sports. Really pisses me why haven't YouTube, Netflix, AppleTV or Prime been able to broadcast live sports. I am sure it would bring even more new money into the sports..

  23. Just watched the third episode, Chance.. And as a Chelsea fan, we knew we had to have a whole lotta luck to beat Bayern in their own home ground. The episode captures the essence of a patchwork team winning against the mighty Bayern.. Besides Lamps, Drogba and Cech we had Bertrand, Mierelles, Kalou, Ferrera who'll forever remember that day!

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