THIS IS THE NEIGHBOR’S SON!!!! (Hello Neighbor Hide and Seek NEW GAME)

Wow, this is going to be something special. I have no idea where this game came from, but it’s Hello Neighbor, Hide and seek. Now, a massive, massive. Shout out to a guy called video game news I tried to find this everywhere to play it for you guys. I was so excited by seeing it and they’re the ones that came through and gave me the files. So, thank you You can check out all of their stuff in the description below, but I don’t know what to expect from this I don’t know whether it’s just a really well-made mod or whether it’s actually made and has been leaked By the actual game company who creates Hello Neighbor, but it’s it’s meant to be amazing. I’m not gonna talk too much before So let’s just go straight into it. New game Let’s go. It’s got like all the official branding and stuff. And cutscenes apparently or what? Wha- Wait WHAT? Wait a second What?! Is this the child?! That- the children there’s two of them! And he looks exactly like the neighbor. My goodness. What an unfortunate day. Oh, I mean what a great thing. Oh. We’re playing as the girl. Okay, wait a second. My mind has blown. I knew this was gonna be good But this kid… He’s counting. We’re playing hide and seek This. Is. Great. So this is the first house in Act one… Of Hello Neighbor. We’ve got the drawings up there. I’m not sure if they’re the same. They might be. They’re still looking a little bit dark. I have no idea..? Oh. Oooh! Is that the… Is that the other neighbor? The player that we play as normally? I think it might be. There’s the neighbors red car as well. Dude, what is going on? Hey, what happened to your thumbnail? Um… Okay. So, we’re playing as the daughter. Let’s just- let’s just speak a second. The neighbor has a wife which we kind of knew already I guess but this is confirmed. We know what she looks like as well and he has two kids I wonder if this is gonna tell us the story of of what on earth happens? This rooms all looking the same We can pick up the glue as well Which is cool, we could throw things Will you pick up boxes if you want to as well? So it’s kind of got the whole same volume of Hello Neighbor But, what is gonna happen now? He looks so much like him! Gah! Try again Buster the seeker has been scared That’s not how you count that’s um, that’s wrong. So this is the room we don’t really see too much of in the final game, but everything, everything seems massive because we’re a child? I just… I can’t believe this came out. I don’t think anyone was expecting it We can’t break the… Um… This bowling ball is massive. You joking …Look! Look at the size of it! Volleyballs are not that big even for kids So we can’t break windows What All of them through the door was it I’m even smaller. Now. I’m now living the life as an ant’s these tiny trees. Look at this random sofa It’s random chair Why am I here? Oh wait. This is like a big room But made out like a Disney movie a big bite amount of dirt soda cans Is this a dream my dreaming? Not sure what that sound is. Oh, it’s the radiator the radiators busted I’m on Safari on side. I hope I see a giraffe, that’d be fantastic. So this is the handbag So it’s leaving lots of hints to the mom but It’s bird over there, let’s go to see this bird we can run let’s go We get fired up Hey What is on my legs? I can’t tell Who I’m playing us right now. I’m guessing I’m still the girl What is going on there’s a giant bird up there and a turkey hello, mr. Turkey I feel like you’re like a final boss in Final Fantasy or something. Are you joking? What do you want from me? Huh? Leela? I would take you down Hello was that the boy oh I can swim. Well, I can walk on the the seabed. Anyways, it’s a steak Again, so distracted by everything. I’m going to take this steak. I’m gonna throw it at you mr. Turkey so noise Is that just this? I heard someone laugh There he is look he’s right over there What are you doing he’s right there and He can capture me. What is he doing? Is he pretending to be a tiger? Are you crazy man? Do you want to take this steak? See what happens absolutely nothing. So I’m gonna go around this way because the turkey makes a massively loud sound there is oh He’s taking the steak I’m going I’m done like this What is this shovel put a basketball as well? Its whimpering like there’s some crazy version of hide-and-seek This is not why I expected this possible is really encouraging To use looks like we can use these for a little bit of a better vision It’s the where okay all the way over there with a steak. I’m gonna put this down which is bothering me Oh, wait. Wait, there’s something here is a clue What are those oh They stuffed animals We need to find animals and put them in the cage Oh, oh That makes a little bit more sense Kinda, I guess And we’ve got to avoid the the child in the tiger suit from trying to get us It wouldn’t be hello neighbor if it wasn’t weird, right? Oh, wait, that’s one there He’s been crucified what’s happened? Mr. Costa No Where are you? Why would you do that? Oh This isn’t gonna be as easy as I thought it would why I’m too small to see in the drawers There is something in there though. Oh, I got it. I got it. What is it? It’s a horse or is that bruh or a horse painted like a zebra? I’m not too sure. All right Let’s see what happens when we throw this in Yeah, good job. Mr. Zebra. Welcome to the zoo. Enjoy your time here. Speaking of zoo. Looks like we are We are in one right now Join clock as well. I don’t know how we got to this place. I guess this is a child’s imagination, right? That’s that gopher again. I Knew he was gonna do that. There’s so many to find as well So I’m not. Oh hello What are you you have wheels? I can’t get in There’s gonna be loads of puzzles to try and get these guys out isn’t there. I was small, but I can’t fit in here. I Need you mr. Lyon. Oh wait. I need you in my life. Come here Come here. Looks like I need some boxes. I need to do the classic box and jump to the Gophers over here So I guess I need to block up one of them so he can’t move that’s gonna be my guess But I’m not sure what I can grab Let’s see if there’s anything underneath here At least I found the steak works. I don’t know if he’s still trying to child out on that because literally nothing here I guess the Gopher could pop out there as well 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 9 There’s 9 of them every scene – this is gonna be well tricky. He’s still eating the steak I can see him in the background. So we’re pretty safe from him. Where are these other toys gonna be? This place is crazy. It’s Too big it’s too big. Oh, I wonder if we can water these somehow I’m not sure why you’d wanna do that But maybe we can it’s the dot goes from small to big. Oh Oh you can hide in here Alright get it. I was just about to say when the dot goes from small to bigger. That means you can interact with it There’s a snake up there as well and the turkey alerts the boy to our position I’m learning as we go I had no idea about this game But now we’re learning a little bit. We’re learning. I Can grab the boulder I’m gonna throw you. Let’s see what happens, huh? Didn’t work, I think I can put this over the gopher things. So if I put this on here Yeah, try and voyage me now. Mr. Gopher. You little punk. Come here Come here right now. I need where did he go? Did you go over there? Where is he? How did he go? He’s not in this hole. He’s definitely not that hole because I’ve locked it up Maybe that isn’t what you do. I’m not too sure. He must be somewhere though This rock is misbehaving blocks Perfect, right. I’m gonna try to go around the left hand side So we haven’t been there yet. And I’m gonna see what’s going down. There’s also this little snake It’s like a or a hose Do we just need to do some weird parkour to get it? This is blowing my mind right now. I Think there’s something up there Well, we can know hello neighbor parkour is actually the worst Okay, I’m up Yes Yes Make it all the way to the top is something up here. Don’t fall Don’t fall don’t fall You just spider-man skills. Oh no we need We survived because we’re in a dreamland we need like a What they calls the thing you put on top of that to make attack You know what? I mean circle thing a force it attack, you know what I mean Blue Lamp Not sure what you can do with a blue lab. We can pick it up though Why would we need lights we place items on here No now that was cool though, what’s the noise He sprayed me. It sounds noise. You exploit me. Ah, no, no, no stay away from me Stay away from any of us. I need to push. I need to push need a bush with which is the wish You will never find me, you know Punk did you lose me thank goodness Okay, that sounded really close or was that my character making that noise I’m not 100% sure I’m gonna grab this chair So I think it’s gonna help us get up places But dude, I’m so confused. We can we go in here – oh Yeah, I’m gonna take that. Thank you. That’s the ghost but Where you gonna go? How does he always disappear? I don’t know where he goes. Do we each appointed another hole for that? There’s probably a few other holes that we can check out Let’s see if we can do this and that’s for what it’s going away, but we can at least try right there’s nine cuddly toys Nine, how is there nine of them? Oh He’s definitely seen me he’s like, wait a second what you doing absolutely nothing don’t worry yourself about it, it’s fine This is gonna be treacherous, oh geez, how do I use it? Yes. I’ve got a chair now Hey, we got water. It’s filling up. I don’t know what that means. Get out of here chair I don’t need you right now filling it up. I don’t know what this is gonna achieve Let’s see what happens if we dive in Absolutely nothing. Why would we need to fill this up? This is so pointless. Ah Oh my goodness Why don’t you come from he came from deep within the water and scared the life out of me? Well, at least it’s scary I don’t know where he came from. There must be a way to use these better. Can you like run and jump I Mean kind of but it doesn’t really get you anywhere. I wouldn’t oh, there’s something underneath the turkey Is it Teddy here as well? I’m so dumb. Give me this. It’s meowingtons the raccoon There’s one there as well. So it looks like the progress saves which is good because the waters still here Can I sneak up on this turkey on this over there? There’s something laying over there, too You didn’t see me. You didn’t see we didn’t see me grab it grab it. I can’t grab it. No I’m hiding in here You didn’t find me did you I Can hear his footsteps? Which is really creepy. It’s just is this a child in a tiger outfit and it’s super creepy. I need to put this away I think I’m right near the cage. Come on. Come on number two Fantastic, welcome to the family. Enjoy. It’d be great if it takes them off We’ve got a raccoon and a zebra it said a raccoon or is it like a lemur? I’m not too sure I don’t think it really matters right now. Oh There’s another rock up there. There must be a way to use these better. These skis are things away, but another one These are binoculars, okay Didn’t mean to throw them There’s another rock over there, which I’m guessing you can grab to block up the the other go for holes. So the Gopher card moves There’s one underneath the turkey, but he couldn’t grab it it not quite sure what he’s doing He’s a bit creepy. He’s wearing gloves as well to make it look like he’s got paws Kid has issues. What’s that flying up there? It’s it’s like it’s either holding something No, it’s a bird just floating around. Okay. Random, where’s the best way to use this? because there’s no way to get up there, but I need the rock and there must have been a reason why I Filled this up. Do I climb that broom? I’m just worried because he’s right there digging up for gold. Look his hands This dude, he’s super creepy expedition I need Nobody make a noise. Ah, enjoy that no, I kind of did need to drag him away. Oh man He was there And now he’s not I need to knock this turkey out. This turkey is a problem. Can you go away please? Don’t laugh. It’s creepy. Okay, I think he’s gone Did he go? Sorry, don’t give me those eyes don’t act like you didn’t do that on purpose There’s a lemur there. I Don’t know how to get it. I know he’s coming back What do you do in your so where’s mr. Gopher? I have issues with you disappearing all the time Okay, come onto the broom. Let’s see how no belt fell off. There we go Let’s see how high up on the broom we can get. I don’t think we’re gonna get that far at all How could we get these birds to attack this child? It’s not really something I’ve ever said before but it could be worth it so there’s definitely a better way to be able to use these things because they’re everywhere and there’s a lot and I mean a lot of high up places, so Not quite sure how I’m gonna use them. Do I need to block it with the rock? Maybe? I don’t know This is the best I can do And it doesn’t really work that well at all Things you kind of up in the air but not enough. Okay Rock you’re coming with me. I’m gonna try something else Let’s see a blocking one of these Makes the other ones more powerful It’s not quite dry frisky Oh You see what that did that one change that one might have changed. Let me go and see I kind of need this I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’ve had a brainwave on this as well. I’m running I reckon we might need this for the lion Lions eat steak, so we’re gonna grab this Place it just here buddy Yes, come close not gonna hurt you Gotcha Gotcha. Thank you For it, that’s three out of nine. This is clever though. This is exactly the vibes a pair of neighbor I love it. Whether it’s a mod whether it’s an official game get in there. Mr Lion you my favorite so far, don’t you tell anyone? Yeah, the volumes are perfect. No, no, no disappoint me. It’s quite me Swami. Ah At least you got dragged you out of the bush. Oh, that’s good. Get out of my way You done terrorizing me now, sir Okay. Oh, this is why when it’s try and looks like it might be higher. I Mean I don’t know I can’t work out whether it’s higher or not. Maybe you know, I Kind of need to block the next oh wait Is that one more as well so I can grab that rock? This is this is some extreme puzzling right now Duh-duh-duh launched me. I mean, I think it is kind of more powerful but not powerful enough now, I have our neighbor game without some questionable parkour so Let’s see if we can make it anywhere by jumping Wherever need to go like up here Okay, I’m making progress Some kind of progress. Yes. It’s like climbing Everest No one really wants to do it but one man has to know I felt I felt I don’t think it can be done I don’t think you can really get up there. I think you need that more powerful to be able to make it Lets you beam climb anything else. That’s one of the only things I haven’t tried yet. I think I need more rocks It looks like what’s up there? There’s something interesting up there like a bag hanging on a string Supa, where’s the ascent begins? Head up here That doesn’t work. There must be a route up here Because otherwise, why is it here? It doesn’t have one end either things so It must be away I’m gonna find it. Oh, oh I can make it up there. Okay that makes more sense Where do I go now though? Giant chair, of course Man I’m so confused by this game. Okay progress progress Make it up the mountain. We have found a television and a drawer with nothing in it. We turn this on What a terrible terrible station It’s better be worth it there better be something at the top if there is no cuddly toy up here I’m gonna throw these binoculars very very hard at that baked turkey. The man is always some kind of weird Park all of these games Always where am I showing it to though? I didn’t want to fall out there I thought I was gonna fall out a little bit horrible. You don’t know where to go from here, I guess up here Yeah, okay We’ve made it to the big chair. Very strange. Is this a vacuum cleaner? It is What do we do with it? Can I do anything with you Wait, that’s the bag pod. I Don’t think there’s a switch on it There’s no switch at all, there’s no cuddly toy I am vexed and upset you hear that It’s like winds noises. It’s very very odd. I’m gonna see if I can jump on this chair actually. Oh, Yes, it’s a rock. Oh, yeah, let’s go. I got a rock. I don’t actually know what it’s for Should probably have checked if those cuddly toy out there, but it’s fine Okay, so you can climb the mountain. That’s good to know. Let me block up another one of these Vence I’m not sure. Which one which one should I block up? Let’s try this one. Let’s see what happens Whoa, I didn’t nothing. I did not mean to be fired up. Let’s see what happens if we block this one Belongs, so these ones do look a little bit more powerful, you know Maybe I blocked up the wrong one Whoa, okay, okay Yeah, that’s way more powerful. It’s a rhino. I Like that, I like that a lot. Okay this works. So the more that you are. Oh Geez, you can not go through that. You can not go through that So the more you block up the more powerful these things again, that’s why I was talking about before yes, I Do know how far up I need to go on this. I might need one more rock So if I unblock the other one, so I’m blocking this one and then block up the other one It should give me enough firepower to get that rock and hopefully get some more plushies. Are you? Get in there get in there get in that boy. Did not mean to throw those you get in there, please. Mr Rhino, it took me ages to try and find you. So please just get in jail I mean in the hotel how many we got now one two, three four, we need five more that’s insanity Right unblock this and then block up this one over here now we need to find out how on earth we distract the turkey and Go from that Look, I wonder if we can get all the way up there somehow It’s connected to the clock. Right? Let’s see we can grab this. Here we go. Oh Oh, hey, he’s only gonna made it azar. So now we can block up this one I Look up this one and then hopefully we can get to the top of that mountain find five Teddy’s at once and then we get Complete. Yes, thank you. I don’t know where the child was gone. I don’t know where brother neighbor has gone He must be around here somewhere. The lamp is still here is a writer’s block that up Beautiful. Now this should be at almost max strength surely because I haven’t seen any other rocks around So you never know. Oh my goodness, dude It’s launching so far. There’s eggs up here. I Don’t think I aimed this properly Oh am I done? I might done I might be okay you have to do the awkward parkour otherwise, it’s not a hello neighbour game, right we have egg Wait is that to do with the turkey there’s also Two. Oh my goodness, Jackpot. Let’s go and let’s grab this as well. I think we might get in trouble Yeah, we might get in trouble.Oh he moved. Yes. I can get another one this is working perfectly. Do I need to put the egg over there? Is there a plushy inside the egg It could be I’m gonna replace the binoculars with this so but these down grab this grab it. So now we have three more That’s seven. There’s only two more to get that’s crazy. One of them is the gopher get in there Are you are you serious? Get in there!, And you as well get in there punk and You can get in there as well. What can I use his egg for let’s see if I can break it No, it’s a very bouncy egg, I’m gonna grab it anyway, can we put it on we put on one of these Absolutely not. I mean we can place it in there but doesn’t really do anything right roll call time How many do we have one two three four five six seven? two more I Feel like I’ve exhausted most of my options Man Done this one Done this one. I’m trying to think where there’s the ease of things that throw us into the air and the Gopher as well So one of them is the Gopher Dunno where he’s gone. Is that making the noise? I Think that’s him making the noise, so there must be a way to get the Gopher out of here this one we haven’t used yet Yeah, we haven’t used that one, I don’t know where this is gonna take us let’s try it and see what happens I Don’t think that would always there a monkey up there there might be a monkey noise, right? This could be good squash this on there and then this should be a max power and Then all we need to do is figure out how to get the Gopher out of there I have no idea how I’m guessing block all the other ones and then he just appears. Let’s see what happens huzzah Yes, monkey. I’m guessing monkey. Wait is there there’s something there? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. No, I need to do this properly. There was definitely something up there was blue And then there’s just the Gopher to go. I Think it’s up this way come to Papa No, he’s gone too far. He’s gone too far. Yes Mr. Elephant, welcome to the crew. How are you doing? Obviously not very well because you’ve been stuck up here Can I get him in? Um, yeah, there’s still a monkey noise What is that monkey noise It’s confusing me. I’m pretty sure there’s a gopher though. I’m gonna look on the roll call and see if there’s a gopher I’m gonna try get you in go That was terrible Duh na na. I must be a super child. I can jump from anywhere and get it. Come on, buddy Be my first value. There we go. Is there a there is a gopher on here? It’s that guy right there How do we get to go for out? That’s literally our last one. So I’m gonna guess, you know, we can’t put that on there Maybe we can put it on these ones I’m so confused. I just need one more one more and I’ve completed this. I don’t know what happens afterwards though Well, well, well, okay. I might have broken it gone down man. There’s a lot of pause right? I’m going to try and put this on here. I don’t care if it’s not the right stuff. We can still use it so I’m gonna try and cover every hole and See what happens So it’s the ones without the water you just need to cover up. I’m guessing That’s the only way I can think how to do it. So I need some more items Daddio Say there’s another bit down there. I think there’s some over here too. I can take I can use these rocks Karna, because I don’t need the I don’t need the geezers anymore. I have no idea where Tiger child is gone I’m not too bothered. Oh Ok didn’t like that That work, okay, perfect that works Actually, I’m not gonna cover this one just because I think the noise might be coming from there and not the tree So I’m gonna cover the rest and then hopefully he’ll pop out of there That’s the only one I’ve seen him pop out of so let’s try covering the rest, huh? He’s right there. Oh jeez. Oh, jeez I almost ran straight into him It’s dude, he definitely comes out of these Sea to block them all so anything else they can use. I can’t quite see – all the grass. Ah Boxes my little friends. How you guys doing? All right, I think I’ve got that one Let me see what I find anymore. Oh So you check awake done yet? Let’s see. If I’ve done it. Come here go, but please let me grab you I just want to be friends friends friends that Work Maybe I haven’t covered them all I’m gonna change this one Because I don’t think the egg is gonna cut it now that I found the boxes. I think this is gonna work better, right? That wasn’t covered as well He must have popped up on areas. I forgot this one funny, uh Nothing work There we go. Perfect Now I should be able to grab him from that original hole. Hopefully or he’s just gonna appear someone else. Come on Let me grab you Yes Gopher, come to me buddy. Look at his little face He’s so happy right? We couldn’t we’ve got them all I managed to complete this Well, I don’t know if there’s any more levels but we’re gonna find out what happens. Are you ready? Mr. Gopher, it is your destiny Let’s go. I Want to put these down? I’ve got nine I’ve got nine one, two, three, four, five six. Seven eight nine. I definitely got nine, right? One two three four five six seven eight nine. I’ve got nine Well, what do I do? What do I do? I thought something was going to happen. Oh, maybe I can go out the door Let’s see if the door will let us out. I didn’t actually try that when I came in I probably should have I just assumed I was too small to fit in There we go Nope you definitely can’t get out there, okay New problem. How do we get out? I’m super confused I have no idea what to do where to go. I thought I completed it But it turns out I haven’t There’s more mysteries to behold in this game. Look at the coppa stick. It’s so sad. Oh, no guys You know what? I think I might leave it here this game obviously longer than I thought it was so if You guys know what to do next or have any kind of clues anything? You want me to try them? Please? Leave them in the comment section down below and I’ll try that for the next video I will complete it in the next one. I promise you but I thought this was cool If you did to leave big fat thumbs up that we greatly appreciated. We met the neighbors family today. That is insane Absolutely insane, but guys, I hope you did enjoy if you did like would be greatly appreciated Subscribe got brand new and I’ll see you guys in the next one. Good Bye!!!! (bye guys!!)

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