Thomas Meets His Hockey Hero Johnny Bower

>>THOMAS: I play goalie, as you can see.>>THOMAS: This is me when I’ve got it on.>>THOMAS: Oh I got it. It got tight. Phew.>>THOMAS: The person who I want to be
like when I grow up is Johnny Bower.>>THOMAS: Johnny Bower’s nickname was ‘The
China Wall’. You couldn’t get a puck through him.>>THOMAS: He’s basically my role model.>>THOMAS: I would say he’s the bravest.>>JOHNNY: I’m gonna meet Thomas today. I’m
just ready and thrilled just to meet him,>>JOHNNY: knowing that he wants to try and
follow my footsteps and that’s just great.>>COACH: Everybody over.>>COACH: Everybody down on one knee.>>COACH: Thomas, he had a dream
to meet his favourite player.>>COACH: Does anyone remember
who his favourite player was?>>PLAYER: Johnny Bower!>>COACH: Johnny Bower. Look who it is!>>JOHNNY: Hi guys! How are you?>>JOHNNY: Where’s Thomas? That’s the guy I wanna…
where’s that goaltender? Come on over here Thomas.>>THOMAS: Today I met Johnny Bower
and it was just really amazing.>>THOMAS: I’ve seen him before in like, pictures,
and then it was like, what the just happened?>>THOMAS: I would never even think of
Johnny Bower coming down here to an ice rink.>>THOMAS: And then “boom” he’s here.>>THOMAS: It was just really amazing to see
him because like, that’s always been my dream.

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