Threshold batting monitoring system for cricketers

Hi I’m Vignesh. I’m the Founder & CEO of our startup SAMSAS. I’m Sreeram. I’m the chief operating officer of team SAMSAS. Oh Hi. I’m Senthil from team SAMSAS. I’m the tech guy and Chief Technical Officer. Hi I’m Prakash. I’m the Software Developer of SAMSAS. Oh Hi. I’m Vignesh. I’m the guy who plays with tables. I’m the Data Analyst of SAMSAS. So we are here to present our demo. This is the prototype that we have developed. We are using this to improve the efficiency of the batsman. We have used an Arduino 101 microcontroller that has an built-in Intel Curie Module that is used for IMU(Inertial Motion Unit) data anlaysis. Over to our coach Vigneshwar. Hi I’m Vigneshwar and G.Vignesh has approached me with his project. This project has helped me in many ways. This shows whether the ball is edged or middled and it also shows the angular positions of the bat. Using this I can easily train batsman present here by analyzing each and every batsman’s parameters. The batsman over there is going to play some shots. We have incorporated sensor in the bat and the data is viewed in this smart phone. So lets get started.!!! The batsman is padded up and is ready to go.! We are here measuring the Force and acceleration parameters. The acceleration values are displayed in a graph and the Force is displayed in a Gauge. Using the acceleration and deceleration of the sensor values we can identify whether the ball has been middled or not. The batsman has played a perfect shot and it is represented in the graph with a higher amount of amplitude peak. During this shot we can see a comparatively smaller amplitude peak indicating the ball has been edged. So these data can be collected and stored in cloud. And after the training session the batsman or the coach can visualize the performance of the batsman. by measuring how many shots he has played out of which how many were middled. So we are also measuring the angular positions of the bat. Combining all the parameters such as Force, acceleration & angular positions of the bat the coach or the player can train himself.!!!

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