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Now we are going to demonstrate the correct way to loosen & warm up your arms and also correctly throw the baseball We do this for about 20 – 30 minutes each day. Each baseball player stands apart from each other about 40-60 feet Today is Monday, the first day of the week, so we don’t want to force the arm by throwing too far, we start today with 40-60 feet distance When facing the other player, the correct way to throw the baseball is to lift your glove and your glove will guide your throwing motion like this Release the ball gently focusing on the correct throwing mechanics, placing the glove in this position, guiding the throwing arm and very important that you follow threw with your wrist very good, you both Next, pretend like you are fielding a ground ball, field the baseball and throw step, and throw step and throw Give yourself a target – For example, aim at his chest Allow me to correct you – raise the glove and your arm must follow above the glove – your teammate is doing it correctly Let me demonstrate – catch, step and look at my throwing motion and follow threw check how he is doing it you need to learn how to control your arm Don’t allow your arm to drop beneath the glove Better but always remember that your arm motion must follow above not below the glove you’ll notice that he has full control of the location of the throw because of his arm motion and the position of the glove Notice how he is able to always hit his target while you rarely hit the target – this is because of your bad throwing mechanics which is what we are training and correcting Again, raise the glove and your arm must follow in this direction above the glove it’s important that the arm motion and throw follow this direction and motion guided by the glove The throw should never be under but above the glove or from the side but never below very good Ok, now that you understand the correct throwing mechanics throw the ball harder good! good! that’s it Aim and try to hit the target with the baseball Hit the chest of the player Try to hit the target, which could be his chest or head but work on accurate throws and hitting the target Again, raise the glove and the arm motion must follow above This is incorrect, the correct way is above like this Point at the target with your glove and throw the baseball Stop, notice the position of the glove and the arm? This is correct and what you should be doing on every throw regardless of the distance of the throw this is the correct angle this way, not that way, that is much better let’s go

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