Tim Drops Bombshell At Volleyball Group Date | The Bachelor CA

We’re really low and always trying to
get the ball right here there are six of us going on a beach volleyball date and
I’m thrilled that means I get to spend some time with Tim pony diamond ring
like I’m five feet tall but I have like mad hops it’s awesome about get the
thing started I have something to say I’ve had a really really fun week with
everybody I’ve gotten to know some people that I’m really glad that I got a
chance to get to know but I haven’t had a lot of time with some of you that I
would like to have I’m not here to be on vacation I’m here to find the one and I
don’t think that watching you guys play volleyball is really gonna help decide
anything so I’ve decided to cancel volleyball what does that mean there’s
no date what’s going on there were girls yesterday who did get time with him and
now today was supposed to be our time we’re gonna hang out at all time I need quality time to get answers and
make real connections now it’s a freaking 12 on one it’s hard for me to
step on toes and try and fight for his attention it just sucks totally not fair
I’m just annoyed it’s just not how I want to spend my day Nataly somebody that I’ve really had
questions about there’s some type of physical connection there but I want to
get to know her better we literally haven’t seen each other since we just
know wow so you remember the kiss when Tim comes around and I see him my heart
always skips a beat I know I’m into him because of these feelings I’m getting
inside I’ve heard that you drive a motorcycle natalie is a little insecure
you can tell I wanted to tell you that I Drive a Camaro
I think it’s kind of badass I like it I think she wants to be that perfect
teacher dream girl but like there’s a lot of issues going on with that girl
and I can see it you know who’s batshit crazy and you know who’s not I tried to
you know because II I tried to be polite and then there’s also aside to me that
kind of likes to get a little bit adventurous you know you shouldn’t
always judge a book by it’s cover but I wasn’t sure yeah how you feel about that
or what you think so buddy just come out and tell you I know Natalie doesn’t
really know where she stands which is a really tough thing because I can feel
that she feels pressure when I’m with you it’s just so comfortable but you
know like a little cleanup still bit nervous
I felt bad she needs some time to come out of her shell she needs some comfort
and I think I’ll see a very different Natalie than what we saw today I’m just not having fun and I thought
this was gonna be like a fun group date thing and we haven’t hung out with Jim
at all it’s just been Tim in the Cabana with girls while we watch like crepes my
main goal is to do social work at least until I have kids and then obviously I
want my entire life to be about it when I was on our date it felt like he
was my boyfriend and now it feels like my boyfriend is Hank you know with
everyone but me hello I need some Tim time I’m just
feeling overwhelmed and he starts building connections with these other
girls who just aren’t very similar to me you’re the one that started with leg the
first thing we’re gonna do is a shot together I know I don’t have a limo like
shot maybe I’m not his type and you know a lot of things are running through my
head in terms of Tim in terms of all the other women oh why are you crying babe
it’s just like literally everything and I know it’s what we signed up for but
it’s real I’ve got a crier in the Cabana it just feels like you’re kind of
cheated out of your time to pursue something I just don’t really know why I’m getting
like so emotional right now in the middle of talking to Riley I
ended up noticing that April Brockman had kind of run away from the group I
need to find out what’s wrong he’s out there
April Brockman ran down there and then he ran after her it sucks because I’ve
talked to the freaking guy for like five minutes I can’t watch that anymore so
I’m done with that didn’t expect that Tim would be running up behind me I
wanted to come down here to collect my thoughts I haven’t done that yet don’t
come here yet these girls initial reaction is to cry when something’s not
going their way you’re gonna be put in situations in relationships where you
need to react properly and not just go off crying and feeling all sorry for
yourself but nobody has time for that I certainly don’t true I just I just don’t
get it it’s hard because like I don’t cry building those connections with those
girls it’s like it’s something and is almost over before
and I think that’s what you know I have to spend time in other
places to answer questions that I have especially when there’s this many people
around and I think that just had started to get to her all I’m trying to do here
is figure out if there’s a connection because I don’t want anyone else stand
up with okay I like that coming I don’t want to
be caught up in this I just want to have fun with everybody come on have fun
today and get tipsy and swim in the ocean when she said that I was like you
know I screw this we’re having fun that moment with April was a moment of
abandonment who’s just letting go of all the stuff that’s around us and just
being together I feel content being the ocean with Tim
is like a dream kind of feel like he’s a Greek god and
if I look I gotta turn the stones though I can’t can’t be caught looking I have
to do it through me err subtly I don’t know I would have rather played volleyball
then watched him frolic in the ocean with April watching other people right
in front of you build chemistry just sucks
it was great to blow off some steam but the second I get out of the water I just
get hit with incredible tension this is not how I wanted this day to go we’re
all here for the same reason and that is to fall in love it’s obvious that what
I’m doing isn’t working and I need to make some drastic changes if I want that
to turn around I don’t have a lot of time and I know
I’ve said that a lot but it really is weighing on my mind for that reason for people not to will be going home
today today today I need to spend time with people that there’s a connection
with next week and I don’t feel like I can do that if there’s that many people
here I haven’t spent enough time with him I don’t know I’m like I’m intrigued
or I’m interested and I want to spend more time with him but I don’t know if
he feels the same way about me tonight it’s just not gonna be very fun you
don’t get a bad feeling you know and you’re sort of sure nobody could believe
it I’m really shocked to hear that four girls are going home I don’t know if
what happened today between Tim and myself hindered me or connected us more you

13 thoughts on “Tim Drops Bombshell At Volleyball Group Date | The Bachelor CA

  1. You guys need to upload jasmines season she was amazing. Also chris and how horrible he was as a bachelor… the part where he called mikeala the wrong name lmao

  2. Haha, Canadian Bachelors are more handsome, nicer and dumb. But that was such a romantic moment with April- I'm here for it lol

  3. He should've kept the volleyball date, made sure to play with them though instead of watching like the producers might have wanted

  4. There is no marriage material in any of these there all so immature and to be totally honest he is the same

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