Tips for Buying a Vacation Property in Orlando, FL with Chris Stump, REALTOR® with ERA Grizzard

Orlando is a hot market for real estate
and tourism US News ranks Orlando the number one family vacation
destination in the country over 88 million visitors from around the world
came to Orlando in 2017 alone and that number is expected to increase over the
next several years because we’re seeing fantastic attraction additions at Walt
Disney World and Universal Studios so what does that mean it means there’s a
wellspring of financial gain and opportunity to tap into so if you’ve not
considered purchasing a vacation home before now is a time it actually may be
easier than you might think hi I’m Chris Stump, REALTOR® and certified Resort and Seconal property specialist as Orlando’s vacation home specialist
and expert I’m here to give you four tips on how to make a vacation home
purchase first let’s figure out what your motivation is are you looking for
something to get a return on your investment are you simply looking for a
second home for all those times you come down here to visit Disney and all the
other attractions what amenities are you looking for do you want resort style
living would you like full concierge level store service like a four-star
hotel or simply just a home to call your own the choice is yours second as your
vacation home specialist I will personally help you select the right
home if you’re vacationing here in Orlando we can plan showings that are
strategic and efficient that won’t pull you away from too much of your family or
vacation time if you’re not planning to visit here I can do for you what I’ve
done for so many other clients go to the homes that you like and Skype you in or
FaceTime you in and give you a tour personally from your own office or home
third once we found the right home for you and we’ve got it under contract it’s
time to consider how you’re going to furnish the home I’ve got the design
consultants and the furniture companies that will work with you every step of
the way to make sure your home is furnished the way that you like and
fourth if you’re gonna rent out to other vacationers keep this key element in
mind be sure to furnish your home in a way
that’s going to grab the attention of other
vacationers themed rooms to Disney Marvel Universal and Harry Potter
characters are all added bonuses for families coming with children you want
to impress those vacationers and make them want to book your home well there
you have it those are my four tips and helping you and considering purchasing a
vacation home please visit my website Orlando dream living calm and you’ll
find more information on vacation home communities in the disney area and also
more information to help you on your journey to ownership I’m Chris Stump
realtor and your vacation home agent here in Orlando I would love to help you
build your dream and buy a piece of the magic call me today you were one phone
call away from concierge level service

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