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this is Hayden’s very first hockey game in this video I am going to share my
tips for taking a baby to a sporting event we took this one baby Hayden to a
hockey game yesterday and he did really really well but I just wanted to share
my tips so let’s go ahead get started so my first tip is to prepare ahead of time
so that means check the weather and then dress appropriately for the weather we
went to a hockey game which is indoors at an arena and we wanted to
make sure that he was dressed warm enough because sometimes the arena’s can
be quite cold our arena is pretty new not so it’s not too too bad in there but
still we had him in a toque and we had him in like a sweater and he
was warm enough in that my number two tip is maybe don’t go to a very
expensive game so where we live the NHL tickets are very pricey so we decided to
go to a whil game because we didn’t know if Hayden would be able to stick the
whole game out or if we would have to leave early and honestly it wasn’t as
busy and it’s very much child orientated so it was really good there was like a
firework show at the end it was a fun day number 3 tip is if you’re a nursing
mom see if they have a nursing room maybe do a Google search ahead of time
I’m all for nursing in public could use a cover if you want but sometimes as
babies get a little bit older they get more distracted and becomes harder to
nurse in a busy busy place the place I went to they didn’t actually have a specific
nursing room but in a Google search that said that if you go to customer service
they will fire private place for you to nurse so I’m guessing either in one of
the Suites or in their office areas and my number four tip is plan a cute
outfit this is totally optional we used it as an opportunity to take a photo for like
Hayden’s baby album and to post a cute pic on Instagram so we have this local
company that makes really cute like hockey themed clothes so that’s what
Hayden wore number five tips is under what to bring so we brought his usual
baby bag stuff and within it we brought some stuff for distractions so some toys
because it’s not gonna be into watching the game the whole time obviously and so we brought some toys and we also
brought some puffs what is it with these puffs
they’re like so good for distracting babies for a little bit of time another
thing for the what to bring would be a baby carrier we only have one child so
it’s easy for me and my husband to just switch him back and forth and we didn’t
Park too far we actually didn’t bring our baby carrier but you know like a
baby carrier that front or back style or ring sling or something whatever you
like to use would be really handy getting them from where you park to the event also very helpful if you have more than one child to be able to be
hands-free when you’re carrying baby another tip number five or number six is
hearing protection these arenas or stadiums or wherever you’re going can be
very very loud they can even be damaging to adult ears
so they’re even more damaging to baby so I actually have a decibel app on my phone
and I showed I show here what some of the cheering announcements and music
decibels were at and it hit like 105 at points so it can get very loud and like
I said there was a firework show at the end so that works so hearing protection
for your little one is a very good idea he ended up taking a snooze during it and I
think having the hearing protection really helped with that because he
wouldn’t have been able to sleep through the noise otherwise that’s it that’s my
tips for taking your little one to a sporting event you have any other tips
please leave them below thank you so much for watching don’t forget to hit
that subscribe button I would love to have you around it would mean the world
to me and I’ll see you next video bye [music starts] hello
out there we’re on the air it’s hockey night
tonight tension goes the whistle blows and the puck goes down the ice the
goalie jumps and the players bump on the fans all go insane someone roars Bobby scores at the good ol’ hockey game music continues]

5 thoughts on “Tips for Taking Baby to a Hockey Game | Baby’s First Hockey Game | LINDSEYDELIGHT

  1. Hey Lindsey! Great video! Did the arena give you a hard time about bringing his diaper bag in? We went to a hockey game with my older kids when I was pregnant and I brought a backpack along to put our mitts and toques in (we had walked to the train station) and then security wouldn’t let me bring it in! I wondered if the rules are different when you have a baby along? It was a major headache!

  2. Left a like:) this was a great vid your thumbnails are awesome. My brother recently had a baby so this is really cool watching these 🙂

  3. Great video! maybe one day i'll go to my first hockey game- if I ever have a baby i've got some great tips to follow

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