Titans Baseball Legacy

ANNOUNCER: Perfect summer day, in Omaha, Nebraska for Game 2 of the CWS Championship Series Texas, Cal State Fullerton. [Music] Fast ball to the wall hit in the air to straight away a right, Andrews [Cheering] Cal State Fullerton has done it! They’ve gone from 15 and 16 to champions of
College Baseball [Continued Cheering] TURNER: I don’t know if we expected to go on the
19 and 2 run that we went on in conference and make it all the way to the World Series
and win it but we definitely had ambitions to turn the
season around and play better. HORTON: Well, we started to build on little things catch each other being good build on little details it kinda created a very positive snowball
effect once we started conference. Every week that went by after we were 15 and 16 you could see a team building in confidence. TURNER: The next thing you know we’re playing Texas for the championship. We knew it was going to be tuff We knew it was going to be a grind and we swept it. We won the first two games and we won the title. It really was a David versus Goliath kind
of story. VANDERHOOK: The legacy speaks for itself. I mean that’s all you can do. You can go out an take a picture of the wall that the guys have to walk by everyday they go in the locker room and see how they’re going to set their legacy. BORGOGNO: So I kinda grew up being a Titan fan. My dad went here in ’89 and ’90 and played
baseball and ever since I was a little kid he brought
up Titan Baseball and how he became a better baseball player
from it. LOFORTE: I think that’s what separates this school from a lot of other schools its the development part of it rather than just trying to get players, get
players… and you saw on Alumni Day there’s so many alumni out here that just
came back and I just think that’s really awesome and that’s why our bloodline’s so rich. VANDERHOOK: The relationships that those guys carry on after they get out of here is pretty amazing. That is what a Titan is. it’s a winner it’s a guy that doesn’t care about all
the stuff that you’re getting it’s a guy that cares about what happens
for nine innings between the white lines and winning ball games. You know, I think that’s what makes the program so successful.

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