Titans of Academia: Tabashir Nobari

My research focuses on early childhood obesity and how we can prevent obesity early on. I’ve recently been focused on housing cost burden, housing insecurity, and homelessness and how that can influence children’s health. I like to see that students are engaged and excited and realize that public health really touches everything. There’s a little bit of a aha moment in their eyes, and I really look forward to seeing that moment. I talk about the issues that they’re experiencing, that they’re seeing, something like childhood obesity, workplace wellness, and how they would look at the programs that have been done and translate them for their own communities. I fell in love with Cal State Fullerton when I got here. I found that everyone was very friendly, very welcoming. I love the student body here. It’s a very diverse student body. A lot of the students are first generation, and so I really wanted to give back. So my research is on inequities in health, and so the best way that we can address that is to improve someone’s education. (inspiring music)

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