To the Land of the Everest…. NEPAL (EP-1) | VLOG #2 | HD

In search of Kuttymaama and Dolma Aunty We are going to be here for a few days Right now we are In Nepal Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu From today we are going to explore Nepal Hello internet, its morning 5:45 AM and we are starting our journey Along with my friend Ratheesh I mentioned in my last video, that we will be going to the Land of the Everest As you all know it’s Nepal We are crossing the Aluva Bridge now directly to Kochi International Airport I hope you all liked last week’s video ! Well what’s special about this trip is The Nepal tourism board has invited us as their guests and we are excited to see Nepal Also i think you all are waiting Anyways we are continuing to Kochi Airport Our flight is waiting there Kochi – Delhi, Delhi – Kathmandu, immediate connection and the aircraft is Air India If planning to go to Nepal, this is flight to book and the timings are Morning 7:45 AM from Kochi to Delhi in 3 hours, and will be halted there Which will be just 1 – 1.5 hours delay and then directly to Kathmandu which takes 1.5 hours flying time When returning we will leave in the evening and reach Kochi by 9 PM This is best option to get to Nepal without any delay Now about the timings in Nepal It’s 15 mins faster than IST, It’s 5:45 AM which will be 6:00 AM in Nepal and next the Nepal currency Nepal currency is lower in value than Indian currency 1 rupee of India is 1.60 is the Nepal currency We have arrived at Terminal 1 of Kochi Airport We have Terminal 1,2 and 3 at Kochi 1 and 2 is domestic and 3 is international Terminal 1 was recently renovated We got here by calling an uber And we arrived at the right time This is the recently renovated Terminal 1 which I mentioned earlier They have done it beautifully, just like any other Kerala constructions that we have seen, on the airport Many foreigner’s do like this type of construction Well, they have done it really well This is terminal 3 Everybody knows terminal 3 is the international the top floor is the departure, and the ground floor arrival On the left side is the airline check-in counters Our’s is Air India, so went to thier counter to show our tickets, and then they issued the boarding pass, also dropped out luggage and then we went to the security check-in This is the boarding pass, both boarding pass are given together with a single PNR number which means we can collect our baggage directly from the Kathmandu Airport We don’t need to wait at Delhi Airport for baggage You all can see here how beautifully they have built the interiors Another important speciality about the airport is, it’s the first Indian PPP constructed airport Public-private partnership, more than 10,000 NRI’s have invested in this So it’s the first airport like that Another feather is UN’s ‘Champion of Earth 2018’ award was given to our airport because this airport functions entirely on Solar Power Not even a single unit of current is taken from the electricity board So Kochi Airport is the first in the world to achieve this feat We are moving forward after the security check-ins You all know we cannot shot during security check-ins As we move forward we can see many traditional Kerala artforms are shown in the form of paintings and also structures I have shot this using my phone so the focus gets cut out at times affecting the lighting And here’s Duty Free Section Continuous blocks of shops Newly opened The wait is over and we are inside the flight flight is almost full could not see much vacant seats Cochin International Airport fully powered by solar energy this is written inside our compund wall During the check-in time I mentioned to get me a window seat to the staff So that our shooting would be easy So we are leaving Kochi to Akoshetan’s home Flight has taken off from airport The flight is on-time As you can see these are the solar panel’s that I mentioned earlier that produces solar power I also think the rest of the electricity should be provided to the KSEB Because the panel’s are of high capacity After 3 hours of travel, we are in Terminal 3 Arrival hall of Delhi Airport What you see is the Hasta Mudra The first image you see when we search Delhi Aiport in google is this Passengers are busy taking selfies We have to check the next flight connection There 1.5 hours time left On the top left side 12:55 PM, Kathmandu Air India 215, that’s our flight Rest of the flight timings from Delhi are also mentioned And then here’s the Duty Free, after which we will go to our gate As a malayalee it is a part of us spend time in the Duty Free, which I did not avoid We walked through and moved to the gate While shooting there was a scene of 2 officers sitting Between the shop we did not notice that and as we moved forward, the CISF officers stoppped us and checked all our videos, and made us delete the video which showed them Well we have do what they say, so I deleted Our flight’s annoucement came in We are walking towards the flight This is the Air India flight to Kathmandu This flight is also almost filled with passengers So here we go directly to Kathmandu So we have arrived at Kathmandu International Airport Tribhuvan International Airport, is the only international airport in Nepal This airport is running in it’s maximum capacity Because the traffic has become high Apart from India, many flights come from Far East and Middle east Also China, Myanmar Thailand, Singapore, Korea and many other countries Has been developed by many king’s over the years This is the arrival hall they also have a domestic terminal this is the international terminal They have written ‘Welcome to Nepal’ very nicely It is important the flag of this country Most the national flags are rectangle shaped But only Nepal has this different flag which is not square type Nepal is also one of the world’s only Hindu country In the arrival hall, we can see the mountains names and their respective heights This is the arrival hall Compared to Kochi Airport this arrival hall is small Here we can see Sim Card, Hotel Reservation, Currency Foreign Exchange Like most airport’s as we get outside Taxi drivers start calling out into thier car’s Here also…… wearing the Nepali hats, Nepali drivers are calling out to us Anyways we have out guide waiting for us We contacted him and he was waiting Our names are held on the placards That was our guide Sooraj He will be accompanying us in the coming days He is a well known guide We are heading directly to the Hotel, on the way we mentioned about Sim Card, Currency and was told everything will be given after the Hotel check-in So let’s head to the hotel directly We checked into a Hotel called Traditional Comfort which is famous in Nepal We told the guide we needed to rest sometime, and got to our rooms We started in the morning right In the next video we will be seeing more of Kathmandu In the next week Ok…. bye bye

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