100 thoughts on “Toddler Hit By 100mph+ Baseball Recovering

  1. I feel really bad for the little girl but imagine how the pitcher feels 🙁 nobody wants to come to a baseball game to get their nose broken. He got kids too man

  2. Maybe leave your small child at home? Crazy I know but if you can afford tickets to a ball game you should have enough to hire a baby sitter for the day

  3. Won't be surprised if these fucks try to sue him for something out of his control. Don't bring your toddler to a fucking baseball game tards

  4. So hockey stadiums have netting and glass to prevent this, but a sport that's twice as old couldn't take the advice…

  5. Stupid parents taking toddler to a baseball game? Guess I'm right. Organized sports is stupid and so are all who attend it. They deserve to die:)

  6. I bet the architects while designing the first baseball arena were just like yeah, we can have an open space with hundreds of people unprotected from flying balls.

  7. Isnt 90% of a Dad's responsibility for raising a child making sure they dont get pegged by a baseball? Its the parents fault :/

  8. why aren’t there nets around the whole field? that was a fault on the people who designed it. it was a accident waiting to happen

  9. Omg the title alone made my entire body jolt

    The poor little thing, and the baseball player as well! Poor man looked devastated


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