Tom Brady’s Infamous Football Cheating Scandal

(electronic buzzing) (whistle blow) – Hello and welcome to
Unsolved Sports Conspiracies, a show where we examine
sports’ greatest myths and debate their validity. This week, we explore Deflategate. A dramatic plot, shrouded
in lies and mysteries, centered around NFL golden boy,
Mr. Thomas Edward Brady Jr. and his diabolical New England Patriots. – Brady’s innocent, free Brady. – Well it’s too late, he
already served the time and he definitely did the crime. – Oh my god (laughs) – Let’s get into it. The story begins January 18th, 2015 at the ACF championship game between the New England Patriots
and the Indianapolis Colts. The Patriots would prevail,
beating the Colts 45 to seven, and eventually win the
Super Bowl two weeks later. All seemed fair during
the AFC championship, until a play during the
second quarter of the game would uncover a possible plot
that would shake the league. I present to you Deflategate,
let’s get into the conspiracy. During the second quarter,
Colts linebacker D’Qwell Jackson intercepted a pass from
Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady and it is here that the
issue of deflated balls was brought to attention
as Jackson brought the ball to the Colts equipment staff. Eventually, officials on
the field were informed of raised suspicions. At halftime, it was discovered
that 11 of the 12 Patriots balls were under-inflated
by roughly two pounds per square inch. Allegedly, deflating the football
allows for an easier grip for the quarterback and receivers. This would be an
advantage in rain weather, which the AFC game was played in. After this discovery, the
original 12 balls were replaced after the 2nd half kickoff
with 12 backup balls, and the game went as
scheduled, with the Patriots trouncing the Colts, 45 to seven. It should be noted that
the Patriots scored 28 of their 45 points in the second half, so this Deflategate likely
didn’t have much effect on the outcome of the game. – Then what are we doing here?! – But, but, that’s besides the point. – No. – You know why it’s besides the point? – Why? – I’ll tell you why. I’m glad you asked why ’cause
now I’m gonna tell you why, that’s how it works. – (laughs) – Here’s, now lemme
tell you, you listening? – I’m listening, ears are wide open. – Whether or not cheating
gained you an advantage in the game is besides the point, the fact that you cheated
at all is still punishable. – What you failed to mention is the Colts’ defense was garbage. – If you’re so great, if you’re
so much better, why cheat? The next day on January 19th, 2005, Bob Kravitz, a WTHR Colts reporter, tweeted that the Patriots
were going to be investigated for the deflated balls
they provided for the game. – They’re salty. A Colts reporter, after getting blown out, is like, “Hold on, I think
the Patriots cheated, “that’s the only way they’d beat us.” – He’s not the one making
the investigation happen, he’s just reporting that there is an investigation happening. This is the NFL doing this, not the Colts. – Salty. – That same day, Patriots coach Bill Belichick stated, quote, “I really don’t know what to say, “or know anything about what
we’re talking about here. “Whatever it is, we’ll
cooperate with the investigation “the best we can.” End quote. On January 22nd, 2015,
legendary Hall of Fame coach John Madden told the sports
exchange that he believes it’s plausible that Tom Brady made a deal with someone on the equipment staff. He did not think Patriots
coach Bill Belichick had anything to do with it. Quote, “I can see, “and you hate to make
examples of what you can see “because that sounds like
you are accusing someone, “but I can see that being
between the quarterback “and the equipment guy.” End quote. He continued, quote, “That’s something that wouldn’t be driven “by a coach, or just the equipment guy. “Nobody, not even the head coach, “would do anything to
the football unilaterally “such as adjust the amount
of pressure in a ball, “without the quarterback not knowing. “It would have to be
the quarterback’s idea.” End quote. I think that’s a fair,
logical assumption to make. There’s no world where he’s
getting the ball hiked to him the first play of the game and he’s like what the (beep) is going on with the ball? He knows. – (sigh) Okay. Okay. – (laughs) On January 23rd, 2015, the same day the NFL released a statement, Tom Brady claimed, quote, “I didn’t alter the ball in any way.” End quote. At a press room at Gillette Stadium. So, he’s doing his part denying it. – Yeah. – Do you buy that Tom Brady,
hall of fame quarterback, arguably the greatest
quarterback of all time, doesn’t recognize when a ball is different than it should be? – Counter: do you think Tom Brady, five time Super Bowl champ,
is playing the Colts and goes “Hey ball boy, here’s $10,000, “how ’bout you deflate them a little bit “so I can actually get some throws in? “So they can catch the ball
and we can beat the Colts “and go on to the Super Bowl!” – Plausible. The following day on January 24th, Belichick tries to talk about the science of the deflated balls, suggesting perhaps a, quote, “rubbing process”, end quote, used to break in the
leather of the footballs can affect the air pressure of the ball once a game has started. He continued, quote,
“I think that explains “why when we gave them to the officials, “and the officials put
it at, let’s say 12.5, “if that’s in fact what they did, “that once the football
reached its equilibrium state, “it probably was closer to 11.5.” End quote. Interestingly enough,
Bill Nye the Science Guy weighed in on Belichick’s theory, stating, quote, “What Belichick
said didn’t make any sense.” End quote. – (laughs) – I’m glad we’re getting Disney host Bill Nye the Science Guy– – Hey man, he wears colorful bow ties. – You know what? Put Brady in jail, ’cause Bill
Nye the Science Guy said so. He was known for being
on a children’s TV show that you would watch
when your science teacher was sick and you had a substitute teacher. – On January 26th, 2015,
the same day the Patriots arrive in Arizona for the Super Bowl, it is reported that the league
had interviewed a Patriots locker room attendant
who was allegedly caught on surveillance during the AFC game taking two bags of footballs
from the officials’ locker room into a bathroom, and leaving
the bathroom 90 seconds later. Reportedly, the Patriots
gave the surveillance footage to the NFL early on when
the investigation began. – So he deflated all
these balls in 90 seconds? – Possibly. Either that or we had
a team of guys in there just waiting at the ready with needles– – In the bathroom? – Yeah and they were just
like, alright, pit stop. They change tires in 90
seconds with (beep) Nascar, – That’s Nascar! You don’t think a ball boy could deflate 11 balls in 90 seconds? I could do that in my sleep. On February 19th, 2015, it is revealed that when the Patriots and
Colts previously played on November 16th, 2014, the
Colts had been suspicious of possible tampering. This caused them to reach out to the NFL within the week before the
AFC game was even played. – The Colts are the franchise
that reminds the teacher that they forgot to assign homework. They’re the one that’s tattle-tailing, “Hey, Tom Brady is deflating the balls, “that’s why they beat us 45 to seven.” – (laughs) – No man, you guys suck! – Let’s dig into the investigation, starting with the plausibility
of Deflategate occurring despite being under the
watch of NFL regulations. The number of footballs provided, and the testing of these
footballs before each game is pretty thorough. It’s hard to imagine that the deflation of 11 out of 12 of the Patriots’ balls was a mere coincidence. According to NFL regulations,
each team must provide 12 balls for referees to
test, approximately two hours and 15 minutes before each game. – That’s weird, why not like, – Five minutes. – 10 minutes, yeah. – Exactly, right? – Two hours? – That’s a lot of time for
some shady business to go down. – Okay, that’s true. – The home team must provide the pump, and in the case of outdoor games, they must also bring 12 more backup balls. The visiting team may also
provide 12 backup balls. The NFL rulebook states that
the balls must be inflated between 12.5 and 13.5
pounds per square inch. As a reminder, the average measurement of the Patriots’ balls, was 11.49 PSI, with the lowest being 10.9 PSI. Almost two pounds under-inflated. – You know something I never understood? Why does each team have different balls? Why don’t they just
play with the same ball? – Sports is a very superstitious realm. – Yeah. – Maybe it’s just, I
don’t wanna use your– – I’m just saying, maybe
if they made a rule where everybody has the same ball, this wouldn’t have happened. – They didn’t and guess what? Mr. Brady found a loophole,
and he jumped right through it. Right through. If the home team balls
do not meet requirements, then the referee must use
a ball from the visitors and report the incident
to the commissioners. The referee is the sole judge of whether the balls meet requirements. Obviously the balls were
noticeably deflated, but is it possible that
could’ve occurred naturally? Some argue that the
Patriots were not guilty because of the ideal gas
law, which essentially states that colder temperatures will cause pressure inside the ball to decrease, and to increase in warmer conditions. To test that theory, aerospace
engineers at Exponent spend three months in a lab trying to test for a scientific
explanation for Deflategate. For testing, they recreated a locker room from the Gillette Stadium, as well as part of the football field,
both with similar temperature. They would watch a filming of the game and imitate exactly what they
saw happening to the balls. Wiping with towels,
throwing them, et cetera, and even spraying them
with water to imitate rain. – Who paid for this? Is this what our tax dollars are going to? – After extensive
testing, Exponent, quote, “Identified no set of
credible environmental “or physical factors
that completely account “for the additional loss in air pressure.” End quote. – Now, it’s there a range of air pressure that you can have the ball at? Is it possible that Tom Brady
likes it as soft as possible and it was at, legally, the
lowest air pressure it could be and then it changed during the game? – This was just the test that said that couldn’t have happened. They recreated the (beep)
field and a locker room, what more do you want, sir? – What kind of witch hunt is this? – It’s not a witch hunt. – It’s a witch hunt! – Critics of Exponent point out that they are usually hired
by companies in duress that are typically facing
payouts, lawsuits, and recalls. For example, they were hired by Swiss Re, a world trade center insurer after 9/11, by NASA after a shuttle explosion, and by BP after the
Deepwater Horizon explosion. Some accuse the company of selling out scientific affirmation. – The NFL is going, “Hey,
we wanna punish Tom Brady, “can you find us just anything, anything?” – Why would they do that? – I’ll tell you why
Roger Goodell did this, the Commissioner of the
NFL who is also corrupt. – He is corrupt. – This exact time, something
that you have failed to mention was all of the Ray Rice
stuff that happened. What happened with Roger Goodell
was he suspended Ray Rice for two games, beginning of the season, and then the footage got leaked. At that time, Roger Goodell
was on the hot seat. What’s the perfect distraction? NFL golden boy Tom Brady is a cheater. And that’s exactly what he did. – That was an Olympic level stretch. – That’s what happened,
it was a witch hunt. They were trying to find anything
to distract from the fact that Roger Goodell sucks. – Parts of the Exponent lab results were utilized in the
investigation by Ted Wells, a criminal attorney hired by the NFL to serve as an independent investigator. On May 6th, 2015, almost four months after the start of the investigation, Wells would share his
investigation results in a statement referred
to as The Wells Report. In it, Wells states it is, quote, “more likely than not” end quote, that the Patriots did knowingly
tamper with the footballs and that Tom Brady was likely
aware of the situation. – I don’t care who you are,
if you are a quarterback, I doubt Tom Brady knows
just from the feeling, “Oh, this is 10 PSI.” – If I’d spent my entire
life holding a football, if someone gave me an under-inflated
football, I’d be like, throw that thing in the
oven, it’s not done yet. – I get that, I get that. Now, is it possible if
an equipment guy goes, “Hey Tom Brady, I got the ball
just the way you like it.” And he touches it and he goes, “This is a little softer than normal.” and you ask the ball boy,
“Hey is this up to standard?” and he goes “Yes, Tom Brady.” You’ll go, “alright”. Your first thought’s not gonna go “Oh he’s cheating, we have an advantage.” – Evidence to back up his
statement included text messages between John Jastremski,
and equipment assistant, and Jim McNally, a locker room manager, which suggested Tom Brady’s involvement. During the investigation, Brady suspiciously denied
lead investigator Wells access to emails, phone
records, and text messages. However, through access
to Jastremski’s records, Wells was able to deduce that contact between him and Brady increased after suspicions of tampering went public. They had not spoken for six months, and then over a period of three days, spoke six times over the phone. In the report, it is stated
that Patriots personnel were unaware of the arrangement. (knock, knock, knock) Guilty. – No. – Guilty! – ‘Cause Tom Brady talked to him? – Six times over a period of three days without talking to him
for the six months prior, what about that? – They’re playing phone tag. I’ve called you six times in a day. – Yeah what the (beep)
is the equipment manager and Tom Brady talking about on the phone? Oh we got the new duffle bags in, they’re pretty sweet, they’re purple, you wanna (beep) see them? Nah, bro, they’re duffle bags! – Do we ever think that
they’re actually friends, that Tom Brady has a friend? – And then why are they
not talking for six months? What happened in the magical
period of accusation? – You’re right, they
call each other six times being like, “Hey did you
deflate the balls yet?” “No Tom, I’m about to do it.” “Alright, let me know when you do.” – How ’bout this– “Hey, it’s me Tom again, did
you deflate the balls yet?” “Tom I told you, I’m gonna
call you when I do it.” – You hang up your fake
phones, let me pick mine up. “Hey, hey, they’re onto
us, man, they’re onto us.” “I know, I know, I don’t
know what we’re gonna do.” – Tom’s going, “Hey ball boy,
did you deflate the balls?” “Nah Tom, I didn’t, people are crazy!” “Alright.” “Hey ball boy, it’s me Tom again, “are you sure you didn’t
deflate the balls?” – (laughs) On May 11th, 2015, it is
revealed that as punishment, Brady is suspended for
four games without pay. The Patriots are fined $1 million and they lose a first-round
draft pick in 2016, and a fourth-round pick in 2017. It is reported that Brady
will appeal this decision. The next day, the Patriots
release their own rebuttal to The Wells Report. In it, they claim that The
Wells Report lacks context, they also claim that the word,
quote, “deflator”, end quote used in text messages between
McNally and Jastremski, were referring to a weight loss joke. – What?! (both laugh) That’s pretty funny – That is weak. – that they used that as their argument. – The Patriots stated, quote, “There is no evidence that
Tom Brady preferred footballs “that were lower than 12.5 PSI, “and no evidence anyone
even thought that he did. “All the extensive
evidence which contradicts “how the texts are interpreted
by the investigators “is simply dismissed as ‘not plausible.’ “Inconsistencies in logic
and evidence are ignored.” End quote. On May 19th, 2015, the owner
of the Patriots, Robert Kraft, announces that he will accept
the terms of punishment for the team. The NFL refused to reduce
Brady’s punishment. But on September 3rd,
2015, U.S. District Judge Richard M. Berman ruled that
the penalty was too harsh and lifted the four-game suspension. The NFL then appealed Berman’s decision, and Brady’s punishment was reinstated. On July 15th, 2016, Brady
announced his decision to not take his appeal to
the U.S. Supreme Court. Imagine that scene, we’re
in the Supreme Court, the victims of a family
that just got murdered are walking down – Oh my gosh. – out of the courtroom,
passing by Tom Brady, like, “What are you in here for?” “My whole family got slaughtered. “Oh, what are you in here for?” “They think I deflated some footballs.” So we have here a pressure gauge, we measured out the pressure
of two different balls, regulation inflation is 12.5 PSI, and the lowest Patriots ball
was measured at 10.9 PSI, the average was about 11.5 PSI. We’re gonna measure 12.5, versus 10.9. We’re gonna see if we could blind identify which one is actually
the under-inflated ball, and prove once and for all
that Tom Brady and the Patriots are a bunch of cheaters. – Oh my gosh. – Okay, here comes ball number one. – Dude, this feels so inflated. This is, feel that. That’s rock hard. – That’s inflated, this
is definitely regulated. That would be hard to catch
in the rain, for sure. – This would be hard
to catch in real life. – I mean not me ’cause
I have great hands, so. – Okay let’s prove it. Lucky. – Oh no, oh no. – (laughs) – I can’t tell! I’m gonna go, ball number two
was the under-inflated one. – But here’s the thing,
if you’re Tom Brady and you don’t know that the
ball boy maybe under-inflated it you just feel this. – Yeah you’re right, maybe, like… – This is the hardest
thing I’ve ever had to do. I think this is the under-inflated one. – Ball one or ball two? – [Girl Offscreen] That was ball one. – Ball one was under-inflated? – Yeah. – What?! – That’s crazy. But that’s exactly what we were saying is if you’re ready to go out to the game, you’re thinking about a
playoff game in your head, and ball boy hands this,
you’re not gonna go “Hold on one second.” – In the end, many believe that Deflategate did indeed
happen, but it seems only Tom Brady and the
equipment staff involved will ever know the full truth. For now, and perhaps forever, the truth behind Deflategate
remains unsolved. (serious music)

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