Tom the Bodyguard – Talking Tom and Friends | Season 4 Episode 6

Hey, Angela, what’s uuu- UFO? [SCREAMING] Be careful with that. It’s a prop for my
comeback concert tonight. When I sing my final
song, confetti skies. This UFO will pop and
confetti will fly. You are amazing. Yeah. People are really into it. New Angela’s new
sound is everything. Why can’t all songs be
these New Angela songs? I’m a fan-gela
of the New Angela. See. [LAUGHS] I have fan-gelas now. Angela’s new style is dumb. She deserves a pie in her face. What? Who would say that? “Bad guy with the pie.” Oh no. Don’t worry about him. Internet people are all talk. What do you know,
I’ve got a pie. [GASPS] See your face tonight, Angela. [MUSIC PLAYING] I have to cancel it. You can’t cancel a comeback. You’ll never come
back from that. If I get a pie in my face,
it won’t be a comeback. We won’t let that happen. What if you got a
bodyguard to protect you? Oh, right. That guy looks strong. Oh. Let’s find somebody
in our price range. That won’t work. It looks like the
concert is off. Got any plans for tonight, Tom? [HELICOPTER NOISES] [SIRENS] [CHEERING] I’m going to be
your bodyguard. Oh, uh. Nothing suspicious is going on
here anti-technology bracelet. I’m just cooking the casserole. Oh. [HUMMING] [SCREAMS] Hi, Ben. Still trying to
outsmart your bracelet? I almost had it this time. It must have peeked
from under the glove. You’re never going
to trick that thing. You need to break it. Or better yet, get
a pro to break it. [CLANGING] Consider that my job interview,
but I don’t work for free. “Vampire Ax Maniac”
is coming to theaters and I need an
adult to get me in. That movie is not for kids. OK, then I guess you’ll have
to wear that bracelet forever. [LAUGHING BEEP] Ginger, do your worst. Hank, I need you to throw
pies at this watermelon so I can practice protecting
it and become a bodyguard. Hey, I wasn’t ready. Ha ha. I hit all your watermelons. If this were a carnival
game, I would have won. Yeah, but it’s
not a game, Hank. It’s real life. I’m never going to be
able to protect Angela. Hey, you’ve still
got your charm. Whoa, look out. Whoa. That’s exactly the kind
of person-protecting I need to learn.
How did you do that? I don’t know. I guess I look at the
world like it’s a TV show. I’m always watching. Then I’ll always be watching. Always watching. [CHEERING] An apron. Oh, it’s just a dress. Pie tin. Wait, no, just a hat. I spy with my overprotective
eye a potential bad guy. Excuse me, sir. I need to check for baked goods. You’re no sir You’re a catapult. Hello, everyone. Are you ready to
listen to me rock? (SINGING) And I– [CLOCK TICKING] (SINGING) You– Oh. [SIGH] [LAUGHS] ANGELA: I love my fans. Are you ready to [INAUDIBLE] [GASPS] Huh? You saved my face. Who are you? I’m your biggest fan-gela. Oh. [GIGGLES] [MUSIC PLAYING] [SCREAMS] Ow. Now jump. [SHOCKS] This bracelet is tough,
but I’m not out of ideas. Quick, stick your hand
in this fondue pot. I’m not putting my hand
in bubbling chocolate. Just admit that you’ve failed
at breaking the bracelet. Fine. I guess I can just
wait until I’m older and watch Vampire Ax Mania
Part 4 when that comes out. Oh, that’s very mature of you. [GASP] Since we have a bunch
of free time now, I wonder if any of
our friends have anything exciting going on. Well, now that you
mention it, Angela is doing her big
comeback concert tonight. We could go support her. Oh, yes. I totally didn’t think of that. Let’s go. [LAUGHS] I am so sorry
about the catapult, but for the rest of
the night, I will always, always be watching. I mean, look at me
always watching. Stay back.
Give Angela some space. It’s OK, Dirk, he’s cool. Tom, I know you tried, but
the show is too important. And for all we know,
bad guy with the pie is still out there. It’s just I need a
better body guard. That’s me. I’m Dirk Shield. Really? His name is Shield? It’s a bit on the
nose, don’t you think? He was born to protect. [COUGHING] But there’s still an
important job for you. You can guard my concert props. Concert props? That’s not– OK. I’ll try to keep them safe. Stay back, dust bunnies. Give Angela’s UFO
confetti some space. Hi.
[SCREAMS] Hank. Oh, I didn’t see you there. So much for me always watching. Ginger, this isn’t the
way into the concert. This is backstage. Oh, is it? Ha, I tricked you. I never give up on
breaking things. I’m going to plug
Angela’s speakers into the bracelet to make
it overload and explode. [ALARM BEEPING] The bracelet is right. Enough is enough. You froze me. You tried to melt me. No more.
[SCREAMS] Guys, back away
from the confetti. I’m supposed to protect it. Not even flimsy
pieces of paper are safe from my bad body guarding. Um, that is not
paper in that box. Pie cans? This crate was supposed
to be full of confetti. That means– [GASP] The
UFO was full of pies. Bad guy with the pie is here. I don’t think so, buddy. Tom, are you OK? No. Angela’s in– hey,
wait a second. Why does Dirk have dusty hands? Hm. That’s flour. Maybe he was baking. Baking? But that means– Dirk Shield is bad
guy with a pie. [LAUGHS] I sure am. And you played right into my
plan to get close to Angela and replace her
confetti with pie. But you were born to protect. So what? I hate this New Angela. Why can’t she sing
what she used to? (SINGING) Confetti skies. (YELLING) Angela. [SCREAMS] [GASPS] [COUGHING] It looks like I got that
pie in the face after all. It’s OK, Angela. It’s barely noticeable. It’s completely noticeable. That’s what you get for being
different than you used to be. [LAUGHS] [MUSIC PLAYING] [GROAN] It’s getting dark and
the filling is so cold. I’m sorry, Angela. I should have
bodyguarded you better. Shh. You did all you could. [COUGHING] It’s just so sweet. I didn’t do everything. This concert isn’t over yet. Problems come, but you can rise. What are you doing? You can’t get shut
down by some pies. Angela, sing. [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) You can
get a second chance. [CHEERING] So get on your feet
and start to dance. [SCREAMS] (SINGING) Get on your
feet and start to dance. Dance, dance, dance. [CHEERING] OK, I give up for real. You win, bracelet. [BEEPING] [MUSIC PLAYING]

100 thoughts on “Tom the Bodyguard – Talking Tom and Friends | Season 4 Episode 6

  1. The ending is just sooo bright. Tom saved Angela. And then it all got weird with Ginger trying to get Ben's bracelet off and giving up after he was zapped into the stage.


  3. Tom what the heck did you do

  4. I’m actually her biggest fangela ever❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Wait if rubber won’t let electricity shock something shouldn’t Ben put rubber under his bracelet and uses tech will it shock him

  6. uhm just wanna ask why did ben got banned on using machines somethin like that sorry its just that i did not watch the others

  7. Why do people in movies always are so slow? Tom was literary watching Angela's face about to get splattered and was right next to the machine. Couldn't he just turn off the machine? SHEESH!

  8. Well in a real situation the police would investigate the area if they didn’t find anyone with a pie or someone who matched the description of what he looked like that means they would just be guarding the show with security and like everything

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