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  1. Tony jumps up and down about a carbon tax , But his not jumping up and down about the war tax this is still going on in Australia, War = Tax tony come on bring our troops home

  2. @wellwellwellall if you knew anything about democracy / democrazy, you would realise that we (in australia) contrary to popular belief, do not live in a democeracy. Our democeracy is a farce. And if you ran a business, you'd probably think of australia more like a communist country, rather than a caplitolist democeracy.

    Our two party system, gives us all the impression of a democeracy, but behind closed doors, these people end up doing whatever the hell they like anyways.


  3. the so called prophets of the climate institute predict Doomsday !.
    are they hopeing to Control the Weather. or play God.
    are they saying we can stop Volcanos or carbon Co2 is evil !
    we are all made up of carbon. its part of the foundation of Life. So…
    its a Conspiracy if we got a TAX based on things that do
    not exist or on technology not yet in existence. its Not MY Religion.
    the egg head's keep changeing there story.
    as most storys have two sides.
    why IS the ALP ADDING more TAX.

  4. @wellwellwellall i think is a joke that they can stack votes , its bordering on corruption deals with partys they have would of had no say .

  5. i am watch this on tv now live and she stands up talks a load of crap .will not anwser
    any questions , then when abbot stands up to talk . she walks out ./ twice now ,,
    they dont want to listen to anyone ,,

  6. Will the proposed compensation take into account the extra interest on borrowings and extra stamp duties required due to the increased cost for housing and motor vehicles ?…..or are the people acquiring such things considered too wealthy ?

  7. Go Tony! Take charge of this country and hold the lying Government Accountable! Stop them from punishing the poor and putting the rights of Hollywood Actors above the Australian Middle Class!

  8. Tony Abbot reminds me of a primary school/junior high school debater…completely with tawdry, meaningless, sound byte orientated caselines that are recited without due consideration towards the importance of informing the public with sound, objective, policy infused debate over climate change. He has no respect towards the Australian electorate – he must honestly believe that voters are stupid! don't vote for him – he has no respect for the Australian people!

  9. @vidmanx0 Yes,I Just HATE to admit it,No tricking you eh'.Really I am sick of the lot of them.Things might have been better if Turnbull had won the top Job instead of the TBOT,I would have voted Liberal.
    Rudd should not have been shafted,a labor, and Julia's big mistake for accepting the job,she should have waited.
    For me those famous words of Clarke Gable sum it all up for me…Frankly my dear I don't give a damn!
    Good Luck to you!

  10. @vidmanx0 OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh! NO Way! Joe Hockey is a Slick,After 30 years in Hospitality I can pick a slick.He is not up to the job,and Howard will not want a bar of him in the top job,Joe is not capable,I will have to go with the latter,please,please I hope you are not serious! I think you are trying to get me angry.
    Tuning in to the ABC now,for a monday night watch,I will try and answer comments ta' morra' .



  11. Abbott is a machine, if we had him as PM we would be lucky. He is energetic, charismatic, and he has an excellent team.

  12. Gillard is a liar, she has proven this even more today, she cannot be trusted.

    This carbon tax is based on lie!

    Swan was as nerves as hell, Brown and Milhn were not happy at all, something bigger has happened, someone has reneged on an agreement, the green queens were very upset.


  13. lol can't believe the libs and their supporters are still this butthurt after losing the election. get over it, and actually do something progressive for the country instead of just saying 'No' for whining and whingings sake.

  14. @melbose You're an idiot. cost of living will go up by a mere 0.7%, not that much despite what your ridiculous hyperbole says. The 6 million Aussies truly struggling are being overcompensated, the only people even paying the full $515 are those earning more than enough to pay for this amount. These 'environmental Nazis' are concerned about the future whilst you're selfishly concerned about a $515 a year you can pay easily. $200 groceries equates to a cost of less than a $1 from the carbon tax.

  15. @HeLeX63 You have just demonstrated the average intelligence of the Abbott fanatic. Well done on humiliating yourself.

  16. @heliosrayne 5% of $200 is $10. Which is extremely conservative, as it will compound as time moves on.

    "the only people even paying the full $515 are those earning more than enough to pay for this amount". Yeah, its OK, everyone else can pay for you.

  17. @CPGagie Lol no. Its not '5%' of $200. Where are you getting these statistics from? Abbott himself? The SMH used the actual data from the carbon tax announcement to calculate that only $1 from the carbon tax will be added to $200 of groceries. Also, its alright for people earning $80000+ to pay the $515, its barely a drop in the ocean of their wealth. If they can't afford to pay this measly amount for the sake of environmental protection for future generations, its incredibly selfish.

  18. @heliosrayne Saying as you replied to THIS video, and the figure mentioned was 5% on grocery prices, Your conclusion was "so what, its only a buck on $200. Also, "Its barley a drop in the ocean". How do you know what peoples outgoings are? Are you a communist? Like I say, dont worry, those that have more than you can pay for you eh? If its "only a drop in the ocean", then surely you can afford a couple of drops. No? If I ever pass through cuckoo land, maybe we could meet up and talk about it.

  19. @CPGagie You're also an idiot. This video is from May, the carbon tax's full detials were only announced earlier this week. The details have changed, but as evidenced from your support of the moronic caveman Abbott, you are stuck in the past. The 6 million Australians who are genuinely struggling are overcompensated, those who are more than capable of paying will pay $515 at most, although most will be paying less.

  20. @JDHydraFlexx how much? how about 6 million of the most struggling Australians get overcompensated? The rest of your argument is nothing but personal insults and misguided drivel. I'm 24 you idiot. Furthermore, bragging about how 'smart' you are is not only arrogant, but even worse when you've just been proved wrong. I must say, you do enjoy humiliating yourself don't you?

  21. @JDHydraFlexx no checkmate fool. I'm beginning to ponder the possibility you're just a troll, no one is possibly as stupid as you are showing yourself to be. So everyone with compensation is a dole bludger? A ridiculous genralisation only made by the most right wing and idiotic of people. So you would prefer not to be compensated for the tax? Well then why making such a fuss!

  22. @JDHydraFlexx failure as an Australian? Because I care for the future? I think as you're the selfish individual who doesn't care for the future and is intolerant of other views, you're the unAustralian. I'm a uni student studying medicine at UNSW, not only that I'm part of the student council at said University. I don't work for any of those organisations, hell most of the time I don't even vote for them. I see you've descended into petty insults rather than debate. Pathetic really.

  23. @JDHydraFlexx minority? i guess you're implying Abbott supporters are in the majority? is that wy he's not prime minister? is that why the Liberal Party is not in government?

  24. @JDHydraFlexx the fact that your entire argument is based on my misspelling of 'compensation' on Youtube is testament to how desperate and pathetic your argument really is.

  25. @JDHydraFlexx lol i don't go to centrelink, nor do i always vote for labor, and i've never voted for the greens. I vote for whoever has the best policies, not what populism dictates. I follow my own principles rather than that of shock jocks (the latter of whom you must worship judging from your comments). Lost jobs? The carbon tax will mean more investment in green energy which equates to MORE jobs. The coal industry is not negatively affected, what about Peabody? Myth debunked.

  26. Funny, Abbott said 'man made climate change is crap",but said earlier this year ,man is contributing climate change. He wanted an ETS, then didn't. Thought a carbon tax was a good way to put a price on carbon(Sky News 2009) .Says Carbon isn't too bad , but has a very costly Direction Action plan to tackle it. Said in his book Battlelines "over my died body" regarding Parental Paid Leave, but now wants to introduce one with a tax on business to pay for it. . One has to ask WHO IS THE REAL TONY?

  27. Abbott. For PM.. You have to be kidding.. This will mean he won't be able to sit back and wait for decisions to be made for him just so he can say no. He will have to make his own policies and be proactive rather than reactive.. I hope to god that this never actually happens.. At least Turnbull has convictions that he stands by..

  28. @theblackash you vote for the party not the leader. Nobody in their right mind would vote for a carbon tax, or anything even green related at the moment with the way the economy is. Global warming has been one of the biggest scams of this century just to raise taxes and make things harder for business. I have no problem with things that are green, but they must be cost effective and practical, and 95% of the stuff they come up with just isnt. We need a free market economy for business.

  29. @wesleytarbuck how would u know if global warming was real or not? ur not a scientist, its not ur job to tell us whether or not humans are impacting the environment. how would you like it if you had scientists telling you how to do your job!

  30. @jordtube well i live in australia, where the markings on the rocks in tasmania from the convicts 200 years ago show the water is at exactly the same level. The wallami pine tree (also australian) has been through dozens of ice ages which they can tell from examining the tree, all dating back to long before man came to be. And also I work outside every day as a tradesman, and in my own personal experience things are COOLING not warming. That and along with all the scientists who dont agree

  31. @wesleytarbuck Climate science isn't about your opinion on whether you believe that the earth is cooling, climate science is about the facts and evidence, and the evidence shows that sea levels are rising and global temperatures are increasing. If you don't believe that sea levels are rising, what do you have to say about islands in the pacific being swamped by the sea, and forcing villages to relocate. Or entire ice shelves in the polar regions disappearing???

  32. @jordtube yeah but there are no facts or evidence, that guy that came out with it 'cooked the books' And sea levels CANT BE RISING i live on the BEACH. the rocks where the convicts marked the water levels 200 years ago, are at the exact same level. Its propaganda to make idiots like you feel warm inside, and to drive up costs and create more beurocracy for everybody. FACTS as you say tell us we are entering a phase of global COOLING not warming. just check navy records for 100's of yrs.

  33. @wesleytarbuck, do you really believe scratches in a rock made by convicts 200 years ago is the most accurate data on sea levels we have? And since you mentioned propaganda, have you considered the possibility the biggest polluters who also happen to be many of the worlds richest and most powerful corporations, organizations and individuals might be feeding you propaganda to protect their own interests? What make you think they are more trustworthy than scientists?

  34. @wesleytarbuck, do you consider that corporations are obligated to protect and increase profits wherever they can. They do not exist to look after the planet, they do not exist to look after society and they do not exist to look after your future and mine. They exist first and foremost to make money and to provide shareholders a return on investment, that is their obligation. Corporate exec's are paid bonuses based on profit and this is based largely on short term results.

  35. @wesleytarbuck, Sea levels have risen but not dramatically yet because much of the ice loss so far is sea ice (already in the ocean), or glacial ice which is small compared to the vastness of the ocean. But if ice loss continues and major ice fields on Antarctica and Greenland begin to melt and slide into the sea then we will see a much more dramatic effect on sea levels.

  36. @wesleytarbuck, You say you work outside and think it's cooling not warming? My perception is the opposite of yours. I am often outside at the coldest part of the morning and I have not seen frost on the ground once this winter. it used to be common but I don't see frost very often any more, (in Melbourne). But you perceptions and mine are not the best gauge, what really matters is cold hard scientific data and that only says one thing… Global average temperatures are rising.

  37. @wesleytarbuck i don't know what you talking about, you only have to watch "an inconvenient truth" to witness the evidence, i'd love to see a documentary that suggests otherwise if you would like to link that to me. even if u dont believe in it, that doesnt mean no action should be taken. I dont believe Australia will be invaded tomorrow, but does that mean we have scrap our defence force????

  38. @wesleytarbuck, please read this article, its about something you mentioned. I think you will find it good food for thought. It's in Sydney's SMH, "When science is undone by fiction" by: Jo Chandler, June 29, 2011.
    You will have to search for it in Google as I can't include a link in this comment.

  39. @a10willy yes i believe its a fair indication, as it was 200 years ago. The british navy has been measuring ocean temperatures for 100's of years, and their information shows sea level temperatures are falling, not rising. The ancient egyptians used to work out precise angles, and distances with rope and sticks 1000's of years ago, so absolutely marks from early settlers are a good indication. The propaganda, until recently has been "pro-warming" now its all starting to be a joke.

  40. @wesleytarbuck, yes the Egyptians did accomplish a lot using what we would today consider primitive technology. But they didn't even know how to make an arch let alone send man to the moon, measure the weight of stars and planets and calculate the age of the universe.

    If you needed urgent medical attention would you rather go to modern hospital or get the same treatment people got hundreds of years ago? Or would you rather sail the oceans in a Viking ship or a modern cruise liner.

  41. @wesleytarbuck, Virtually our entire modern world has come from science. I don't understand why you would deny science any respect and want to rely on hearsay and rock scratches to form your opinions. For every piece of "evidence" that sceptics produce there are piles of peer reviewed scientific evidence that counters it.

  42. @wesleytarbuck I would like to ask you one question…

    What do you think is more likely… That for the last 40 years, well over a thousand scientists have been piecing together and enormous conspiracy to trick the world into seeking an alternative form of energy… or… That very wealthy and powerful people, (who own and run companies in carbon emission intensive industries), are trying to protect their wealth and power, (by "sowing the seeds of doubt")?

  43. Oh my god. Is that the environment our government has to work in every day? How on earth can they handle all the childish screaming? I'm generally a mild fellow, but I had this huge urge to smack Abbott and Hockey when watching this video.

  44. I think to trully win the next election clearly …the Liberal Party will just need to clarify if they are going to BRING BACK WORKCHOICES. That is the only sticking point with alot of ex Labour voters that will jump ship and vote Liberal given the poor waste management of Julia Gillard and her over taxing cronnies. The public is screaming out for a chance to pave way for a new leader because Labour has lost direction totally. Did they ever have a compass ?. Bring on an election ….PLEASE !!!

  45. @ihaveairlockers The only reference I can find to "A farmer commits suicide every 4 days" is due to the drought back in 2006/2007 and there are no credible census or academic references for this figure.

  46. As soon as Abbott moves the motion to suspend standing and sessional orders, the Labor Party all leave. This is original.
    This Prime Minister promised us before the election and I quote:

  47. When are these hollow no policy Liberal weasels going to admit they are only working for the big mining and oil companies? They make me sick with their constant repetitive sound bites..it's all they have..empty shallow rhetoric..No brains, no idea, no policy. Abbott & co are puppet clowns working for the billionaires club. Weasel man only thinks of one thing..HIMSELF & the asshole mining moguls who want him as PM so they can continue to pollute the planet! F#ck off tony Abbott

  48. It doesn't matter who's in government, they get paid too much for doing such a shit job, this country has gone backwards due to incompetant leadership with no vision for the future of this country.
    We need a new political party based on comunitee values without favor or corruption, one that represents the population as a whole not individual groups with their own political agenda and a generous retirement scheme paid for by hard working Australians.

  49. Because she lied about one thing. Country is being run fine and tony lies about so many more things your just drone being controlled by morons like alan jones.

  50. when the political discourse changes, the policy changes.
    Why cant we have nuclear energy? political discourse doesnt allow it, i.e., public.

    He is actually presenting what the public wants to hear and have.

  51. I wish the opposition actually asked questions rather than suspend parliament. This is the dangerous and reckless opposition in living memory.

  52. Funny that, it was the party that you criticise that kept at least 500,000 off the dole.
    5% unemploy, 2-3% inflation, 3.75% Y rate, and Keynesian fiscal policy when recession seemed imminent. Remember Sept/Oct 2008? if not, go back and look at the charts. It was a bloody scary time with financial armageddon and a crisis of capitalism pending.
    Some seem to forget that.
    Btw, the last conservative who criticised one of my comments also assumed i was on the dole – what is it with you radicles?

  53. its people like me that run my own business and employ dead shits like yourself… your the type of person that think its your right to go work for someone and then have a say in how the business should run, labor got rid of work choices i had 2 get rid of employees… Get back on the line, btw I'm happy that all these business that have unions running through them like cancer are going broke, i hope all the union members starve and their kids suffer… might teach u retards a lesson…

  54. The company i work for employed during the gfc, so I ask, what are you doing wrong when GDP growth is averaging growing at 2 & 3% since '08?
    I suggest you improve your interviewing skills. Sounds like you really are employing duds…
    Regarding pay rates, The world is round mate – You pay your employees $1/hr, and so will everyone else. Good luck keeping your business alive when your market is only making $1/hr. hahaha

  55. You talk of debt like its a dirty word. Every rich nation and every rich individual is built from debt. I ask you; if i gave you $100 today and said in 1 year, i want $110 back, will you take it?
    If you answer yes, you are an entrepreneur – you will know how to turn that $100 into $150 within that same year.
    Essentially that is what the gov't has just done during the GFC. If stimulus was not forthcoming, public debt would not be $300Bill but more likely $1.0Trill.
    Look at Europe.
    Lesson ends

  56. In my initial comment, i said coalition are dangerous and reckless:
    Dangerous – for their rhetoric and lies which polarises every debate on any issue.
    Reckless – Not approving key policies that are in the national interest. one example is the mining tax that was aimed addressing the 2-speed economy by giving every other business a company tax cut. Originally, the Henry Review proposed company tax be reduced to 25%. You said you own a business – you can thank TA for not getting a tax cut.

  57. no carbon tax, no need for tax cuts… And for the mining tax, just cause someone is rich doesn't mean the government should fuck them ova…

  58. Australia has been sold out by a corporation called COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA – a private corporation registered at the Securities Exchange Commission in Washington DC ABN:122 104 616.yet we the people are shareholders in the Real – Commonwealth of Australia, NO CAPS, the fake Corporation are criminals pretending to be government & are fooling people via owned media, that they are the real deal. The Corporation is selling all our assets to China, etc & forcing Aussies to pay? carbon tax, etc….

  59. Alittle disappointed. I wish she ditched the spin doctors. I think she has achieved alot, but her msg isn't getting thru. Mostly because the media, especially the Murdoch press, isn't printing the good things that Labor has achieved, printed on the front page, because Murdoch has sided with Abbott. The economy has a AAA credit ratings from 3 different credit agencies under Gillard/Swan,but u don't see that printed on the front page Daily Telegraph.But Gillard over Abbott… Gillard all the way!

  60. Can someone from the Liberal party tell these two fuckwits to stopĀ appearingĀ Ā on the news every night and saying how fucking much they're going to screw the public. People aren't spending money and small business is suffering, we're fucking closing down you fucking pair of idiots.

  61. ahh good old days. mr lapband and tony dum dum performing to the lowest common denominator. scum.. disgusting backward racist far right skid marks with gum on the pavement morality.
    i wonder what their twisted plan is now that their credibility and trust are spent?
    stability, vision, progression, welfare. bring on the election and show these lib curs what gutterstomp means.

  62. Oh you wait till she finish the pint off moonshine under her desk,,,this guy with the ears is going to be at my door over here for asylum on my porch. …he be safer fending off the nutcase lady down from me that screams ,,,man shit,,cut ya pecker off every time i venture out….maybe she didnt take to well to the epsom salt i put in the jar off shine and left on the porch for her to steel….im too blame now for her extra work load washin her duds,,,least she is where she belongs i said,,,in the wash trough…well far out..i got shit on bad for that…now im 2 chop my pecker off,,,,so you young man…tony …just be careful with that one,,,or chop the sausage…

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