Tony | Thử Thách Chơi TRỐN TÌM Dưới Nước – Hide & Seek On River

Hi everyone to Tony TV In the new school year, before, I filmed from the morning now move on to filming at noon 2 pm, very sunny but we still keep our promise and film it for everyone Nearly full membership Recently we often shoot videos on the shore Now let’s take a video in the river What video is in the river? hide and seek hide and seek and throw the ball yes lend me the ball We are gathered in front of Dai’s house A lot of comments asked me to make videos related to the river videos usually over 2,000,000 views so I decided to make this video more creative The first time you hear hide and seek in the river Have you played hide and seek in the river yet? not yet Come down here split the team hurry up Remember to subscribe to the channel, support me Invite the black guy to go over there face down I read up to 500 five, ten, fifteen, twenty,……. Look, that girl is not involved This is the process the black guy is looking for the black guy keeps on searching or the others are looking I see Thanh hurry up Thanh, hurry up I am not telling you that others hide in the bushes Dai You let me win, I show you where Vu Thanh hid ok Vu Thanh in the dust process the black guy is looking for Vu Thanh danger It was surprising that Vu Thanh raided from behind The black guy has been tricked Now, only Ngoc, I look for it The process is finding Ngoc Black guy and Ngoc, who will win? The black guy swims very slowly I wear a heavy helmet so I don’t swim fast I’m the brother of the younger siblings so this time I wear a helmet and find each child You remove the helmet and give it to Mr. Vinh quickly Thanh slowly, I haven’t removed my helmet yet I forgot You are too tall, I cannot wear a helmet I read up to 300 five, ten, fifteen,…… I have finished reading I found a black guy Mr. Vinh, I am not good at playing this game Now, swim race with us swimming race right You dare to swim racing with me? would you dare to swim with me? I yielded to them, I only swam in one hand the other in my hand holding the camera swim to the shore and smash your hands into the mud Smashing the mud with the hand is the winner Vu Thanh is the first So, Vu Thanh is the first, I’m second show me the hand I am third Who is fourth? who is fourth? You put your hand down, it’s very dirty you before Thanh and after Ngoc, right? right and Duong after Ngoc? yes departure Let me slap the water to make it slippery oh my god Why did you slap water on me? This is a penalty for losing swimmers Put the mud on and within 5 minutes This is the penalty for a loser Everyone, help me stronger Go down here and wash your clothes I like to throw balls pitching, haha. I’m good at throwing Why are you throwing the ball at me? This is the game rule, 2 teams of 4 members when my team threw the ball into the opponent of the other team everyone please see If I hit a member, that member will be disqualified If a team is disqualified, the team loses My team include: Dao, Vu Thanh, Ngoc and me My team has 4 very weak members What? Did you say I was pitching badly? I will throw the camera first, he is Thanh Oh My God. Mr. Vinh, you throw worse than me wow Dai won Dai, you dare to throw my teammates nearly hit Ngoc Vu Thanh, throw Mr. Vinh, now I throw you Vinh threw me yeah, Vinh is very nice Who do you throw? Ngoc I stand to wait for you to throw, you throw very badly throw the black guy throws the ball very badly You throw right between 2 people you are very good black guy is eliminated You have been hit in the stomach Ngoc hit yeah My team has only 2 people left to win Giang, throw it to me She throws birds yeah, Mr. Vinh is very good throw wow, Dai is very good I stand to wait for you to throw Now my team is the only one left This war is increasingly suspense Now each team has only 1 member My team is just me and the other team only Dai and now the ball is in my hand I cannot miss the last chance Now, Dai and Mr. Vinh are competing Vinh hit me in the head Now my team has lost In the new school year, but my team still releases videos for everyone to see Wish you all have fun watching videos And down the river, we can host lots of exciting games black guy, What are you doing? I make it sexy Don’t forget to give my channel 1 like Remember to subscribe to the channel and remember to share Wish you all have fun watching videos good bye and see you later ^_^ This is the penalty for a losing team

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