Too OLD for hockey?!?!?

– What’s up guys, Jeremy here
with the Hockey Movement. One question I get asked
quite a bit from you guys is, is it too late to start hockey? I’ve heard it from 12 year
olds, 20 year olds, 30, 40, all the way up. And I wanted to make this
video to show you guys it’s never too late, you can
enjoy hockey at any age. So what we’re gonna do in
this video is head inside the Huntsville Arena, and
hang out with a couple very experienced hockey players. There’s two groups that
play, there’s a 55 plus group and a 65 plus group, and
they play for two hours a day, three times a week. Let’s head inside the
arena and meet the guys. (gentle music) (laughing) – I’m Orvy, and I’ve
been playing since the beginning of this season. – He’s the most generous
goalie that we have. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be the top scorer in the league. – I’ve played on and off
for oh maybe 10 years. – [Jeremy] Why are you the goalie? – Because they needed a goalie. – [Jeremy] You wanted to
hang out with the guys and they said “put on the pads!” – That’s right, I didn’t have
any equipment so fine fellows got out and bought
equipment for me and then I couldn’t say no. – [Jeremy] I like your
contraption to bring all the stuff in. – Oh yeah, that’s for
me, the stuff’s too heavy to carry around for us old guys, you know. – I’m Nick Broshey, I’ve
been playing with these guys for a few years, but before
that I just didn’t start until I was about 30, so. – [Jeremy] What do you love about hockey? – The showers are really good here. (laughing) It’s expensive at home
now with the electricity being as high as it is. Got these new skates and
they pumped me up here, works pretty good too. Except if I ever get a flat I’m ukered. – [Jeremy] Let’s move
to the leading scorer. – Thank you for that. Got to be a little bit
ridiculous after a while so I had to slow down because
there was a little jealousy coming into the dressing room. – [Jeremy] So how old
were you when you started? – About 61. – [Jeremy] 61, and he’s
already the leading scorer, that’s amazing! – Yeah that’s what I thought too! – [Jeremy] What was it
like starting at 61, was it easy? – No no, I couldn’t skate,
I had to learn how to skate. Then I had to learn how
to use a hockey stick, still learning, thank you Ken. Just followed Jerry’s lead,
he’s probably the best player in the league. – Jerry Garland, been in
hockey for about 50 years. – Jim Purvis, I’m 69 and
my major objective over the years is not to get injured. Keep out of the corners with these guys. – I’m Ken Biggs and I’ve
been playing for about 45 years, starting in peewee. – Brian Robinson, been
playing numerous years, took 18 years off and
decided to come back. – [Jeremy] So 18 year gap
and you just came back four years ago, what was it like? – Tough as heck. (laughing) I had muscles that I
didn’t know I had before, ached all over. – [Jeremy] Why do you love playing hockey? – I couldn’t get travel insurance
and I’d rather play golf. (laughing) – [Jeremy] We’ve got the
honest answers here guys! – That’s the truth. He’s been whining about that all winter. (gentle music) – I’m Don Baxner, 55. This is my first year playing hockey. I can skate and I played ball
hockey as a kid, but I ski so I never got into hockey,
but I got into coaching my son from tidbits right
through now to peewee, and I realized first of
all my desire to play kept growing and ultimately if I
wanted to keep coaching my son I had to step up my game,
so I went and took an adult hockey camp in Buffalo and
for the first time skated with full equipment, and
then I’ve been playing with these guys all season, it’s great. These guys are all level
hockey, there are some guys that played in the NHL and
you learn a lot very quickly. And it’s incredible exercise too. – [Jeremy] So did you find it was tough to start at 55? – No I had a desire to play
so I was just glad to find a group of guys who would
tolerate me coming out and I’m not wobbly on my
skates but I’m still learning and my instincts aren’t
there, these guys just know where to be and half my
energy is spent just trying to figure out where the hell I need to be. I hope to keep doing it
until I’m old as some of these guys too. – [Jeremy] How have you
felt with playing hockey and translating that to coaching hockey? – Oh it’s great, because again
first of all I do all the things I tell my kids not
to do, but you get a better feel for it being on the ice,
you just know what these kids are going through and if
they can’t get to that puck quite as easy as you think
they should, you realize why. So actually it’s a much
better perspective to go along with coaching courses and
actually be playing it, it is tremendous. (gentle music) – Dirk Poleman, I’ve been
playing hockey since I was about 28, and playing with
these guys for five years now. – Rob Sonders, been playing
since I was probably five years old and still playing,
planning on playing until I can’t carry the bag into the arena. – Ron Darren, with these
guys probably about 10 years. This age any time you can get
out of bed and play hockey, doesn’t get any better than that. – Mike Armstrong and I’ve
been playing for 54 years. I’m not a guy who likes to
run but I can chase a puck or a ball all day, so still competitive even though we’re old. – Just the camaraderie,
the guys, the exercise, it’s just everything you’d want. – I’m John Winters and I guess
I started when I was about six years old, and now I’m 49. I refereed hockey for 30
some years and all through that period, I never played. And came back about six
years ago, no hands anymore. Feet are okay, but a lot of fun. – My name is Sandy Maclenan,
and I think I’ve been playing 52 years. – [Jeremy] How long you
had that hockey bag? – I did the math on it, 45 years. Mr. Jenkins bought all the
equipment for us peewee year. – Barry Donnell, grew
up around Port Carline, not a lot of minor hockey when I grew up, learned to skate on a river. One of our best things of
fun was playing early morning until late and night and
being called in for dinner, but when the wind blew
and the ice was great we took the sheets off our
bed, hold them as a sail, blow down the lake about a
mile, and then rolled them up and tucked them in your
jacket and skate back into the wind, so if we happened
to be skaters today that’s probably a large
part of why we made that. – [Jeremy] Nice, interesting
training technique. – I’ve always enjoyed
hockey, 71 next month, just really enjoy playing with
these guys, they’re great. – Marty Weavand, I was born
in England so when I came to Canada I didn’t start playing
until I was 12 and I made it to junior B and I retired
and moved up here and joined a great group of guys
and really enjoy playing the senior shinny here. – I love the game, I played
a lot of other sports, at a pretty elevated level
and the beauty of hockey is that even when your feet
aren’t moving, you’re moving. And I love the feeling of
gravity at the tight turns and just the flow. (gentle music) It’s a great social group,
go out and play hard against each other and then as soon
as it’s over it’s people sitting around having
coffee, laughing and enjoying each other’s company. – Just got off the ice
with the old guys there and one thing that never changes in hockey is the camaraderie. Great time in the dressing
room, bunch of jokesters, good personalities, and
they just love getting out there and playing hockey
which is what it’s really all about. Whether you’re a great skater
or just learning to skate if you get in on a team
you’re gonna meet a bunch of people and you’re gonna
have a good time, so definitely say if you’re thinking about
starting hockey, don’t worry if you didn’t play minor
hockey, it doesn’t matter. Get some gear, get out there
on the ice, start practicing, I’ve got a buncho f videos
where you can learn how to play and give you a little
bit more confidence when you get out there, give you things
to practice, and if you get on a team or once you get
on a team, you’re gonna have a great time, you’re gonna
meet a great group of players and you’re gonna love it
even if you’re 40 years old, if you start right now you
can play for another 40 years, so get out there,
get on the ice and have some fun. So thanks a lot for watching
this video and tune into the next one, I’m gonna
take these mits out with the old guys and test them
out, see what it’s like to play with vintage gloves,
see if those guys have any experience with it. Thanks a lot for watching
the video, I’ll see you in the next one. (rock music)

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  1. How old were you when you started playing hockey? If you started at an older age how did you get started? Let's help others who want to start playing! If you love hockey, follow me on Instagram and Facebook, I'm always posting new hockey videos

  2. I was teaching Positive Psychology and I give public talks from time to time. I always say: If you want to leave in the middle of the talk just remember: it is very difficult to exercise and have good friends around you and be depressed at the same time…! Οne of the most inspiring videos! Those guys are just the greatest example for promoting health and happiness in today's world! Thank you @CoachJeremy!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this – you have no idea what this means to us! On behalf of British and Czech Rep. hockey players, settled in the South UK! +50 here – 9 year old Daughter, wants to play – no local rink – so trying to get local council/private investment and build one. One year of research on, and whilst not a national sport, we are super determined to lay some ice down in a 'multi event' facility to help bring this great sport to the mainstream, along with promoting figure, speed skating, curling and other ice based sports within Britain. We have a small but amazing national league, with so many talented youngsters who are sadly unsupported in the sports they love and we would like to promote it and make it more recognised for the next generation! Thanks for all of your amazing posts and tutorage

  4. I learned to skate at age 50. That was 8 years ago. I play with 30 yr olds who seem to think I should back check. That’s just crazy talk. Lol.

  5. Hey guys! I'm turning 34 this month and I've joined a men's league, had my 5th game just today in fact (we won :p).

    Anyways I just want to reiterate what's being said in this video, if you feel the desire to play then get out there and get skating and before you know it you too can join a league. I skated almost everyday last winter to get ready for this. I haven't scored yet and I am usually the worst guy on the ice but it doesn't matter, it's fun as hell! Get our there and cross this off your bucket list guys you'll be so glad you did.

    Thanks for the great vids, they've been helpful. Cheers!

  6. Thank you Coach Jeremy for your videos. I started playing hockey just recently, and my mum one day asked me whether she is too old to play… I said no but I didn't have enough confidence. I guess I have a better confidence now, and maybe one day I can coach my mum!

  7. I'm 22 and I am just now getting my first hockey equipment and looking at joining a league soon or hosting a few pickup street hockey games up at the Y (though everyone thinks I'm a little nuts for trying to learn here in Florida). This video makes me smile. Love it.

  8. I'm 16, have been skating since I was about ten but never played hockey. This year will be my first year third line JV for my school. I've always loved the sport, and I'm very excited to actually get to play it, even if I'll be the worst player on the team.

  9. I started when I was 4 years old. Dad would flood the yard and when it froze we had a rink. I started playing Midgets, then Juniors (Did not have Juvenile back then). I was also a referee for about 5 years as an adult. Then I retired from it. At 63 I am thinking about playing again. Back in the day we used magazines and rubber bands for shin pads. Hockey sticks were made of wood and like $6.00. I still have my two wooden Louisville hockey sticks. I have upgraded since then. LOL. But, by today standards I would say some of my equipment is out dated.

  10. Im 25 and grew up in Texas my whole life. was on my way to play pro baseball, so i never considered any other sports, but Hockey was always my favorite. I want to get it into it now but i kept feeling like i missed the age curve. I can skate but never held a twig on the ice. Started dating someone from Minnesota and fell in love with the passion of every single person in that state, and now after that, and watching your videos especially this one, makes me feel like "oh yeah you can do something just for fun, not everything has to be done to compete with the elite" so thank you for videos like this and hopefully soon I'll be able to make this happen.

  11. I’m 55, started learning 18 months ago. It is an amazing sport. I’ve had shit from a few people, constant abuse, put downs, snide remarks. But most people are okay. Fortunately a few people have helped me learn the basics. The youngsters tend to dismiss people like me, and most people won’t pass the puck to me. But I can tackle the ‘superstars’ and get the puck off them. So I’ve learnt ways to get into the game despite the dismissive attitudes. I think it’s harder learning as an adult, as you have to pass through the basic stages, just like a child, but you’re playing with adults. My advice is to ignore the A holes, and play as often as you can. Find a team with a coach who will take you seriously, and have fun. The more you play, the better you get, and the more fun it is.

  12. I might become a pro cause I had some experiences but haven't played since middle school but I might take that chance and see if I become a pro

  13. I live in coastal Alabama so I can only play street hockey since there aren’t rinks but I started street hockey when I was about 11. I mainly play against friends so it’s not a team

  14. I am 24 and I want to start learning hockey in Mexico City! It’s hard as there are no many hockey fans here nor hockey rinks, but looking forward to first learn how to skate properly and then continue to try some hockey!

  15. I’m 32 years old and I watched my 55 year old father-in-law play a game in his beer league right before I left for deployment.. picking up my first pair of skates on my way home from deployment soon. Absolutely ecstatic to learn!

  16. I started when I was 9 and I just loved it so much that I can't stop playing it I hope to be in the NHL but I will have to work harder than most people. Never going to stop playing and going to make my dream come true

    I am 12 right now.

  17. I had started to try to play in my late 20s, but starting my career and having a kid meant ice time was hard to fit in… Now, l'm 37 yo and just had my first lesson from an actual goalie coach. I've only been playing for a couple months, and I can't wait to join a league 😁 the best part: my kid is 7 and has been playing for almost 2 years, and we've been able to play together a couple times.

  18. I'm surprised to see them drinking water. When I go in the locker room after the men's league has been there, the garbage is full of empty beer cans. 😉 lol

  19. Thank you for this episode! I am 51 and only been playing hockey 2 years. I have skated since I was a kid in Michigan, but never took the hockey plunge as an adult til now. To see these guys out there getting it on and kickin A$$ took all excuses away ! It feels good to know I can look forward to years of hockey skating fun and friends>>> THanks

  20. I’m in Arizona and surrounded by old Canadian dudes at the rink. With gear on you would never guess they are a day over 25. They play amazingly and so fast.

  21. I'm 12 and I really want to do hockey and I think I could do it because I'm already pretty good at skating and floor/road hocky. But I'm a girl so……….yeah

  22. I needed to watch this as I am starting at 60. Getting my skating up to par (that means so I don't hurt anyone) and next comes full gear and a hockey clinic. I am so addicted and it brings me the most amount of joy I think any activity I have ever done has given me

  23. This was a great video very inspiring im 25 never played but a bunch of my friends do. I really want to learn i watch a bunch of your videos hopefully i can get out there soon

  24. I'm 55 this year. I just became a real hockey fan over the holidays when my wife took us to a minor league game. After that my daughter fell in love with the game and became a Lightning fan. Now I've become infected, LETS GO LIGHTNING! We live in Florida so growing up it was always someone else's game. There were no home teams until 92 and kids didn't play here until roller blades came around.By then I was grown, raising a family and running a business. I'd love to learn except that I had motorcycle accident 30 years ago and pulled a ligament loose between the fibula and the calcaneus and a little Bone chip is floating around attached to it. Since then my ankle is weak and I keep twisting it, sometimes ending up in a cast. I'm a little apprehensive about trying to learn to skate now. Am I beyond hope?

  25. In my 40's. Taking a beginner course in hockey. I've got good speed and solid on my skates…braking, crossovers, backwards etc. Stick handling and shooting not so good yet. Love the sport, unfortunately I'm being discouraged by one of the coaches from continuing. He said i shouldn't even take the next level courses or try joining a beer league. What a jerk. It's only been a month or so since I started. He says adult courses are a waste of time. I think they just lost a customer.

  26. I still play pick up goalie to this day when I don't have any money in my pocket…. goalie skate for free best perk ever

  27. I'm 15 and just started this year in my highschool's 2018-19 season. it's a great sport and I love playing even though I'm still learning

  28. Never too late.  I play with a few guys that are just over 70 years old.  They may be slower, but they love it.

  29. Ow. That is a great video and great encouragement. I'm 33, would love to play but it seemed so hard I thought it was too late for me. Guess I'll give it a shot

  30. Hi guys, did you think that its too late to start playing ice hockey when im 16 years old ? Because my family never had lot of money but now the things are different and i want to start play so much since my early childhood… But i never did even ice skating… Do i have even chance to play some normal professional league after years ? Can anybody told me some tip what i have to do ?

  31. Before a month ago,stepped for the first time in a rink (58 years old).I had a blast trying to learn the game and learn how to skate also. Every player was so helpful.

  32. I am a 49 years old guy starting now to try to play. I feel the same feeling described by many of those guys, the freedom and gravity! I hope I would have started before, but here we are and as Jeremy said, I still have a bunch of years to enjoy

  33. I’m not sure why I started crying when I saw them on the ice, but I had a huge smile and feeling of pure joy. To see these men having fun at their age, it’s just incredible.

  34. I honestly think that I am too old but thanks to your video I’m going to try out for bantams next year. I will be 13 then.

  35. I'm 21 and started playing hockey I skate and the but I don't how to skate backwards but I'm taking adult learn to play hockey in fall as at leisure rink in West Seneca NY Buffalo

  36. I started when I was 54. Always loved the game but didn’t have the opportunity or the money when I was young. Wish I would have started sooner – I wouldn’t be so lousy now.

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