Too Quick To Judge (Touching Short-Film)

[Boy:] That’s a really pretty drawing you got there! (coughs and clears throat) …That’s a really pretty drawing you got there! Hey listen, I was just complimenting your drawing. I’m not a creep that’s trying to get at you or anything. Girls these days! You think every guy is after you. You all have so much attitude…it’s ridiculous! [Words on paper] Sorry if I offended you. I’m Deaf.

100 thoughts on “Too Quick To Judge (Touching Short-Film)

  1. By reading the title I thought they wanted us to believe it was about racism or that she didn't like a strange to talk to her. But as she didn't seem to notice his presence I thought she was def. When she got up I thought she would leave her drawing and maybe she would tell him what she did.

  2. If a deaf person sees someone is trying to speak with her, they can reply with sign language. Not answering at all is rude, for any scenario. it's like not understanding a language, i woudnt stare at you or not answer, i would try to make you understand, i dont get what are you saying!

  3. Every Short film has a reason and I've met many people with disabilities. And I think I have a lisp and everyone makes fun of it and it offends people that have feelings. Stop making fun of people for who they are please.

  4. Who leaves their backpack on a BENCH, in a PUBLIC PARK, with MANY PEOPLE and people who type in ALL CAPS, on YOUTUBE

  5. I might be to quick to judge too….But let me guess. The White Blond woman is the "Bad Guy." (Surprise Me!) Okay….I was surprised!

  6. Just look at the face of this filthy guy!!! Looks as if he has just brought up from graveyard😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣!!!

  7. Is it just me that can see the obvious negligence of body language? Shouldnt she be watching out if someone sit and looks at her trying to talk something, shes deaf but not blind and senseless

  8. I feel for this man as he did try to start a conversation. He left his backpack there, which to me made me think he trusted this girl to leave it beside her and when she left, it seemed to be because he had clearly got upset. I wish she had of stayed till the end so the young man still would have got the point that she was deaf and would have the chance to apologise

  9. Learn anything new, buddy? I saw your concern, and I saw your genuine interest. She couldn't hear you, but she gave you a gift. Keep growing, and you will have a full life.

  10. I've just an ethnic guy dump his back pack on a park bench next to a young lady and run off!!!!!
    But I doubt she'll hear the explosion !

  11. This message so many Christians just forget or ignore but this message is so important the reason I ask almost all my questions online about Christianity

  12. You live in a racist society and the girl deaf or not would freak out if a black man spoke to her. Let us not pretend she would speak.

  13. Sometimes being deaf is good because society or people's are my worst enemy.. I'm not saying I'm a good person but terrible lowlife I'm….

  14. But why this black guy has to talk to her? He is disturbing her.

  15. Interesting ,good lesson for all. Thanks!! These days alot of people judge too quickly, when they shouldn't. Some care, some do not. ..CARE a word that carries hope for us yet.

  16. If she was deaf, how did she know if she offended him? There was NO communication between them. Interesting!

  17. I got zero sympathy for beautiful women. Nothing. All of them the same. All tears have run dry. '_' even deaf blind mute i dont care hell even ugly ones are bitches too hahaha XD

  18. At that many thousands of dislikes I knew it was going to be bad, I guessed she was going to be deaf the first time she was trying really hard to pretend she couldn’t hear him. The bad acting gave it away. At least it wasn’t some fundie pseudochristian crap.

  19. The comments 😂😂😂 if girls ignores you then there’s something wrong. LMFAO, either because of you or they’re deaf.

  20. I am partial deaf. If she cannot hear anything, I will wave at her to be attentive, and I will hand sign to her "are you deaf?". She will cheering happy and hand sign to me. Then I will ask her to go out to eat, and she will say, " Yes." I will jump wildly in a celebration and she will puzzle but she will understand my lonely heart. I will say "I found her to be my beautiful love in my heart after so many years of no love I endured!"

  21. First of all, who would leave their bag on a bench next to a stranger while they go running? At the least you'd ask them to watch it for you, surely?.secondly, he can't have run far as he wasn't even out of breath or worked up a sweat and thirdly, how was he supposed to know she was deaf? He spoke to her nicely and got totally blanked, of course he'd be offended.
    It's quite nice though that she apologised for offending him and he felt bad for jumping to a conclusion.

  22. Since I have a resting bitch face,

    Most people assume that I'm a snob, bitchy, mean and stuck up.

    And since I come across this way to most people they wind up giving me an attitude, And I'm a nice timid and shy person so I really don't know how to approach a conversation anyways.

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