Top 10 DEADLIEST Baseball Drills You Can Do With This ONE SECRET WEAPON! [Mini Wiffle Ball Drills]

Today I’ve got the top 10 drills you can do
with mini wiffle balls to become a better baseball player. My name is Coach Madden, I’m the official
trainer at and you’ll hear me in my videos talk a lot about training
small and this is what I’m talking about when I talk about training small. These mini wiffle balls are a great way to
work on catching, hitting. Imagine if you can catch and hit these things,
hitter the bigger ball, the baseball, is going to be a lot easier. This really works on your hand-eye coordination. So let’s get into it, Top 10 Drills you can
do with these mini wiffle balls. The first drill is going to be bare handed,
one handed, catches. So all we’re going to do in this drill is
get a partner to throw the balls, we’re going to get into a good athletic position, see
this ball all the way in. You really want to have soft hands. We’re only working on one hand right here. You can switch hands if you want because we’re
really working on hand-eye coordination more than anything here and just beings soft and
trying to catch all these balls as they’re thrown to you. Obviously you want to try to do more with
your glove side hand because that’s where you’re going to be catching these balls but
again you can switch hands, really just working on the hand-eye coordination, trying to do
one hand at a time. That last one I did two hands but try to do
one hand at a time when you’re catching these balls. Drill number 2 we’re going to do the same
thing except we’re going to put on the Web Glove. I sell these on my website. I’ll leave a link below where you can get
them and at the end of this video I’m going to offer you guys a coupon code to get this
and some of the other things I talk about in this video. But we’re going to do the same exact thing
except we’re using this Web Glove. It’s a great tool and drill to do the same
thing and work on that hand-eye coordination and catching the mini balls. It’s very hard, this is a lot harder than
the bare handed version because you’ve really got to be super focused. If you thought catching it with the bare hand
was hard, this is even harder and you’ve got to really see these mini balls in all the
way. For drill number 3 with the mini balls all
we’re going to do is the same thing. We’re going to use the Web Glove but we’re
going to progress it more and make it a little more difficult and we’re going to close one
eye and try to catch these balls. This is super hard if you’ve never done it
before it’s very, very hard and I’m impressing myself already on how many, well I was, one
more. It’s very very hard. I was impressed that I caught those 3 in the
beginning. This is a great great drill. Here’s an old clip of me and Dee Gordon doing
the same drill to get him ready before a season one year. Obviously you’ll switch and do the other side. You can also get a little eye patch if you
don’t want to hold your hands over. Obviously you don’t want to share your eye
patch with your team. You can get them for like a dollar at CVS
or Wallgreens. For drill number 4 we’re going to be hitting
with a regular bat off of the Personal Pitcher Mini Wiffle Ball Pitching Machine. WHOA! This thing is great. Obviously it mixes the location up but it’s
great to work on training small. Hitting these mini balls. Obviously if you can hit these mini balls
with a big bat, you’re going to be a lot better at hitting with the regular baseball. This is a very, very tough drill and when
you work on training small like that, you’re really going to get a lot better with your
hand eye coordination. For drill number 5 we’re going to hit these
mini wiffle balls with the skinny barrel bat to make it even harder, progress this drill
even more, make it more difficult. Obviously you see I missed those last two
but if you can hit that mini ball with this skinny barrel bat, you’ve got to be pretty
accurate with your swing and have good bat control to do so. So this is another great way to progress this
drill and work with the mini wiffle balls. HEADS UP! The Personal Pitcher Mini Wiffle Ball Pitching
Machine is also available on my website for sale and again I’m going to leave a link below
and also at the end of this video I’m going to give you a coupon code if you’re interested
in purchasing that. This skinny barrel bat is the Hitmaster Grobat. This is also for sale on my website and I’ll
leave a link below where you can get this as well and again at the end of the video
I’m going to leave a coupon code if you’re interested in getting it. For drill number 6 we’re going to use the
Personal Pitcher again and we’re going to need a partner for this one as well. We’re going to turn on the Personal Pitcher
and our partner is going to be just off to the side. The partner is going to be tossing a mini
wiffle ball, as well as the Personal Pitcher shooting in. Right now I have it on 55 mph. You can have it on 55, 45, 35 whatever you
set your Personal Pitcher to but we’re going to have it on 55 and a partner also tossing
and then my partner is going to yell out “toss” if he wants me to hit the tossed ball and
not say anything if he wants me to hit the machine pitched ball. So I have to differentiate as the balls are
coming in very quickly decide, take my hands to the ball and hit the proper ball that’s
called out. Drill number 6, we’re doing pop flies with
the Personal Pitcher using the mini wiffle balls. We’re just going to get set up, let the pitching
machine shoot you a pop fly. We’re going to get underneath it, make a good
catch using the Web Glov. For drill number 8 we’re going to do infielding
with the Personal Pitcher. We can use our bare hands or you can try it
with the Web Glov, but you’re staying low, having soft hands fielding that ball. You can work on short hops like I’m kind of
doing now or regular ground balls. Just being soft, funneling that ball up to
the middle of your body. Trying to have good fielding technique, keep
your feet moving as you’re doing it. WHOA! Drill number 9 we’re going to do catching
drills. We can work on our framing, our receiving,
using the Personal Pitcher and the Web Glove. You’ve really got to be perfect and have good
hand-eye coordination and really work on your rocking and your swaying and framing these
balls when you catch them. Feel that ball out in front, try to work on
that low strike, and have good soft hands when you’re catching this ball. For drill number 10 we’re going to work on
bunting with the skinny barrel bat. You saw me bunting earlier with the regular
bat, but this drill becomes extremely more hard when you use the skinny barrel bat. You really have to focus in and see this ball
hit the barrel. Very, very challenging drill. Great for hand-eye coordination, working on
bunts. Obviously I want to make sure I’m in front
of this plate so that when I hit the ball down it’s in fair territory. But a great, great drill to do with the mini
wiffle balls. So those are the top 10 drills that you can
do with the mini wiffle balls. I hope you guys liked this video. If you did, please give me a thumbs up. As promised, I want to give you a coupon code
if you’re interested in buying the Personal Pitcher or the Web Glov or the Hit Master
Grow Bat off of my website. The coupon code you’re going to enter is TOPTEN. So when you go to my website, I’ll leave the
link below where you can do that, in fact I’ll even leave a card right here that’s going
to pop up that you can click and go to my website and if you purchase any of these and
you enter TOPTEN in the coupon code area, I’m going to hook you up with a discount. Also, I’m going to hook you up with a bundle
discount. So if you’re interested in buying the Personal
Pitcher, the Web Glov, and the skinny bat together, as well as the tripod, I’m going
to give you a bundle deal too so. Definitely check those out. Again, it’s a great, great tool. Even if you don’t have the Personal Pitcher
you can still do these mini wiffle ball drills you’re just going to need a partner to throw
them. They sell these at target. I also sell the wiffle balls on my website. But again you don’t necessarily need this
to do all of these drills, it’s just such a great tool, all of them are great tools,
just to progress the drills and make them a little bit harder. Again I hope you liked this video. If you haven’t already, please hit that subscribe
button. Leave me a comment below and let me know what
was your favorite of these drills, of these 10 drills, and if you have any questions,
of course, leave them below and I’ll talk to you there. Thanks guys! I’ll see you in the next video!

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  2. Thanks for the video. Lots of great drills using the PP. Just recently purchased one for my 10 year old son. Even though he only has 6 games left in the season, gives us something to work with in those long winter months in the garage. Again, really appreciate this video along with many previous videos as well.

  3. I have a tri pod for my phone and it has a detachable mount on the top would I be able to use that tri pod with the personal pitcher? Thanks

  4. Big dawg! Always great stuff!! Would Like to speak to you for a possible sponsorship. LOVE the freaking Web Glove. Sheesh ~Trap

  5. Hey coach, lately while I've been pitching for my high school team, I've had good outings but I've noticed I've been giving up more hits/ extra base hits. Is this something that I should be worried about, and if so do have any tips to help decrease the amount of extra base hits I've been giving up.

  6. This video really helped me become a better baseball player thank you so much for making this video. By the way I bought one of those mini web gloves

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  8. I have a PP and web gloves, and use it with my 10 yo son all the time. I really appreciate some of these ideas. I've noticed that I don't like to move the PP too far away for batting (e.g. no more than maybe 25 ft) because the wiffle balls start to slow down quickly (like they are designed to do). With the fly ball drill, I'm curious if you think that slowing down of the balls can mess up their tracking of fly balls at this age, when they seem to have a tendency to read a ball as being shorter than it ends up being, or is it just good for the hand-eye coordination, while the tracking practice will come from practicing with real balls?

  9. For the first drill I have family or friends tos me a baseball softly and they either say left,right, or both

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