Top 10 Infield Drills for Baseball Players of ALL Ages & Skill Level [Super Easy & Effective!]

Over the last few years here at
yougoprobaseball I’ve had many big leaguers and former big leaguers come on the channel and share their infielding tips and infield drills as well and what I wanted to do in today’s video is share with you the top 10 infield drills that I’ve learned along the years. Now, sorry I’ve been gone for a little bit haven’t posted a video in a quick minute
I actually went to Taiwan for a tournament and then to China as well for
an Olympic qualifier tomorrow I’m flying out to Germany to put on a camp but I’m
dedicated and committed to making some more videos for you along the way so I’m
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into it top 10 infield drills the first infield
drill is the Barry Larkin pancake glove drill I learned this drill from Barry
Larkin watching him train dee gordon in a facility in Orlando Florida and in
fact my buddy Chris Marlo also saw this drill performed by Barry with some
of his players as well and he uses the drill with his players so you can see in
this clip Chris and I demonstrating the drill all
you’re gonna do is put the pancake glove on it’s a flat glove and you really got
to focus on being soft with your hands because if you’re hard with this flat
glove the ball is gonna pop right out what you can do is work on fielding the
ball out in front right in the middle of your body then you can open your stance
and field it on the open side your glove side and then you can close your stance
and work on the backhand the backhand is definitely difficult with the pancake
glove because you really gotta be soft focus pop it up and grab that ball a
great great infield drill infield drill number two is the backhand drill and
what we’re gonna do with this drill is we want to get into an athletic stance
and we’re gonna take the ball in our throwing hand and obviously our glove
hand is gonna be below that we’re gonna drop the ball in front of our glove hand
and we’re gonna work on coming through this ball nice and easy having a good
motion not stabbing at it we can start this drill with no glove on at first and
then we can progress it to using a mini glove as well this is a great drill to
work on your backhand and start to progress it so you can be soft with your
hands and be a much better fielder when
attempting to make a backhanded play infield drill number three is one of my
favorites and if you’ve been subscribe to the channel for any amount of time
you know this because I talk about it all the time and it’s using the mini
wiffle balls and it’s a great way to Train small if you’re focusing on using
a small ball you really have to focus and work on your hand-eye coordination
in this clip that I’m about to show you you can see myself throwing these mini
wiffle balls to Dee Gordon it’s a great drill to work on focusing on a small
object being soft what your hands are really feeling it and being quick as
well with your hands you can also do this drill fielding the ball off of the
ground using doing short hops with this ball with no glove but there’s also a
mini glove that you can use you can put on your thumb and your pointer finger
and focus on catching these mini balls in the web of your glove and this is a
great drill because this is even harder than catching it in your bare hands so I
definitely suggest training small with mini wiffle balls infield drill number
four is the three cone tag drill and I made a video with Coach Marlow about
this drill this is a drill that he uses with his infielders to work on the tags
and it’s a great drill all you’re gonna do is set up three cones and you’re
going to have a partner throw the ball to the player at each cone as they’re
moving to the cone so the player has to be very athletic on their feet they have
to be able to see the ball coming in catch it make the tag and be able to
move out of the way so they’re getting to the bag moving to the bag catching
the ball making the tag and getting out of the way and they’re gonna be going
around this triangle this three cone process in doing so having to be
athletic and be agile and make tags where balls are thrown in different
spots is a very very great drill for all infielders infield drill number five is
the short hop drill and you could do this off of a machine that’s what I did
in this video here and I actually did this drill with three different mini
gloves and all these gloves are available on my website for sale but all
I did was set up the machine to throw a ball shorter now if you got a machine
that is fixed in distance you can just scoot back further to get the short hop
if you have the room for me I just set this machine up to give me a short hop
and all I did was focused on coming through those
balls with the different gloves on my hand I had a pancake glove forefinger
glove and then just a mini baseball glove it’s a great way to progress the
drill really working on your short hops you could do open stance to your glove
side you can do backhand and you can do straight up the middle but it’s a great
way to work on the short hops with different gloves as you progress through
the infield drill infield drill number six is the square ability drill and this
is drill I came up with when I was training some of my players and it’s a
great way to incorporate some agility in with your infield training and all
you’re going to do is set up a square about five foot by five foot and you’re
gonna have your players stand at the back of that square and you’re gonna hit
them a ball to one side or the other and what they’re gonna do is they’re gonna
come and field that ball on the side that you hit it they’re gonna run
straight at the first square then they’re gonna shuffle across backpedal
shuffle across the back side then you’re gonna have them cut across the middle on
a diagonal pattern and they have to go around that cone before they feel the
slow roller and it’s a great way to really get them to be agile when they’re
fielding baseballs and it’s also a great conditioning drill to work in towards
the end of practice as well it’s great it’s fun for the players and we had a
lot of success implementing this in as one of our infield drills infield drill
number seven is the a drill and I learned this from the one and only Nick Shaw and what
he does in the a drill is draw an A in the dirt and what he focuses on in this
drill is really focusing on catching the balls that are hit hard at you and you
creating some space because fielding a baseball isn’t always about coming
through the ball it’s about creating space sometimes if that ball is coming
up on you you don’t want to catch that ball in the middle of the hop right
those are the worst you either want to catch it on the short hop or the long
hop so sometimes you have to create space and the a drill you can do this
draw an A in the dirt and then focus on stepping on that a line as you’re
fielding the ball to your glove side or if it’s on to your backhand side you
should replace your feet and step on that a side and feel the backhand that
way so you’re creating you’re learning how to create space with the Adriel and
not getting caught and caught in the middle with some of those balls that are
going to eat so it’s a great drill to work on
creating space if you can use this drill along with maybe a short hop drill and
now you’re pretty much covering your bases when it comes to fielding
different hops of balls now I know I called this video the top ten
infield drills but actually for number eight nine ten eleven and twelve so
there’s actually 12 infill drills that I got for you I kind of want to group them
together because they’re they’re kind of a progression and you can use them as a
progression to work on your in fielding so let’s get into those drills now the
first is the tennis ball drill and I learned this one with Doug Bernier and
all he was doing is working off his knees and fielding a tennis ball on
Easter he likes to start with the tennis ball because the tennis ball is very
light and you have to be very soft with your hands to field that ball if you
ever tried fielding a tennis ball it’s very hard to get but you know barehanded
it pops out a lot of the time so you have to be very very focused and very
very soft with your hands and the tennis ball drill kind of coincides with what
we learned from Matt Antonelli when he was talking about his hands routine mat
also likes to start on his knees and he uses a regular baseball though and then
he progresses that into using a mini glove and then and then his regular
glove but it’s another routine that you can use starting from your knees just
working your hands through the ball making sure your body’s in a good
posture you’re in a good set up you’re using your hands correctly you’re being
soft and I’m not doing his video any justice in fact I’ll leave a link up
above or down in the description below where you can click on and check that
video out because it’s a great great video and I don’t want you to miss any
of the information provided there for infield drill number 10 we basically
take what Doug Bernier and Matt Antonelli showed us but we could do this
without a partner and we could do this with a wall so we can start it on our
knees on the wall and then progress it up to our feet just start playing wall
ball with our self throwing the ball off of the wall moving our feet fielding the
ball this is probably one of the best ways a seats of any age can work on
fielding whenever they want without a partner for infield drill number eleven
we’re talking about the short fungo drill and coach Marlo and I got
together with Kole Enright a current professional baseball player
and he was working off of his knees as we hit short Fungos to him and really
fielding through the ball it’s a tough drill because the ball is coming off a
fungo it’s not just thrown anymore so this is even further progression of
this hands routine and tennis ball drill routine that we talked about earlier and
then filled drill number 12 last but not least is the quick turn fungo drill and
you can see Coach Marlo here performing this drill all you’re going
to do is have your player set up you’re gonna have your fungo and you’re gonna
hit fun goes to them and as they hear the crack of the bat or the coach can
call turn now whatever he wants to say well then the player will turn turn and
have to react to where that ball is and feel the ball yeah you have to have an
athlete that can handle these balls onto the coach has to be smart about how hard
he’s hitting these balls you don’t want anyone to get hurt but it’s a great
drill to really work on your reaction timing and fielding that ball seeing the
ball I’m fielding the ball very quickly so those are the top 12 infield drills
I’ll leave a lot of the links to those videos down below where you can check
them out and their entirety if you wish thank you so much for checking it out if
you’re new here go ahead and subscribe hit the bell right next to it this way
you’ll be notified every time I upload a new video and hop down in the comments
section below let me know which one of these twelve are your favorite infield
drills which ones are you gonna steal which ones are you gonna use for your
infield practice let me know I’ll talk to you guys down there thanks so much

18 thoughts on “Top 10 Infield Drills for Baseball Players of ALL Ages & Skill Level [Super Easy & Effective!]

  1. My highschool does Pancake glove drills at the baseball camp. I do the backhand with this old t-ball glove i have. All of these drills are really good. The dee gordon eye closed mini wiffle ball thing is why Javy Baez has a really good feel for where the base, ball, and where runners are. He can multi task by catching the ball, while also only have one eye on the ball and the other on the base. It gives you the best feel for a situation where you have to catch and turn and throw quick. Idk why my grammar sucks right now but im like asleep sorry

  2. The best drill I have seen for hands and deflecting was the Jim Steinwart Plywood Glove( 6"x6"x.5"plywood piece with a strap stapled to one side to put your hand in). Nothing will force you to use soft hands better than having a ball to face/chest or having your hand buzzed.
    Not for the faint of heart though.

  3. Thanks coach. This video couldn't have come at a better time for my 12 year old son. Double header today with his travel team. He wants to use some of these drills for warm ups. Thank you.

  4. Thank Coach! Since we do not have a coach, your videos do help us a lot. I have a question, i am having a rough time increasing my spin rate, which makes my ball drop too early. Can you share some tips or drills solving this?

  5. Hey man I just sub, but i have a question how hard did you work and how long everyday, because I want to become a professional ball player.( I am freshman in highschool)

  6. Thanks. I remember my dad drilling me with these practices , when I was 11yrs old. Now my son is 9. He will make the traveling team.

  7. If only you could make a video. I mean atleast a 5 min video. Dedicated to your thoughts, grips, experiences with the knuckleball. I know you've shown us the grip before. But there's nobody on 🌍 to teach us. There's only 15 humans who can throw the knuckle.

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