Top 10 Insane Hide and Seek Fails

Hide and seek fails Hello most amazing top tenners! I am Rebecca Felgate and today I am talking
about some pretty hilarious hide and seek fails. You guys know who’s awful at hide and seek? Children and animals. Although one persons awful is another persons
cute – here are ten cute….but hilarious hide and seek fails. Sunlight, the ruiner of fun at number 10. Hiding behind a blind is a great idea in theory….until
some classic backlighting comes into action and you literally become a huge shadow puppet. Not the most conspicuous of hiding places…nice
try though. Two kids with a similar scheme up next at
number 9….its always the curtains with kids, isn’t it! This pair of cuties obviously haven’t quite
realized that if they cant see someone, it doesn’t mean they can’t be seen….either
way, this use of teamwork is adorable. As a general rule, I would say stay away from
trying to blend with upholstery. It never is as seamless as one may imagine…. Especially for this kid at number 8. Ahh….the giveaway feet. Points for ingenuity…but you have to hide
down the back of the sofa, not just behind the cushion. Look at those cute little tootsies, though….why
would you want to hide those! Okay, if upholstery is off the hide and seek
menu, what about in the foliage…. Well…if you are going to hide in a plant
you had better do it better than this kid at number 7…. I especially enjoy that he is not making eye
contact…. Like…. (turn head away) if you haven’t looked me
in the eye then I can’t be found yet…… nope……still didn’t see me…..(cover
eyes) I’m still in the game!!! I think hiding in amongst your toys is a great
idea…. But don’t do it like this kid at number
6. Again, points for originality…. But huge plushy crocodiles don’t usually
stand up of their own accord! I love that croc…….he’s like (arms in
the air like lea Anderson dance bug thing) ….I’m not concealing anything here! If the kids hands don’t give him away….his
socks will…. I love that half way through hiding he must
have been like …NO MORE SOCKS. His taste in movie poster is much better than
his hiding skills. From a toy croc to a real cat…why…because
Number 5 seems like a good place for a cat. Have you ever noticed how cats like to hide
in things? Well…this cat is doing a terrible job at
hiding…and maybe doing a bit of a bad job at life seeing as it is now stuck in this
Doctor pepper box. What a loveable little fluffy fool. Coming in to number 4, we have this master
of disguise…. The feet….the feet are always a giveaway…..
hide the feet…..also…I am not sure about the truck over the head technique… although
it is very popular with kids…. The same technique has been deployed at number
three… It looks like scene of a play tragedy… but
this hid is actually trying to hide under his toy car. I guess it is safer than hiding under the
actual car or climbing in the bin behind him….safer…but not the way you win. Ah….one person in Utah wanted to win so
badly at number two that they threw safety and common sense to the wind… we have this
11 year old in Utah. Fire services were called when this girl got
trapped in a washing machine during a game of hide and seek. She had to be dislodged by the emergency services
and she looked pretty embarrassed and upset about it, the poor gal! Finally, we have this inconspicuous chap at
number one……. Wait…there is a giraffe there?! NO WAY. What a master of disguise! Apparently this trickster stood like this
for a large proportion of the day as he tried to hide from tourists at the zoo. What a lad. So that was the top 10 hide and seek fails….have
you ever got stuck playing hide and seek or are you a champion at it…let me know….out

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Insane Hide and Seek Fails

  1. Once I was at a sleepover and we played hide and seek, and Gracie hid behind the curtains (and we all saw her), but then when we came back to get her after we all had been found, it turn out she had just left her shoes behind there and was hiding somewhere else! XD

  2. i would hide under my bed but not anymore cause my fatass brother jumped on it and it broke while i was under

  3. I feel like a champion at hide and seek. I hid in my dad's old truck that has tinted windows so I opened a small bit of the window and hid under the seats. They couldn't find me until dinner.

  4. One time during a twenty person game of hide n seek, I was hidden for over an hour. Good thing I had my phone…

  5. When I was little, I used to hide in my toy box with the toys. Also, I once hid in the dirty clothes hamper buried in dirty clothes.

  6. Once I hide in a trash bag I got one out hop in it and put a pizza box on my head and then I asked my cousin who was also hiding to put some stuff on the pizza box and I won I was like that for an hour be for It got to boring and hop out of the trash bag and said I'm done and walk out of the room with every laughing

  7. Once when I was playing hide and seek I decided to hide in the shower but accidentally hit the on bottom and got all set in my clothes

  8. One time me and my friend hid in the trunk of my car and it shut and locked so we were trapped for about 5-10 minutes until my brother heard us and opened the trunk

  9. I was the undisputed champion of hide and seek. However my kid brother decided when he was 10 to hide in the dryer at least it wasn't the washing machine cause mom didn't know we were playing when she started the laundry

  10. Once I was playing hide and seek and I hid in a dryer and then my sister was going to turn it on and now looking back at it my mum is my savior and my sister is evil and I'm a stupid kid

  11. Im a master at hide and Seak when we played it outside in our Garden I even climbed up a tree to get on the roof of the toilet house (it wasnt really high so that was good I guess)

  12. Ahhh yes my 4yo boy is the "master" at hide n seek, we start playing & im like sarcasticly, of course, 'omg, where has Levi gone?' 'Hmmm, i wonder if hes hiding in this cupboard' & then the 'master' himself lets out an almighty shriek of laughter, jumps out from his "hiding" spot & says BOO!…. Epic fail son, cute, but fail! 😂

  13. Okay so you find a good spot then when they start to give up find a new spot then let them find you. Then go back to your spot next time

  14. My little sister (2 and 4) once managed to cover themselves in Peppa Pig toys. The giveaway was that the 4 year old kept hissing at the 2 year old to stop poking her. Oh, and once again, their teenie tiny feet were sticking out.

  15. one time I decided to clime up a fallen tree and hid in the dead leaves and got stuck for like a hour and once my brother found me he had to get my dad to help me down and he walked right past me 😏 probably my best hiding spot ever even tho I got stuck.

  16. at my grandparents house there is a 4f deep box of fabric. this was perfect for my very small childhood self. i would wriggle under the frabric, with the lid closed and wait. once i fell asleep and the police ended up being called because no one knew where i was!

  17. Hiya Rebecca, Catherine 50 again. I thought the hide and seek top ten was a good one. Look after yourself love 😊

  18. This is totally off topic of the video but I'm so jealous of Rebecca's body. Snatched tiny waste and great curves. You've got it goin on girl! Stunning!

  19. Rainbow dash 400
    I like the video most amazing top 10
    how about top 10 Monster High characters
    have you guys seen monster high

  20. Me and my friends were playing at in the park at night. So,I was a hider and I hid in a small hole. While everyone was trying to find me I started to chuckle. However, someone found me. But,from then on I was destin to become Hide and seek champion

  21. When I was young, I once hid under the bottom couch cushions because the bottoms came off. I was extremely underweight as well and my mom had no idea where I was hiding. She searched all around our house, in our backyard, and even went over to my friends homes (which were in our neighborhood) to see if I was there. She called my name but I didn't come out or even answer back. She called my older cousins to see if they knew where I might've been, but they didn't know. She called my grandma at work too, she didn't know either. At one point while calling people she actually even sat on the couch but not on the two I had been laying under, and was crying (she had thought I had been kidnapped at this point), and called the police. After about ten – twenty minutes the police showed (we lived in a calm neighborhood with the police station nearby) and began to look everywhere in and out of the house for evidence of kidnapping, but one of them found me under the couch cushions, and I was fully asleep. My mom wasn't happy with me, but I won at hide and seek.

  22. No one ever wants to play hide and seek with me, I end up scaring 'em and when someone does play with me and when they find me I jokingly say "If I can't see you, you can't see me" while closing my eyes! 😂😂

  23. I was playing hide and seek with my friends and they gave up and forgot to get me so I sat in the bathtub watching YouTube

  24. 2:13 – It seems odd that his socks are lying on the floor but what little we can see of one foot peeking out from behind the crocodile is dark blue – like it's still wearing a sock, or possibly even a shoe?
    The giraffe was pretty good. I could see it, but I had to really look.
    This one was fun! More of this sort of lively fun, please!

  25. I hide in between my dryer and the wall (about a foot and a half wide).
    The couldn’t find me for an hour. Literally went in the room like five times.

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