Top 10 Most Beautiful Villages In England You Must See

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You Must See England is the home to many beautiful villages
– some of which are considered to be not only in England, but in the whole world as
well. Always talking about the vibrant city life, we often tend to forget how amazing
the countryside can be and this country proves us exactly that. These ten villages offer something that is
definitely worth seeing – cobblestone streets, stone cottages, medieval squares, castles
and churches, all of these being surrounded by forests and in some cases even the sea.
Not only you will get to taste the local cuisine and the breathtaking architecture, but you
will also be stunned from the view you’ll get! 1. Bibury
Bibury is considered to be not only the most beautiful village in England, but one of the
most beautiful villages in the world as well. It is located in Gloucestershire, in the Cotswold
District. What makes this village that special is the famous architectural conservation area
known as Arlington Row. Here you will find seventeenth century stone cottages with steeply
pitched roofs surrounded by so much greenery! 2. Castle Combe
Located in Wiltshire, the village of Castle Combe has two parts – one on the narrow
valley of By Brook, and the second is on the east, on a road that links Chippenham with
Chipping Sodbury. The whole village is filled with stone cottages and you will feel like
you went back to the medieval ages – you will find a 14th-century market cross, the
13th-century church St. Andrew and a picturesque bridge looking up on Water Street. 3. Lamberhurst
Lamberhurst lies in the valley of River Teise and is a home to the Scotney Castle, which
is considered as one of the most romantic castles in England. The Scotney Castle is
surrounded with moat and from here you can visit the 18th garden known as Sprivers Horsmonden.
It makes the village of Lamberhurst oh-so romantic! 4. Clovelly
Surrounded by dense woodlands and the sea, Clovelly is known for its narrow, cobbled
street which is also the main street in the village and leads to the harbor and Bideford
Bay. All of the houses are painted white and many have colorful window boxes. What you’ll
find here that you won’t see in any other English village is that in Clovelly there
are donkeys that carry goods! 5. Mousehole
Mousehole is a tiny fishing village located in West Cornwall. The village is famous for
its narrow streets filled with shops, galleries and restaurants. Here the cottages huddle
together around the harbor’s inner edge and they’re giving away some old world charm
that will make you want to stay here and enjoy the beauty of the fishing village. 6. Rye
A real medieval gem, Rye is located in Sussex and has a serious charm that you won’t resist.
Cobbled streets, narrow passages and white-colored cottages with flowers and greenery at the
front door is what makes this village wonderful. You will find art galleries, tearooms, pubs,
antiques, book stores and artisan goods and make sure to visit Mermaid Street, famous
for its very old buildings. 7. Hawkshead
Hawkshead is located in Cumbria and this tiny, ancient village has many tearooms, giftshoguest
houses, so medieval and charming! Over the medieval years, the village grew as important
market place and thatnks to that today there are buildings in Hawkshead dating from 17th
century. Cars are not allowed in this village, but there are parking lots in the outskirts. 8. Bourton on the Water
Bourton-om the-Water is considered as one of the most beautiful English villages and
there’s a reason for that – the village has plenty of greenery and the River Windrush
runs through, giving the village an irresistible charm. No matter when are you planning to
visit the Bourton-on the-Water, be assured that you’re visiting one of the most picturesque
villages in the world! 9. Cockington
Located in the English county of Devon, the village of Cockington has a water mill, a
forge and a cricket pitch that back in the medieval times used to be a deer park. There
is also the Cockington Court that holds a rich event program, such as art and craft
exhibitions, and there are also glassblowers and blacksmiths in action. Famour writer Agatha
Christie used to come often to the Cockington Court and perform in plays. 10. Corfe Castle
This tiny village offers tranquility and an amazing view – Corfe Castle is the home
to same called castle, or precisely to the remaining ruins of what used to be a royal
castle in the medieval ages. It is situated on a natural hill guarding the principal route
through the Purbeck Hills. There is also a medieval church that was dedicated to the
murdered Kind Edwards. You can also find shops and pubs!

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  2. I make a statement about wishing these beauties villages stay beautiful and a liberal no response but to call me a bigot and bash my terms.
    Typical ! Maybe when their wive or daughter gets raped and killed they might start to listen to me. Or not.

  3. Mark, you were supposed to call me a bigot not a Racist. However, I am neither. I believe countries have the right to their sovereignty and liberal politicians have no right to give said sovereignty away or import a culture following socio-political plan of lying to promote their cause of takeover.

  4. Really terrible narration and at least three very bad mispronunciations. Why are nearly all these videos so badly narrated by people who clearly do not know what they are saying?

  5. "you will feel like you are back in the 17th century" … yeah right up until some snot rolls past in his 4 x 4 and throws a puddle at you!

  6. Would you guys please check out the vids on the damage mus are doing to Europe. These villages are so beautiful, I don’t want them destroyed. Thank you

  7. Avoiding the subject will eventually cause you to loose your country. Check out what happens at George Clooney’s estate. All I am saying is open your eyes and ears to other opinions.

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  12. I admire England,its beauty and variety of marvelous landscapes. This film is above any expectations: lovely,highly professional and most admirable. Its a living history and at the
    same time in our life span. Real wonder! Best regards! Prosperity. Stas . Ukraine.

  13. What about villages in the north? Robin hoods bay, sleights, Warkworth, Blanchland, Ford,Corbridge, Yarm, Appleby & the picture post card lake District hamlets?

  14. If you want a memorable visit to England stay away from London. Seriously, Madame Tussuad and other 'attractions' are not worth the money or time. @3.25 does she say shitehouses !?

  15. Some of the most beautiful villages are in Suffolk, and rural Essex. Luckily, they get overlooked, so they stay unspoiled.

  16. I have just driven from the south coast to the midlands. Made the sat nav take me all the back routes I’d never have gone along. Lots of lovely villages with old thatched cottages and fantastic places. Shame tourists visiting will never see these as they all go to London. Please go explore all the county. What happened to all the USA tourists we used to get in the 70s? Nice families coming over. Don’t see them now. Please come back. Our country is very safe and our people are very friendly.

  17. I find it very frustrating that the days when my wife and I would go gallivanting around the UK in a car somewhat predated the rise, and further rise, of digital photography and consumer-level HD video. There were so many lovely places whose images I could have captured on an SD card or two.

  18. Another idiotic computer-voiced, poorly written and mispronounced puff piece. Why do they let 5-year-old kids write and narrate these things. "Villag." "Sheep Shed." "cintury." Words repeated inanely. Cripes. And no depth. "Medieval ages."

  19. I must take a journey on my day off around those beautiful villages😍 I love architecture it never enough curious how it built to me❤️

  20. how could you leave out Lavenham suffolk..if you asked 10 people you would have 10 different favourite lists…its personal choice…ps..i won't tell you my favourite only that its in norfolk 😎

  21. Good selection of some of our best villages. I've been to most of them and of course too many visitors can overwhelm them at peak times. We have some weird ways to pronounce place names so I will forgive you. Hawkshead is Hawks Head ..Mousehole is…well difficult for anyone not a local…sort of Mows (rhyme with cows) Ull. Good luck if you ever visit Ravenstonedale and speak to a local. It's not Raven Stone Dale! (More like Rasson Dull).

  22. There's a string of villages going south from Stratford, Burton on the water, Stow on the Wild, Burford and Lechlade ( I may have got them in the wrong order, sorry!).

  23. I've been to the UK three times and the first time I spent some time in London but I also spent a lot of time in the countryside. The other two times I've spent all my time in the countryside and avoided London. I've been to Wales and Scotland but I've never been to Cardiff, Glasgow or Edinburgh. I don't like cities and the people in the countryside are very welcoming as long as you take the trouble to get to know them. Their area may not be the prettiest but you never tell them. You're an ambassador for your country and so you must be respectful of their country no matter what you may think of it.

  24. Aaahhh i love England.. Lived there many years… Them cobble roads def left a mark on me.. I have a big scar on my knees because of them cobblestones hahahah

  25. They are 'pretty' villages, but most are unliveable as the properties are not suitable for 21st century living and have hoards of tourists visitors must make the a nightmare to live in.

  26. No .2 and 6 reminded me of some Saxon towns in Transylvania/Romania/,I don't know why. We have cobblestone streets,churches,museums ,Etc,Etc but the spirit of those places that caught my attention .
    " This realm ,this England " is my dream country I have seen once . Maybe,one day some people come and see the real thing we've got here…
    Thank you !

  27. Englandistan's South Asian/Pakistani/Islamic history and culture is very different to my Anglo-Saxon culture and history… Fortunately as I live in the Antipodes, it will take the political pimps and vermin for mohammeds cult, and the dark age third world, longer than I'll be around too sell us out !…

  28. These villages are also home to the greediest most boring people in England. They never spend money or visit the bar,s , pub,s and restaurant's themselves. They just want YOUR money, over charging for bad quality and service. Horrible places, depressing Sunday afternoon type of working class ex student,s. Back pack,s and flask with sandwiches, greedy people.

  29. Very nice photography. The manufactured voiceover is an irritating disgrace.
    Watch the video with no sound!

  30. These beautiful English Villages of ours are SO BEAUTIFUL, and in fact, TOO BEAUTIFUL, TO ALLOW THEIR DEPICTION TO BE NARRATED WITH (THE AWFUL AMERICAN ACCENT). Americans should have invented their own Language, and never used the QUEEN'S ENGLISH as their Main National Language.

  31. Dad you know that Henry Ford wanted to buy Bibury. And bring it to the Statses ,piece by piece ,and asseble it in the States

  32. I live in London and have never left the city, does anyone have any suggestions of awesome places to go

  33. im an aussie and I know I will never be able to afford it, but if I won the lottery, I would love to move to a nice little thatched cottage in the English countryside and live there, to be honest ive never really be a great lover of England, but after watching this property show called ESCAPE TO THE COUNTRY, I just find picturesque English countryside so amazing and peacefull, I live a very hectic life always rush rush 75hr working week, so retiring to a little English cottage with peace and quite and no traffic, just walking the dog to the local pub etc… along cobblestoned streets would be a dream come true, maybe one day I can make it happen.

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