Top 10 PVC Mobility Drills ALL Baseball Players MUST Be Doing! [Top 10 Thursday Ep.3]

What’s up guys, Coach Madden, official trainer, and today we got the top 10 mobility drills that you can do with
a PVC pipe. Now as a coach I carry a bunch of these in
the back of my truck. All it is is a PVC pipe. I went to Home Depot, they sell these in real
long sticks, and then I cut these out about five or six feet, I don’t remember exactly
how long I cut them but you can see it’s a little bit shorter than my full wingspan and
I carry these because we use these to do mobility drills before we start practicing or throwing
or whatever it is; because there are many things that you can do with these to get warmed
up and to increase your mobility as a baseball player. So I’m going to go through the top ten mobility
drills that we use with the PVC pipe: Number one is full passes or what we call full passes. All you’re going to do is grab the PVC out
as far as you can and you’re going to go over your head all the way to your back, back to
your stomach, back to your back. We usually do about ten of these, not too
fast but not too slow just getting those shoulders warmed up and loose. Now you want to try to get as close as you
can on the PVC pipe for guys more flexible they may be able to get closer but at some
point you get to a spot where you can’t go like I can’t go that close. So you got to find that spot that works for
you and as you get better with it you can get closer. For me it’s pretty close to the end, for some
of these young players they can get a little bit closer. Obviously they’re not going to have as long
of a wingspan as coach would as well. Number two is side passes: same thing as full
passes except we’re going to start with one arm. So let’s start with the right arm this time
we’re going to go over to the back and then around; so side pass the same thing with the
distance of the hands on the PVC and find that good spot and you’re just going around
then you could reverse it and lead with the other arm. Number three is an external rotation stretch
all you’re going to do is grab the PVC pipe down at the bottom, let it lay down your forearm,
bend at the elbow, grab the lower part of the PVC pipe, get your arm into kind of an
L let that shoulder trackback and then you’re going to pull up with the lower part. You should feel a real good stretch in that
shoulder. Obviously you want to do both sides. Number four is going to be twists: You’re
just going to get this pipe behind your back, stick it between your elbows, get a good athletic
position and we’re just going to twist at the waist getting it loose. You may feel your back crack a little bit;
good having good posture, good thoracic extension which just means keeping your chest up, keeping
your head in the line, getting it loose. Number five is good mornings: You put this
PVC pipe on your back I’m going to get into an athletic position, chest up, butt out and
then we’re just going to lean forward keeping our legs straight, we’re not trying to really
bend at the knees till you feel a good hamstring stretch, back up down, back up. You don’t want to be looking up the whole
time, like this putting a strain on the neck you want to keep your neck and
spine in a straight line. Number six is the forearms: You are just going
to grab the PVC in the middle and give a nice twist with your elbow into your side; you’re
going to feel it throughout the forearm in the wrist and elbow. Number seven is bent twist: We’re going to
throw the PVC back on the shoulders, we’re going to get a little bit wider of a stance
bending the knees; go posture and then we’re just going to create an angle to twist that
then we’re going to act like we’re trying to touch our left toe with the right side
of the PVC pipe and our right toe with the left side of the PVC pipe. Alright, for number eight I’m just going to
sit down, I’m going to sit down on this base because I don’t want to get too dirty right
now and what we’re going to do first is tilt. You put the PVC on your shoulders, you’re
going to lean back and then we’re just tilting side to side. For number nine we’re going to stay in the
same position what we’re going to do twist instead of tilt we’re going to twist. So we’re going to lean back and get a twist
and the last of the mobility drills that you could do with your PVC pipe is going to be
a last stretch. You’re just going to grab the PVC at the top,
sink your butt down and back and really stretch those laps. You should feel a good stretch right through
here, then after a couple seconds you can switch your hands, move your left hand to
the top and do the same thing. You’ll feel a little bit different stretch
on the sides when you switch your hands. Hope you guys are liking these top ten Thursday
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14 thoughts on “Top 10 PVC Mobility Drills ALL Baseball Players MUST Be Doing! [Top 10 Thursday Ep.3]

  1. I have a question when I play catch my elbow Hurts do you have any tips to stop that thanks. great video by the way.

  2. Hi, I'm a college pitcher. I started doing full passes and side passes from watching your snapchat videos. I've been doing them with my teams Body Blades. It's a great drill and feels amazing to do.

  3. Hi, I was told that my lower body needed to be more explosive on my delivery. However I feel the more force I use in my lower body, the less control and balance I have. Is it a matter of poor mechanics on my part, or is this more of a preference to keep your lower body less engaged? I have a good load and my hips are closed, however it's only when I push off my back leg to deliver my pitch, all my problems appear. I want to make sure because I don't want to continue with bad mechanics. Thanks.

  4. I'm loving your videos man… I'm not exactly a coach, but I help out during practice and in using your videos in the workouts. today, the boys smashed the other team 14-1! so it's doing something right

  5. I have yips. My season didn't start yet and as a pitcher i have a great rep that i dont wanna blow. My arm keeps turning before release uncontrollably. I have a 3/4 arm slot and i have no idea what to do. Help please🙏🏼. I cant embarrass myself this season and blow my reputation

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