Top 10 Scary Rouge The Bat Facts

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Scary Rouge The Bat Facts #10 Flight
Due to the fact that she has bat in her name, it makes total sense that Rouge would have
the ability to fly. Using the wings on her back Rouge cannot only
just achieve flight, but can also manipulate her decent so she can glide in gracefully. You can imagine just how much this comes in
handy when swooping in on her enemies. Nothing would be more terrifying than getting
snatched up by this giant anthropomorphic bats claws and then being flown away. While flying Rouge the bat can actually move
even faster than Knuckles can at simply gliding. Her wings also assist in any and all aerial
attacks to strike her opponents no matter where they are. #9 Team Dark
Rouge is not just a spy and freelance treasure hunter, but she is also a member of Shadow
the Hedgehogs team dark. Although her motivations are quite often called
in question, she is known to set aside her personal wants to assist Shadow in achieving
his teams objectives. In Sonic Adventures 2 and Sonic Heroes the
two worked together for missions, but that’s about it. They aren’t best friends though, more business
partners. This is scary because having a partner in
Shadow the Hedgehog makes for a very powerful ally on the side of Rouge. Rouge the bat alone can be scary at times,
but the fact that she has made alliances with powerful hedgehogs just makes her that much
more dangerous. #8 The Jewel Thief
Not only is Rouge the Bat a jewel thief, but she also works as a government spy for GUN
and the united federation. She is such a good thief that she was even
able to train Emerl to become a master jewel thief. We should be scared of this because with Rouge
The Bat also seeking out the powers of the master emerald and chaos emeralds all for
her self could mean disaster. She will do whatever it takes to get her hands
on everything that’s shiny no matter what law or friendship she has to break. Because of this she is often at odds with
Knuckles the echidna. #7 Bat-like Hearing
Although she has supersonic hearing, Rouge the bat really dislikes loud noises especially
things that hit the ultrasonic range. Her level of hearing is far beyond the average
human. Her hearing is more akin to that of real-life
bats, it even lets her hear characters like Espio who is a ninja and expert in stealth. This poses a real problem for any and all
enemies that are attempting to sneak up on Rouge thus stopping any elements of surprise. #6 Trained Kickboxer
Not only does she have superpowered hearing and flight abilities, but Rouge the bat is
also a very skilled and highly trained kickboxer. As such this is her main form of fighting
against enemies. Her aerial abilities in combination with expert
kicking spell serious trouble for any enemies that are grounded. Not to mention she has enhanced agility that
makes for some very dangerous high kicks, sidekicks, and a vicious spinning kicks. Using her kicks she can strike with deadly
precision and efficiency. Rouge the Bats kickboxing skills get very
scary when she launches herself into the air and comes down spinning feet first like a
spear. #5 Dummy Ring Bombs
Rouge the Bat doesn’t just have a strong amount of personal abilities, but she also has a
powerful arsenal of equipment. One of which is called the Dummy Ring Bomb. Rouge uses the dummy ring bomb to paralyze
her opponents for a brief period of time. When an enemy comes into contact with the
dummy ring bomb the ring will then explode causing an electrical field to spread. This does three things, not only does it paralyze
and damage the enemy, but it also gives Rouge the upper hand to just kick any enemy into
oblivion. #4 The Hacker
We’ve spent most of this list talking about fighting abilities and weapons that would
scare you from Rouge the bat, but one thing we must note is her level of intelligence. Rouge the Bat is an expert level computer
hacker something shes used many times in the past. Due to her charming nature Rouge has been
able to trick people such as Dr. Eggman in Sonic Adventures 2 where we saw her take full
advantage of this skill to hack into his computers. Plus she was able to break the codes within
a record amount of time which yielded successful results. Needless to say that even without her charming
abilities Rouge could sneak into any enemies base and shut them down from the inside via
her advance knowledge of computer hacking. #3 Super Strength
Rouge the Bat not only is an expert kickboxer, but she also has super strength that makes
those kicks hit that much harder. Shes been able to hold her own against her
enemy Knuckles with a fight between the two even coming to a stale-mate which is impressive
on its own. Plus combined with her power of flight Rouge
has shown that she could carry both Shadow and E-123 Omega as well. Her level of strength is so crazy that Rouge
can actually shatter boulders, chop through metal and even dent a thick steel wall with
just a kick. If her kicks are precise enough its theorized
that she could most likely split her enemies in half or even cause a small earthquake to
trip opponents. #2 Heart Bombs
Another dangerous arsenal in Rouge the Bats corner is her Heart Bombs. Rouge utilizes the heart bomb to destroy her
enemies. Its such a powerful tool that its even been
found capable of blowing up glass and walls. In Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 Rouge the Bat used
the heart bomb and her bomb sniping techniques to seriously damage her opponents. We don’t know about you, but the fact that
Rouge the Bat also has bombs in her inventory makes this Sonic character that much more
terrifying of an opponent. #1 Manipulation
This has to be the number one scary fact about Rouge the Bat, because well all of her abilities
would never reach their fullest potential without the magnitude of manipulation that
she has. Rouge has used her good looks, charming personality
and overall selfish intentions to manipulate some of the smartest people in the Sonic Universe. In fact Rouge the Bat was able to fool both
Shadow and Dr. Eggman as previously mentioned into thinking she was willing to help them. Both of which are said to have an IQ of 300,
but when it comes to Rouge the Bats wants all intelligence is thrown out the window
and they are essentially at her beck and call. And that has been the Top 10 Scary Rouge The
Bat Facts. Thank you so much for watching and if you
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  1. How much you are stupid rouge love shadow and she like him like boyfriend and shadow love her like girlfriend!That this becouse they don't have sex in games not mean that they don't love eachoder

  2. Bro everyone know's all of this bro!But i don't like part where you say something like rouge guard shadow!No yea shadow will lose becouse he can't kill laide!He will let her hiting and hurting him but rouge never will do that!

  3. This doesn't really make her scary it just makes her more of an AWESOME character as well as making her the most powerful character EVER think about it with all those abilities she is unstoppable huh I guess that does make her pretty scary but only if your on her bad side I guess.

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