Top 10 Shocking Cable Facts

Welcome back, nerd squad. Today it’s time to talk about one of our
favourite time traveling mutants, Cable. Who oddly enough is a weird mutant because
although he definitely is one and is so involved within the world of the X-Men, we don’t
think of him all the time as such. Most people who are just learning about Cable
might be surprised to even find out he has psychic-based superpowers primarily. That’s likely because he just has so much
going on. He’s a time traveler who is known for his
combat skills, with a cybernetic eye and arm. But don’t get distracted by appearances
because with Cable there is so much more to him than just how he appears. Today we’re going to uncover some of the
more startling and generally overlooked facts surrounding him as we count down the top 10
shocking facts about Cable. Both about him physically and mentally. Be sure to stick around till the end of this
list where I will have some bonus content your way. Alright, let’s get counting. 10
Techno-Organic Virus For those of you who are joining us after
just learning about Cable through his appearance in Deadpool 2, there is so much you need to
know. And so much that might shock you to learn
when it comes to this anti-hero. One is that his robot arm and eye are not
just cool replacement cybernetic prosthetics. They are actually a part of Cable. His arm and eye were transformed as a result
of the techno-organic virus which has been attacking his body since he was a baby, and
which he uses his powers to fend off because if it took ahold of him fully it would kill
him. It’s actually part of the reason why you
don’t get to see his psychic abilities used as often or get to see how powerful they are. Because he’s often busy using them just
to keep himself alive as he holds back the techno-organic virus. 9
Demonic Ritual Nathan Summers, aka Cable is the son of Madelyne
Pryor and Scott Summers. And well, kind of Jean Grey, though she was
more his adopted mother than anything. Madelyne, Jean’s clone, was his biological
mother. Jean was given memories of raising baby Nate
during a fight with Madelyne, which helped her feel like and basically become his mother. Which was good cause Nate’s natural mom,
Madelyne ended up going crazy as a result of Jean’s return and learning that she was
a clone of Jean created by Mister Sinister. In order to get more power, after being seduced
the darkside within her and demons, she agreed to sacrifice baby Nate in a demonic ritual. Fortunately her attempt was stopped. However later Apocalypse would kidnap this
baby and infect him with the techno-organic virus that would plague him for pretty much
the rest of his life. Side note: everyone wanted a perfect baby
Nate. Sinister’s whole reason for creating Madelyne
was to get her to breed with Scott and as a result create the perfect mutant offspring,
baby Nate. 8
Super OP Version In the Age of Apocalypse alternate universe
of earth-295, a version of Cable exists in Nate Grey, who is also kind of technically
his alternate-universe-half-sibling. Nate Grey was made by Sinister in this reality
using genetic materials from Jean Grey and Scott Summers. The major difference between his origins and
his half-brother, Cable’s is that he was made from the original Jean, not her clone
and he was never exposed to the techno-organic virus. As such, Nate Grey is one of the most powerful
mutants to ever exist often going by the name X-Man. I imagine if there was a classification above
omega-level, he’d be that. But for now we’ll just have to settle with
him being considered as Omega. He is an insanely powerful psionic mutant
with telepathic and telekinetic abilities. He is immortal, can reality warp and has even
been shown to be able to bring the dead back to life. This is likely what Nathan Summers could have
been like in terms of his power levels, had he not contracted the techno-organic virus. 7
Has An Evil Clone Nathan has an evil clone known as Stryfe. In fact for a while Nathan actually thought
he might have been the clone and the villain Stryfe was the original Nathan Summers, until
Mister Sinister revealed otherwise. Beyond that people also thought that for some
time that Cable was actually evil. Not only was he originally this very mysterious
character in the comics but even after we’d got to know him a bit better he was originally
suspected of being the one behind the assasination attempt on Charles Xavier. However it turned out that this was a ruse
of Stryfe’s who had impersonated Cable to make him look bad and had actually made the
attempt on Xavier by shooting him with a bullet that infected him with the Techno-Organic
virus. In the end Cable and the rest of the X-Force
came together and managed to save Professor X. 6
Was His Evil Clone (Sort Of) It all boiled down to a big showdown between
Cable and Stryfe at the end of the story arc we were just talking about in the last point,
called X-Cutioner’s Song, with the attempted assasination of Charles Xavier. Stryfe ended up being defeated by Cable when
he pulled him into a time vortex. The unfortunate thing is that Cable also got
pulled into that time vortex. However Cable managed to survive. And Stryfe died. At least, we thought he died but what really
happened was although his body perished, his consciousness was basically merged with Cable’s
resulting in him continuing to exist but within Cable. 5
Omega Level Telepath Especially if you have discovered the character
of Cable through another form of media, other than comics, you might be surprised to hear
this fact. Being the biological son of Jean Grey’s
clone and the adopted son of Jean Grey herself, Nathan’s telepathic powers are off the charts. We don’t seem him flex them as often as
his combative skills however because the techno-organic virus requires him to invest some of his telepathic
and telekinetic strength just to keep it at bay but when he does decide to use them, even
though they are both restricted, it’s amazing what he can still accomplish. Telepathic feats include being able to tap
into the mind of everyone on the planet, repairing years of brain damage within Deadpool’s mind
and defeating hundreds of militia just by influencing them to not fight them instead. Emma Frost was barely able to shield a conversation
from Cable even while using Cerebro, that’s just how powerful of a telepath he is. 4
Almost Defeated the Entire Avengers Team During the 4 part mini-series, Avengers X-Sanction
which happened right before things got crazy in Avengers vs X-Men, Cable vowed to take
on the Avengers who he believed would be responsible for killing Hope Summers, his adopted daughter,
in the future. Killing her in the future. She’s not from the future. Well, she’s kinda from the future. Sometimes. Anyways, Cable ended up capturing two of the
big team leaders, defeating them in combat. Namely Captain American and Ironman. Pretty impressive, especially considering
that Nathan was dying at the time as the techno-organic virus fought to fully take over his body. In the end however Cyclops and Hope convinced
Cable that this wasn’t the right move, freed the Avengers and cured Cable fully of the
techno-organic virus with a little help from Hope’s access to the Phoenix flames. 3
Young Again Cable has been young a few times in the comics. He continues to have this serious case of
the Benjamin Buttons that most people are not a huge fan of. People tend to like old, grizzled white-haired
Cable better than young grizzled also kind of white haired Cable. I personally like both. Currently in the comics, we appear to be stuck
with the young Cable who you will notice appears in the Dawn of X relaunch in titles like Fallen
Angels, X-men and his own series, Cable, volume 4. Which by the way, recently came out on March
11th, if you were interested in checking issue #1 of it out. Young Cable actually killed his older self
after the two clashed over what to do about some time-displaced younger X-Men. 2
Cured Himself Cable has been cured of the techno-organic
virus a few times, but one of the most astounding times that this happened in the comics was
when he cured himself of it. The cure for Legacy Virus had reportedly somewhat
weakened the power of his infection and when that happened, Cable took this as his opportunity
to fight back. Concentrating, he was momentarily able to
rewrite his DNA and remove the virus from him. Yeah, that’s right. He was able to rewrite his DNA. That’s insane! Also what a 90s story this was. 1
Future Cannonball?? The character of Cable was originally created
by Rob Liefeld and Louise Simonson. The idea behind the character in terms of
what they were tasked with creating was just a man of action, someone who could act as
a foil to Professor Charles Xavier, his parallel opposite. Thus the mysterious time traveller from the
future, Cable was created. Originally we didn’t know a lot about him. And it was writer Chris Claremont who came
up with the idea to make him a future version of baby Nate Summers, Maddie and Scott’s
baby boy, but all grown up and raised in the future. Liefeld actually had a different backstory
in mind for the character and didn’t like the idea of him being Nathan Summers originally. His plan had been to make Cable the mentor
of Sam Guthrie, Cannonball. It would later be revealed that Cable was
actually Guthrie from the future. This is supposedly the real reason why Sam
Guthrie was made an External, helping to explain how powerful his future self was and would
become. And likely also why it was never really brought
up again later in the comics that Cannonball was so powerful. In fact Cable himself would later state that
Guthrie being an External was nothing more than a rumour and that there was no truth
to it. Retconning the power-level Cannonball had
once been stated to be at. Thank you so much for watching, nerd squad. I hope you enjoyed this list. What are some of your favourite Cable storylines? Who is your favourite time traveling mutant? Do you prefer young or old Cable or do you
prefer X-Man or Stryfe? Let us know your thoughts in the comments
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