Top 10 Total Bar Exercises EVERY Baseball Player MUST Be Doing! [Top 10 Thursday Ep.4]

What’s up guys, Coach Madden, official trainer, and today I got the top 10 exercises that you could do with your Total
Bar. First of all, what is the total bar? This is a total bar, it’s just a piece of
equipment that pitchers and baseball players or anyone trying to strengthen their shoulder
use this to do so and basically it’s a stick that is flexible and bounces. It’s got some weighted ends so it helps with
the balance, has got a nice grip in the middle here. I’ll leave a link below where you can get
this, I bought this off Amazon. If you’ve got Amazon Prime it comes like this. So I’ll leave a link below where you can get
that at, they also sell one called body blade that’s a more expensive version of this; but
I’ll tell you what, this does the job same thing I’ve used the body blade before and
I use this and does the same thing for a way cheaper price. So I’ll leave the link below but let’s get
into it. Top 10 Exercises you can do with your Total
Bar: First one we’re going to get up into that
goal post position where we got a 90 degree angle and then we’re just going to start shaking
it. I like to put my hand here to kind of support
and then we’re just going to start shaking this thing as fast as we can get it moving,
go for about 15, 20, 30 seconds. So you feel that burn. Number two we’re going to tuck that elbow
into the side here we’re going to get it moving back and forth side to side. Number three we’re going to raise it out to
the side and go up and down with it sometimes you’ll notice the up and downs start getting
circular and if that’s the case you want to stop and then get back into it. Number 4 we’re going to go straight out to
the front same thing moving it up and down. Number 5 we’re going to go across the chest
up and down this one’s a tough one. Number six we’re just going to go by in the
back here we’re going to go up and down Number seven we’re going to be in that goal
not in that upward goal post position but we’re going to let that fore arm drop parallel
to the ground but keep our 90 and shake it up and down. For number eight we’re going to get into our
rocker position or as if we had already taken our stride in the pitching delivery we want
our heels to be in line. We’re going to bend into it; then we’re just
going to go through our full pitching delivery with the total bar. I like to block off with the front arm; start
in the power position here with the back turn keep it balancing and come back up if you
do a couple passes on this. For number nine we’re going to stay into that
rocker position and then we’re going to get into our scap load right here pinching the
shoulder blades together and then we’re going to go up and down and Last but not least we’re going to tuck the
elbow into the side, we’re going to put the palm facing up and we’re just going to make
this thing bounce up and down. I hope you guys are liking these top ten Thursday
videos, if you like this one please give me that thumbs up real quick don’t forget you
can get your total bar at the link below I’ll leave it in the description and if you’re
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velocity check that out right now, please you’re not going to regret it. Also leave me a comment in the comments below
and let me know which of these total bar exercises were your favorite and let me know if you
went and got one and you’re going to start using it all right. I’ll talk to you guys in the next video.

14 thoughts on “Top 10 Total Bar Exercises EVERY Baseball Player MUST Be Doing! [Top 10 Thursday Ep.4]

  1. why did you upload korean version??your korean is very strange… you use the google translator in my think….doesn't??

  2. Hi I am the guy that you responded to in the 3 hitting drills you should never do video and this video was helpful and awesome thz

  3. Thx for posting this video. I am wondering from what age you recommend doing these exercises. I'll try to get a hold of a bar here in The Netherlands.

  4. I'm 14 and my coach wants me to start placing the ball inside and outside. He said that it depends where my left foot lands. (I'm a RHP) I have no problem throwing outside to a right handed batter, but it's the inside that kills me. I either leave it way outside or hit the batter. Is this because my foot landing is off? What would I do to fix this?

  5. Hey im a 11 year old pitcher. I want to know some of the best pitches i can throw at my age and how to make them work.

  6. Picked up one for my son who is 12 years old. The batting cages had them for use during their strength/conditioning classes so I was curious about the bar already. Thanks for the video. A couple of questions…

    – How often should he do this routine?
    – Should this take the place of resistance band shoulder drills on those days or compliment them?

    Thanks again

  7. The body blade brand won't start going in circles because it is flat (like a blade), but every thing else is the same between to body blade one, and the off brand

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