Top 3 Mistakes Defenseman Should NEVER Make in a Hockey Game

It’s coach Zac, head coach here at 247 Hockey,
and these are the TOP 3 MISTAKES that defensemen should never make in a hockey game. One: You never make a blind pass through the
middle of the rink. What do you thinking? You don’t make blind passes through the
middle of the rink. That’s the last place that you throw the
puck. If you don’t have options, if you don’t
know what to do with the puck, make a smart and safe play. Don’t throw that puck through the middle
of the rink blindly without knowing exactly where it’s going. Two: Do not try to poke check in a 1 on 1
situation, and just go after the puck. Don’t stare at the puck, don’t worry about
the puck. Stick on stick, body on body. You want your eyes right here on that forward,
on that puck carrier, because you have to take care of the body, alright. If that puck gets around you without the body,
no one’s going to score the goal. Focus on the body first. Poke, poke, poke. Weak play. Poke check is a weak play if you’re
not focused on that body. Sure, you want that stick on the puck, but
you got to have the eyes on the body, you’re focused on body on body, and the body is the
most important thing. Don’t sweep for that puck, don’t only
go for the puck. You got to be responsible for the body in
1 on 1 situations. Three: Stop thinking that you need to go end
to end with the puck to be an offensive defenseman. Being offensive defenseman doesn’t mean that
you need to rush the puck end to end, alright. Headman that puck, join the rush when you
have a player and a forward who’s in front of you that’s open, headman that puck. Move the puck quick. The slowest way to get the puck up the ice
is to skate it. So, if you have that open player, move the
puck quick, and then continue to skate to join that rush. Don’t think that you have to be the one
that rushes the puck all the way up the ice, end to end every time, cause what’s going
to happen for every one time you do it, it’s going to take you 20 or 30 tries where
you’re turning the puck over, where you’re getting the puck knocked off your stick,
and then your team’s losing momentum, you’re becoming a defensive liability, and it’s
not working. So move that puck, get that puck up to the forwards,
and then use a give-and-go, follow up the rush as a trailer, and that’s how you become
an offensive defenseman. It’s not because you’re rushing the puck
end to end every single time. You’re going to cause way too many turnovers,
and you’re going to be a defensive liability. I hope this video helped you, but we’re
just scratching the surface. If you want a list of all the keys that it
takes to be the lead defenseman, a list of everything that you need to focus on to be a top-level
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defenseman make in a game if they should never make. This is coach Zac. Keep training hard.

53 thoughts on “Top 3 Mistakes Defenseman Should NEVER Make in a Hockey Game

  1. You can poke check without putting yourself in a vulnerable position (reaching/lunging). Hard to imagine obeying a hard-and-fast rule to never poke check.

  2. great vids as a defenseman I found the video valuable especially the 1 on 1 poke check I always thought to like because the body was risky appreciate the videos keep it up

  3. a defenseman should never leave an open man in front of his net… he should always be in between the other teams forward and the goalie and have his stick under the other guys stick and forcing him away from a pass with his body

  4. Get between the goalie and the other team's offense when the goalie is trying to freeze the puck. Don't leave the other team's players free to dig for the puck.

  5. Excellent video! You nailed it. Lots of younger D players lose focus and get mesmerized by the puck, thus forgetting to watch the puck carriers chest. What are your thoughts on when the D should attack or put even more pressure on the puck carrier? I sometimes see kids with way to much gap entering the zone, allowing the puck carrier to get down lower before the D makes their move and applies more pressure.

  6. Yo Zack, do OHL/NCAA scouts go to high school(USA high school) games cause i'm in 9th grade and i'm on the first d- line. Also i was the leading goals scorer in my league .Or will i need to play on a AAA team to get scouted.

  7. Coach Zach. I love what you bring. Refer to your videos often as I put my practice plans together. One thing to add….well Two things. 1) GAP CONTOL!! 2) In prefer to effectively manage your gap, You HAVE to be a strong and Mobile skater!!

  8. This isn't specifically related to this video, but what did you make your older DIY shooting tarps out of?

    I used a tarp in my garage, but unfortunately it's falling apart a bit. I'm looking to go for another DIY solution, since a real shooting tarp is just way too expensive for my tastes.

    Thanks for the great videos as always!

  9. Something I think defensmen should never do in a hockey game is that you should never pass the breakout pass to a teammate that is covered by your opponents when another teammate is wide open on the other side of the ice.

  10. A mistake defenseman make is committing too early. You need to funnel back the step up at the right time. A video with a picture of this would help.

  11. 1) Never make a blind pass through the middle
    2) Don't poke check on a 1 on 1
    3) You don't have to go coast to coast to be an offensive D, pass it!

  12. Hey Coach, last night's Leafs V Blues was a gong show from a D point of view. And by D, I don't necessarily mean the defensemen. That second STL goal was a comedy of errors. I have my thoughts, but you're the real expert. Can you break it down for us, starting at 2:20?  thanks, Coach.

  13. Aside for a few rare exceptions, a great defenseman should never blindly rim the puck around the boards just to clear the zone. It's lazy, careless, lacks vision and is basically, in most situations, a give back of possession to the opposing team. And for those that may say, "What about a penalty kill?," new USA Hockey rules and regs for players U14 and below that play now results in an icing and a defensive zone face-off.

  14. Very interesting pointers. As a defensive defenceman, I try to anticipate the plays BEFORE they happen:therefore I can cut passes and break my opponents play. I also use the boards to clear my zone 90% of the time, keeping my opponents play away from the net. And when I join the rush I always try to be conscious of any opponent behind me, especially if he's got fair speed.

  15. A bad mistake you can make is if there’s a scramble in front of the net and as the defenseman your worried abt the puck instead of the guy on the other team trying to get the puck into your net. Instead as defenseman you should leave the puck and drive out the other team right on their hips and you should let the goalie take care of the puck not yourself

  16. One key is to develop solid and complete edge control to your skating. Two, develop explosive backwards diagonal skating (crossing over) both way with and without puck.. Three never let one man from the other teem in back of you or even to the side of you. If one defenseman goes to the net the other must back him up by staying back. To many D and C league players could careless about staying back making sure they don't get burned to the net. Everyone wants the glory of going up to score a goal. A good defenseman will exercise self control and stay back enough to defend a brake away or pick up a loose puck.

  17. In one on one scenarios, I think it is the defenseman's job to try to block the offensive skater and poke check at some point. I see too many defenseman skating back and giving up a shot. At some point you have to press.

  18. Everything about this channel just screams clickbait entrepreneur but its actually quality hockey tutorials and real stuff. I just can't help but to laugh at the strong vibe it gives off xD

  19. "Do this thing because it's stupid if you don't! If you don't do the thing then you're not doing the thing!!!"

    Why not try explaining yourself rather than just repeating the same thing over and over?

  20. Question: If you've got a 2 on 1 situation, what do you suggest? Me, before the game starts, I'm used to letting the goalie know that if that sitiuation occurs, I'm gonna take the player with no puck and leave the other to the goalie. Of course, I always keep an eye on the puck carrier but try to annhilate any chance of a pass.

  21. Great tips but my non-contact league won't let be focus on the body while playing stand up D…I keep getting penalties…resorting to poke checks.

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