Top-5 Handballschuhe Linksaußen / Rechtsaußen 2019/20

Hello and welcome to a new Top-5 video on! Today with the wing players. What profile do the left and right wing players need in handball? In any case good sprint ability, of course enormous agility, so a very flexible, agile shoe. They need a very light shoe. A lot about jumping, a lot about sprinting. The shoe shouldn’t weigh too much. And this is it – our top 5 for the wing positions for the 2019/20 season. We start here on the site with a newcomer in this range. This is the Crazyflight Bounce. Not been in the top 5 yet, but we find the downgrade of the Crazyflight X, which is a bit softer with the boost damping, well done here. Very direct. The bounce damping is relatively flat with good feedback. The mesh material is quite stabile and still very light. Then we have a classic here. Also in this round here for the third time – the Gel Blade now in the 7th version. It looks a bit old-fashioned, but is still very light from this mesh material, from this fine fabric here, and as a badmiton shoe with an unbelievable feedback, very flat direct sole. So just perfect for light wing players. Then here we have the new version of the Kempa Wing Lite. I have to say, I have never had such a flexible and light shoe before. It weighs under 300 grams in the UK 10, so you can’t have it any lighter on your feet. Of course this is a bit at a loss of stability, even if this is a bouty construction. But also here for flat, for direct feedback, perfect for light players. Then here we have the evergreen – the Counterblast Bounce by Adidas. There’s probably no better mix of stability and agility in this price range. Flat sole, bounce damping, very direct. The upper is no longer a bouty construction, but a wide tongue. Another 10 grams lighter due to a better upper, but more stabil. Still a top shoe in this segment. And here the new Mirage from Mizuno. We also have a bouty construction here. Here we have a heel cage in the heel area, slightly higher cut, which means here in the midfoot area you have high stability with light weight and good flexibility. The Mizuno Wave damping does the rest. Although the Mirage and the Wing Lite are getting closer and closer to the Counterblast, the Counterblast from Adidas has been chosen again this year. We still find the leader in this segment. The others are getting closer. Adidas has to be careful and perhaps give his flagship some updates, but the combination of stability and agility, weight and workmanship is unmatched in this segment. That’s what makes them our top 5 for the wing players in the 2019/20 season. If you have any questions, feel free to visit, our Facebook channel, IGTV and of course our YouTube channel. See you next time.

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