Top-5 Handballschuhe Rückraum Mitte 2019/20

Hello and welcome to a new Top Five video on Today middle back, playmaker what does this position need? Flexible, agile shoes with stability. Many duels, many rallies, many changes of direction, so these are our top 5 for the middle back position. for the 2019/20 season. We start with a newcomer here in the top 5 for the middle back player. This is the Wave Luminous from Mizuno. Actually a shoe for volleyball player, but it combines some things that for middle back in handball in any case also very much, are very important. Flat sole, direct feedback, flexible and agile upper material, yet stable over this Booty construction. That’s why it’s right to be in the pot here. Then we come to NETFIT from Puma. It has been on the market for several years now. Meanwhile no more newcomers in the handball shoe sector, but still a young shoe. Improved from year to year. Now in the great version with very, very high quality upper material with the Velcro fasteners, with which you can anchor the metatarsus and the forefoot again stably in the shoe. Booty construction. Very high wearing comfort. Top IGNITE damping, yet with good feedback. Then here have the cobra. It’s also been on the market for some time now, but we still think it’s top of the range for middle back. Flexible upper material. Very, very light, despite high stability. Has its price. 160 Euro in recommended retail price, but from a damping point of view, in any case, one of the top shoes in the segment, but still very agile. Then we have here one with a somewhat higher damping characteristics This is the Crazyflight X. Also a volleyball shoe from adidas, but in handball also in recent years very successfully. The cushioning, the Boost material, outstanding. The asynchronous sole with a great grip. Perfect fit, slightly narrow cut. I might add that, but especially for the middle back area, good damping, good stability and nevertheless a good agility. Then we have another top shoe from Salming. In the past it was mainly a model for the outside players, the Salming Viper is. Meanwhile in the version that has become a bit more stable, a bit firmer. That’s why we put it in the top five on middle back Outstanding shoe, good one-piece upper, good wearing comfort. Also here a little wider cut, nevertheless also very, very good from the damping point of view. A very strong all-round shoe and therefore for middle back in any case also top suitable. We didn’t make it easy for ourselves, but we still have to say, even if you can’t quite agree with the look. Even if it looks more like a lunar landing shoe than a handball shoe, you have to say anyway what has been built in here technology and also in combination with the properties the NETFIT by Puma is our top shoe for this season 2019/20 on the position middle back. This individual lacing that you can adjust according to your needs combined with this wide velcro fastener combined with a booty construction with high wearing comfort. Top damping, good grip, Top IGNITE damping. It has to be said, the NETFIT by Puma is our top shoe for the season 19/20. for the position middle back. If you see it differently, feel free to write to us. If you have any questions also under, under our Facebook page, on YouTube Channel and of course here on IGTV. See you next time

9 thoughts on “Top-5 Handballschuhe Rückraum Mitte 2019/20

  1. Hallo liebes WePlayHandball Team wird es wie letztes Jahr bei Puma noch eine andere farbvariante geben für den Puma rise xt netfit?

  2. Was sagt ihr zum Asics sky elite?
    Mich wundert ein bisschen dass ihr ihn in der Review für außen und Rückraum empfohlen habt er dann aber nur auf den Rückraum halb Positionen auftauchte und nicht auf der Mitte. wie kommt das?

  3. Hallo, vielen Dank für eure Einblicke!
    Ich stelle mir jedoch jetzt die Frage, ob der Salming Hawk ebenfalls gut für schnelle, wendige Mittelmänner ist, die viel ins eins gegen eins gehen. Im Internet steht relativ wenig über den Schuh und in eurem Review wird auch nicht groß über die Rollenzuweisung des Schuhs eingegangen. Was kann man bei dem Top Schuh von Salming erwarten?

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