Top 5 Lost Baseball Stadiums From the 90s – Forgotten MLB Parks

the houston astros called the houston
astrodome their home from 1965 to 1999 labeled as the eighth wonder of the
world the Astrodome was the first multi-purpose stone sports stadium
however near the end of the Astrodome stration was one of the worst stadiums
but it makes this list due to its architectural significance Arlington
Stadium was home to the Texas Rangers from 1972 to 1993
there is nothing special about this stadium but I had a small community feel
with not much of an upper deck that makes it more fitting to be a baseball
stadium as opposed to some of the generic cookie-cutter multi-sport
facilities at that time like Candlestick Park or Three Rivers Stadium the
Baltimore Orioles home was Memorial Stadium from 1954 to 1991 the stadium
was also used for football but had a nice scenic view during baseball games
and the power alleys in centerfield Memorial Stadium was also known as the
world’s largest outdoor insane asylum Tiger Stadium just had that iconic feel
to it as it was home to the Detroit Tigers from 1912 to 1999 the stadium had
so much history to it and was nicknamed the corner for its location on Michigan
Avenue and Trumbull Avenue Comiskey Park was the oldest major league baseball
stadium when it closed in 1990 from 1910 to 1990 the white sox called the Chicago
Southside Stadium their home Comiskey Park was also known as a baseball palace
of the world which had several unique features like an exploding scoreboard
that featured lights sirens and could shoot off fireworks

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