Top 5 Nastiest Rivalries in Sports – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains the Top 5 Nastiest Rivalries
in All of Sports Everyone has witnessed some heated rivalries
in their favourite sports. But there are some that are more than just
mutual disdain. In some cases, these particular rivals go
out of their way to hurt their opponents in one form or another. Here are the top 5 nastiest rivalries in all
of sports. #5 Most of the NHL. In a sport where fighting is tolerated and
vicious hits encouraged, it’s no surprise that many teams have a problem with each other. Whenever a rivalry happens, tensions are high
and martial justice is doled literally every few seconds. So who hates each other in the NHL? How about Ottawa/Toronto, Toronto/Montreal,
Montreal/Boston, New York Rangers/Boston, New York Islanders/Boston, EVERYBODY/Boston,
Chicago/Detroit, Detroit/Colorado, Washington/Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh/Philadelphia and most notably:
all 32 teams and Gary Bettman. Just turn the TV onto any NHL game and you’ll
most likely find a team playing someone they absolutely hate. #4 The State of Origin
It’s state vs state. Mate vs Mate. The State of Origin is a series of annual
exhibition rugby league games played between players from NSW and Queensland in Australia. This results in the unique scenario of teammates
of a professional team going up against each other in the State of Origin. What’s so bad about the State of Origin? Well apart from the two areas of Australia
vying for rugby supremacy – it’s basically a brawl disguised as a rugby game. The whole MO is to basically hurt your opponents
as much as possible and pretend that you’re actually playing by the rules. Vicious tackles, punches thrown and pummeling
anyone that’s wearing a different coloured jersey, is basically the bread and butter
skill of these games. And this results in … well, it results in
something like this. And it’s fantastic. #3 Galatasaray vs Fenerbace
What happens when most of Turkey supports one of two football teams? And then what happens when both teams are
the most successful in the country, mostly winning their titles and cups against their
direct rival? You get this fixture. What makes this nasty isn’t necessarily
the play on the field, but the fans off it. The Turkish people are masters of intimidating
opposing players and fans. Whether it’s through fireworks, fancy displays,
chanting mercilessly at opposing players in their hotel rooms or just trying to murder
you in the street. Crowd violence and fans being stabbed or killed
for wearing the wrong shirt is quite normal and this has unfortunately resulted in opposing
fans not being able to enter their rivals stadium. They call Galatasaray’s stadium ‘hell’
for a reason. #2 India vs Pakistan
Cricket is usually seen as a gentlemen’s game. But not when these two are concerned. It’s no secret that India and Pakistan absolutely
hate each other, and the political tensions of the two countries are certainly well documented. Rather than go at war with each other (again),
they fight each other on the cricket pitch instead. There’s a political agenda every time these
two teams meet, and should they experience defeat, the player’s lives are at risk from
extremists threatening to kill them if they lose. It’s gotten so bad, that the Indian Government
has prohibited their own players from going into Pakistan for fear of their cricketers
being murdered. Lots of intimidation between players, dirty
behavior, questionable tactics and plenty of sweet chin music, all to get an edge to
win the game. And the pressure to win this particular fixture
is biblical. Ticket requests for this fixture far surpass
any other, and when they faced each other during the 2011 World Cup in India, a 1/5th
of the world’s population tuned in to watch. Should they ever meet in an actual World Cup
final, I guarantee you that all hell will break loose. #1 Boca Juniors vs River Plate. The nastiest rivalry by far is between Argentina’s
two most popular and successful football teams. Boca Juniors & River Plate. They’re both based in the same city, and
similar to the Galatasary vs Fenerbace rivalry, most of the country supports either one or
the other. Players fear for their lives and take their
own safety into their own hands, because the fans, are complete animals that are seriously
out of control. These fans routinely throw flares and objects
at opposing players (including sometimes human excrement) and in a couple of famous cases,
they use pepper spray and tear gas to try and injure the players as they’re walking
out onto the field. That’s just the fans, who by the way, also
have a penchant of stabbing each other in the street. And I’ve not even started about the foul
play on the field. It’s pretty nasty to watch. The fixture is so dangerous for both players
and spectators, that matches are heavily enforced by police and in the famous case of the 2018
Copa Libertadores, they had to abandon the match and play it 6,500 miles away in Spain
because it became too dangerous to play the game in Argentina. Honorable mention goes to the Red Sox vs Yankees
rivalry, the two cities generally don’t like each other and neither do their baseball
teams. Rangers vs Celtic – the Glasgow rivalry
that’s started with a difference of religion and now they hate each other just because
it’s fun. And the Ohio State Buckeyes vs the Michgan
State Wolverines, though it’s been pretty one sided recently. These are what I believe to be the nastiest
rivalries in sports. And I could have mentioned more, but what
do you think? Do you think there are any that are nastier? Have you experienced more hatred than this? Let me know in the comments section below
and remember to like share and subscribe. Obviously. Ninh Ly – – @NinhLyUK

100 thoughts on “Top 5 Nastiest Rivalries in Sports – EXPLAINED!

  1. EDIT: I made a mistake when mentioning the Michigan 'State' Wolverines.
    I am fully aware that Michigan Wolverines and Michigan State Spartans are two different university teams. I don't know what happened there, must have been a slip of the tongue. (Gig 'em Aggies.)
    Also, I'm fully aware that Seattle hasn't officially started playing so there are still technically 31 NHL teams. This WAS NOT a mistake – I'm pre-prepping this for future, as I guarantee some whiny bitch will say '"there's 32 teams" in a couple of seasons time. So I'm sticking with 32. Deal with it.
    Let me know in the comments below what you think the nastiest rivalry in sports is!

  2. I think you may have missed out on Red Star Belgrade vs Patizan Belgrade, often called "one of Europe's most bitter rivalries"

  3. Awesome work
    But I wish you could have show some old footage State of Origin fights
    Those were brutal but awesome

  4. Geelong Cats vs Hawthorn Hawks
    West Coast Eagles vs Fremantle Dockers
    Collingwood Magpies vs Carlton Blues

  5. Currently there are 31 teams in the NHL until the Seattle expansion team, which is set to begin play in the 2021–22 season.

  6. in NHL
    31 teams vs Boston
    Montreal vs Boston (once they have 108 Minute of penalty combine)
    Montreal vs Toronto vs Ottawa
    Edmonton vs Calgary
    Los Angeles vs Anaheim vs San Jose
    Florida vs Tampa bay
    New York ranger vs New York Islander vs New Jersey
    Washington vs Pittsburg
    And More

  7. Nicely done. Although it is just university of Michigan not Michigan State. ( as you noted)I love your stuff. Other honorable mentions: Brazil vs Argentina in soccer/football, Palmeiras vs Corinthians, Corinthians vs every other São Paulo team, Santos, São Paulo. All good stuff.

  8. I would have put Alabama-Auburn in American Football on this list. It divides the state of Alabama, and fans have been known to go over the line on occasion.

  9. Not a very nasty one, but Brewers vs Cubs in MLB. As a Brewers fan I hate it when I go to a game and see a bunch of Cubs fans who have no business being there just to cheer against my team

  10. Collingwood vs Carlton in the AFL used to be a big rivalry, they'd have a fight every time the two teams met but nowadays it's fucking soft as. Everyone are fucking friends, same with State of Origin

  11. you know how the dutch use to blow up stuff at the 31 of december they do that in the stadium aswell


  12. I grew up watching the Detroit-Colorado rivalry. It was crazy to see the pure hatred between the two sides. Hell, anytime a hockey fight happens, I'm there… it's the best part of the game.

  13. Any team playing the Raiders in regular season vs the Raiders

    One slip of tongue and one poor choice of clothing in the Raiders stadium, and you are done for.

  14. – Yeah, Argentina is number one!
    – But it's not a good Top 5.
    – I don't care. NUMBER ONE! Take that Real Madrid-Barcelona!

  15. Senna vs Prost has to be an honourable mention. Or even Hamilton vs Rosberg. Maybe you can do a video of the nastiest rivalries between players?

  16. Another football sports rivalry to add is Red Star Belgrade vs Partizan in Serbia. Since they are both multi sports clubs, whether is the soccer, basketball or rugby team (league and union), the fans go at it hard. It’s been called The Eternal Derby.

  17. Cody at AlternateHistoryHub has a fantastic video about how the Ohio State/ Michigan football rivalry started as a no BS WAR between the two states over Toledo, of all places. No one died, but DANG. Also go Buckeyes.

  18. Indian fans vs Pakistan fans fighting outside their respective takeaways and restaurants in England.

    Ye welcome to sports in the British Empire.

  19. Liverpool vs Man Utd should be in the honourable mentions. And maybe Rome derby (infamous for the stabbings, or "pinchings" in Roman dialect). Another violent derby is Newcastle vs Sunderland, but it hasn't been played in a while since they aren't in the same division anymore

  20. Ok I'm nit surprised to see River-Boca in the top. Really hate fútbol, it is just gangs and mafias.
    In addition, the sometimes get in the stadiums with knives, guns, or forbidden fireworks; police has to check the children because it is well known that they disguise lots of things in their clothes, bags and bodies.

  21. OSU vs Michigan not Michigan state. Furthermore that’s not even the most bitter rivalry in college football, Alabama Auburn is.

  22. Well Ninh….The Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers rivalry is nowhere near as nasty today as it was back in the 1980's. Both teams haven't met each other in the playoffs since 1991. The most memorable playoff series took place in 1986 when Edmonton were vying for their third straight Stanley Cup. The series went the full seven games with the Flames winning which was highlighted by the now legendary "Steve Smith Own Goal". Thirty three years later that series (which felt like a war at times!) is still remembered as one of the best ever.

  23. I think it's absolutely insane that someone would STAB someone over a sport they don't even play. Like wtf, the world is already so fucked up and these people really stab people for cheering for another team? christ these people do not belong is civilized society. This video upset me. 🙁

  24. Nice 👍 video I know one ☝️ that is the Smarllies vs Taalies in Italian GAR, the most Rivalries ever seen in sport history.

  25. Guess what??? Next Sunday we'll have the first River Plate – Boca Juniors since the Copa Libertadores' final (this will be for the "Superliga", the local tournament), and maybe in October we'll have 2 more matches between them for the Copa Libertadores' semifinals.
    If you want a real rivalry, Peñarol – Nacional is the nastiest: in 2000 (or 2001, i don't remember so good) some players of both teams and the Peñarol's coach ended in prison because a fight in the middle of the match.

  26. I have definitely experienced more hate than that stuff. My highschool has a rivalry with the private school and it’s field lacrosse so I get a lot of hate being the goon that takes other guys out of play for the season it’s gotten so bad that we couldn’t finish our game because they all tried to fight me and my team had my back

  27. In the AFL Hawthorn v. Geelong is nasty, as is Collingwood v. Carlton. Barca v. Real Madrid is not called "El Clasico" for nothing.

  28. Part 2 with Roma / Lazio and Celtic/ Rangers?

    Good call on state of origin. Best mates beat the hell out of each other.

  29. An honorable mention should have gone to Steelers/Bengals. The most violent games I've ever seen were between them.

  30. There's a key difference between nasty rivalries and best rivalries. Sporting rivalries still need to maintain the sport. If the players aren't even playing and just trying to injure each other, that's not sport (or at least not the one being played) or if the fans are literally endangering lives you've taken the sport out of it. The best rivalries, to paraphrase a quote from Anchorman, the sides pure straight hate each other, but they never stop respecting one another.

  31. We have too Internacional Sport Clube Vs Grêmio from Porto Alegre-Brazil , is the most nastiest rivalries !

  32. What about the Philadelphia Eagles vs. the Dallas Cowboys? In Philadelphia, if you are seen wearing a shirt or anything that does not have a Philadelphia team on it, you are going to get jumped on.

  33. The Michigan Ohio St. rivalry sometimes called the game, can be the deciding factor for the Big Ten east division and has history. An example of this happened in 1969 when the Wolverines coached by Bo Schembechler upset the Buckeyes coached by Woody Hayes and this started a period know as the 10 year war

  34. if they could, those countries should like fine every single one of those fans, for being such awful people.
    I mean killing because of a sport, that's a fucking joke, those people should straight up just be thrown in jail.

  35. North Carolina vs Duke. Two universities just eight miles away and have had an intense rivalry for decades and oftentimes both teams are highly ranked nationally.

  36. Ninh a video on oldest sports rivalries, please.
    And by the way how many sports do you follow??
    Since you know a lot of sports well, I feel to ask you this question
    ( My guess 20 at least )
    And Ninh by the way England won the third test match in Ashes.
    It was a great match

  37. How do u not say Devils Rangers during NHL before the game started their where 3 fights happening

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