Top 5 Paragliding locations around the world! | Raimy Roams

HI guys, it’s Raimy and we’re gonna talk
about the top five places that I would go paragliding if I could [Music] first up is
Queenstown New Zealand so the highest peak commercial paragliders can go off
of is Cornell peak which is 3,800 feet I’d also like to go here for bungee
jumping aj hackett it’s actually the inventor of bungee jumping and he lived
there so its like when in Rome you know this location is also really cool to go year-round
because there’s a lot of skiing and rafting all of the outdoor fun. Next up is
Makapuʻu sorry if Im butchering the name It’s in Oahu
and if I knew this was an option I would have gone when I went I’ll link that down
below it is 12 miles south of Honolulu the remnants of a volcanic Ridge
Vancouver Canada I’d probably go off a grouse Mountain because you can
either hike up the mountain or you can take a gondola and just go for it I just
I guess it would depend on how much time It’d be really fun to hike up and just
go off the top they do tandem paragliding because I know I would need
a guide for sure Grindelwald Switzerland here you take off the first mountain it
is seven thousand one hundred and ten feet tall you take your glide down a Glacier carved valley over Grindelwald Oludeniz Turkey you
take off of Babadağ mountain This mountain is six thousand four hundred plus feet
tall it’s in the south west of Turkey and you take off and you just glide over
these white sand beaches and you’d look over this giant Cove and it is amazing
Okay guys I hope you really enjoyed this list and I post every Friday and
Saturdays remember to Like and subscribe I post about easy self-care eco
tourism and animals and conservation so I hope you stay tuned for that
and I’ll see you in the next video. BYE!

3 thoughts on “Top 5 Paragliding locations around the world! | Raimy Roams

  1. Paragliding has always been on my list, thanks for the recommendations. Turkey is close to where I live so I'll be checking it out.

  2. Nice,if your ever in the jersey pa area let me know,i could probably get ya a paramotor tandem ride if conditions are favorable 🙂

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