TOP 5 Ways to NUTMEG Your Friends – Learn HUMILIATING Football Skills!

what is up guys pwg here today we’re here with Christopher live from Copenhagen panel house please one of the best street football players and planner players in the world if not the best at least is my favorite he’s going to show us the top five ways to punish your friend Nick we’re going to start off easy take it up a notch but don’t worry guys every single trick will make you look like a box ok let’s get started with the top pipe whoo panel number 5 is easy work it’s a nice honor all you got to do is put your knee on the ball wait for your opponent to lunch bring the ball up the sides back through the legs when you start the movement make sure your foot is next to the ball and you put your knee down for the side of your foot can directly hit the ball as soon as you stand up if you put your knee forwards down there’s nowhere you can go you must have the foot next to the ball number four is the bomb-proof funnel or step on the ball with a weak word bring the ball back with your foot you’re going to roll it forward now because the ball comes rolling forward deployment thinks is can take it so again you switch side with the ball from one side to the other like we did with any trauma step on the ball push back switch through the legs number three the famous and the build kill upon us invented by the build a kazoo so you want to make sure you have the akka down outside inside okay because you’re going to do this I can behind yourself you’re going to drag the ball behind you not between your legs but behind you you’re going to make the akka outside inside he’s going to go for the ball when you make the action outside inside through his legs number two the Kuwait when I visit by a Baba from QA you bring the ball behind you back around a little bit space from your standing foot you’re going to push hard on the ball and back to the opponent’s leg you’re going to push up quickly and bring it back in through his legs and finally number one fauna my signature banner the lead fauna you know you want to learn it this is how it looks do one reverse step over instead of training towards your opponent’s you’re going to turn away from your opponent turn away now when he goes to the ball quickly grab it back to the behind you schools like awesome guys that was five crazy funnels for you to practice I hope you guys enjoyed it what about you Phillip yes I enjoyed getting pummeled I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did if you enjoyed make sure to check out final house the link is somewhere here on the screen also make sure to LIKE comment subscribe and share it with your friends who would enjoy some street soccer skills that’s it for today see you guys next time (translating this video? Add your name here if you’d like the credit!!!)

100 thoughts on “TOP 5 Ways to NUTMEG Your Friends – Learn HUMILIATING Football Skills!

  1. നിങ്ങളുടെ ഭാഷയിൽ ഇതിനെ NUTMEG എന്ന് പറയും പക്ഷെ തനി മലയാളത്തിൽ ഇതിനെ "നട" എന്ന് പറയും 😂😂😂

  2. I'm watching because I have a exam of physical education tomorrow but I like the the techniques 😅😅

  3. Am I the only person that is wondering wth the pattern on the ball is and not paying attention to anything else during the video

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