Bienvenue and welcome to 150 days of
winter if you’re new to this channel my name is Alex I am an opinionated ski
film reviewer and maker vlogger you get the idea and this is the top eight Greg
Stamp ski movies so I’m presuming that if you’ve clicked on this video
you either attracted by titles with a big 8 on them or you know who Greg stump
is if you do not know who Greg stump is he was a very iconic ski movie director
in the 80s and 90s so before we start I think I should explain the rules I’m
only gonna be reviewing great stunt movies that were made between 1986 and
1998 excluding made-for-tv instructional ski movies and anything which was really
obscure and never really got a release in Europe I will be reviewing every film
on two scales plake-ness and stumpyness the first one plake-ness is self
explanatory on the other hand stumpyness is slightly more harder to explain in
the 80s there were two major ski film makers there are Warren Miller and Greg
Stump if Warren Miller was an ice cream he would be vanilla don’t get me wrong I
love me a bit of vanilla and it rhymes on the other hand you have Greg stump
Greg stump is an ice cream it’d be a large banana split multiple flavors
covered in whipped cream cherry on the top sparklers and then doused in petrol
and everything set on fire the more creative and offbeat the movies
are the higher his stomp enos rating goes and so without further ado here are
the top eight Greg stump movies made between 1986 and 1998 excluding made for
TV ski instructional videos and although
obscure films that weren’t released in Europe
enjoy so start off the list and this list we have the good the rad and the
Gnarly one of the first Greg stop movies I ever purchased and yes a VHS the basic
synopsis is the film is that there was a very boring gentleman who as he dreams
he dreams of going skiing and doing all the wonderful things that skiers in ski
movies do skiing moguls skiing through trees not one of Greg Stumps strongest
movies but there is a reason after looking into it I realised that Glen
Plake and Scot Schmidt both injured themselves just before the film is could
going to be made and as he had to make the movie he decided to use footage of
the POV cameras that he was he just bought as he needed to make the movie
the POV cameras gave a point of view of a skier which works perfectly for
someone who is dreaming not one of his strongest movies on a
plake-ness scale there was a big fat zero on a Stumpyness scale I would give
it if I’m being generous I give him a six again it’s a creative idea and as
someone who makes films now I always understand when there is a problem at
the last minute and you have to improvise so that’s from Fistful of
moguls I misplaced my VHS copy of this and there is a good reason if you enjoy
ski movies about mogul skiing and only about mogul skiing you’re gonna love
this movie to a point me back in the day I loved
mogul skiing I wasn’t best good at it I still have my
pair of k2 extremes there were about that wide and I appreciate it fully I’ve
even had the pleasure of seeing Glen Plake ski moguls in Chamonix I remember
after watching this for when it when it first came out and when I’d finished
with it I didn’t really think I want to watch
that again and subsequently that’s why I’ve misplaced the video when I went
back and looked at some footage on YouTube I realized that watching Glen
Plake and Jonny Moseley ski moguls and watching the footage of them ski
moguls I couldn’t help but say in other Greg Stump movies
here’s covered mogul skiing better than this movie I don’t think you need to
devote an entire movie to mogul skiing okay and Glen Plake going
if you can’t ski moguls your crap and things like that which he does very well
on a Plake-ness scale I would give this a really high one he’s one of the you know
if it’s not Jonny Moseley it’s Glen Plake so if you loved limp lake you know
I give it an 8 however on a stumpyness scale I would give it a 5 and purely for
as I said before he is covered mogul skiing in other movies better than he
has in this movie so of course next one up ptex lies and duct tape what can I
say about this movie it’s a very basic ski movie they travel around one thing
this movie has that none of his other ones does it has a lot of interaction
with normal people which is good and it has some amazing powder skiing it has
you know a nice range of stuff one of the major scenes is a trip over to
Europe for some skiers to ski in La Grave and it seemed like it was a bit of
a copy of blizzard of aahhs where you have some Americans and you take them
out of their element and you should take them over to Europe and and it wasn’t
done as well in my opinion there are of course amazing other things those some
his intercutting between black and white industrial footage between things and
talking about avalanches and things like that is brilliant
I love that stuff style if you were to ask me can you highlight something why I
should watch this I would have to say the late Craig Kelly at Island Lake
Lodge one of the great things about Greg stump is that he was one of the first
ski makers to really pull in snowboarders as well as skiers into the
same movie so to summarize really no Glen Plake a
big fat zero even though it’s a really nice ski movie I would give it like
maybe a 6 it’s very normal and that is why that is number six next on the list
groove Requiem in the key of ski what can I say about this really good ski
movie intertwining the first Iraq war with a great range of people as well as
two scenes with Laird Hamilton surfing and windsurfing you have the scenes
intercut with the video footage of missiles being fired and going through
windows and classic stuff from the first Iraq war it is a really good movie
what what more can I say a better than p-tex lies and duct tape as a general
movie no Glen Plake in this film you have to make do with Scot Schmidt and
Dan Donnelly if you wanted me to point out a the one scene in here that you
should should watch if you can watch this basically the heli skiing in Alaska
at the end back then it was relatively new and
there were two scenes they do with seal it’s got the music on it and it is
amazing I mean really it’s breathtaking watching that Scot Schmidt and Dan
Donnaly skiing Alaska really on a Plakeness scale zero Stumpyness again
give him a six maybe even a seven one thing I should point out of course is
and this is me being incredibly geeky okay the soundtrack on this VHS
tape is different from the soundtrack on DVD which I purchased later on which is
slightly strange one of the strangest scenes in here was a an extreme skiing
competition they had in Breckenridge what is strange is nobody’s wearing
helmets and you see people crashing into rocks and things Canada they would have
stolen forced wearing helmets to ski exit to do extreme skiing anyway that is
why this is number five next up we have license to thrill and yes this one Glen
Plake signed for me back in 91 why should you watch this it’s got a lot of
stuff with Glen Plake in it whereas all of the other films that Greg stump has
done he’s travelled around the world this one here I think it’s mainly shot
in Blackcomb and on the Whistler glacier here and that’s about it there may be one
or two other plays but it’s all very North America
everything from Plake describing he’s being pulled over by a cop to start with
to him skiing moguls which he does absolutely amazingly even on a mono ski
it is a great movie and it is if you wanted an archetypal Glen Plake movie
this is it at the start there was a very early snowboarding competition which if
you watch it now looks incredibly dated but it’s still amazing the
tricks that they were doing back then it’s it’s great retro stuff looking back
on it of course people will always say Kim Reichhelm hitting a free that sounds
terrible but if she laughs about it and watching them ski all the couloirs in or
the Palisades I think it is there’s no some most amazing footage of just
great skiing on a Plakeness scale I’d give it a good eight on there
Stumpeness scale there isn’t very much creativity there don’t get me wrong
there’s some great ski footage or whatever
so I’ll have to say creatively wise it’s down a five ah dr. Strangelove no sorry
not dr. Strangelove dr. strange glove oh how I enjoy this movie I watched it
quite recently just before making this it ticks all the boxes really for me it
has a great little story of the evil dr. Strangeglove forcing Greg Stump to make
episodes of extreme world for ski TV with Glen Plake and as the film
progresses Greg stump it tries to find Glen Plake as he is like two steps in
front of them they go to a an old school old stylee Aerial’s tournament they go to
the k2 Factory web where Glen Plake like clears them out of all their extreme
skis they go to like the glenda Championships all these things okay they
end up in the the desert in Mono Lake I think they end up they finished the
film in Mammoth Mountain it’s a great little premise instead of just going we
went here we went there we went there to use this if you ask me for once stand-up
movie moment because it is very silly Plake and Hattrup mono skiing at Mono
Lake in the nude you don’t see anything everything’s tucked in so to speak it is
from start to finish it is great music great footage it’s a it’s an absolute
great ski movie that is why dr. Strangelove is number three I’d say on a
on a PlaKeness scale I’d give it a seven and on a stumpeness scale I would
actually I would actually give this a nine if you ask me because as I say
really creative silly really enjoyable so what video is number two I can
already hear when I say this that people are gonna be typing down in the corner
blizzard of Aahh it’s the best bloody ski movie ever made and you know what I
would agree with you I would agree with you 100% the blizzard of Aahhs is one of
the best ski movies ever made not going to deny it and so why is it at number
two it’s a great movie it has a great premise of Scot Schmidt and Glen Plake
heading over to Chamonix and the skiing they do there is mind blowing the couloirs
everything like that it’s yeah I literally cannot put a say a bad thing
about it you have a young Glen Plake there as a Greg Stump movie and as no
disrespect I would say it is very Warren Miller esk there is very little
craziness wheel of destruction is the only thing that really comes to mind
that is why it’s at number two really I could go on and say how great the movie
is and it is it it has a Plakeness scale of ten because it basically is
about him as a movie Stumpeness I say very normal okay
and again vanilla it’s a great movie and I would give it a five and I can already
hear you guys typing in the comments down below how dare you what film is
better than that Maltese flamingo why is this film better than all the rest eh
it was one of his very early films it has a level of creativity off the scale
I imagined back then his budget wasn’t huge he has some great sections where he
deals with tree skiing mogul skiing extreme skiing I think they had the last
section is dune skiing where they’re skiing in like the deserts on a sand dune
you there’s even a skateboarding section they go and look at every young
skateboarder called Tony Hawk I wonder if he ever a mass to
anything anyway it for me is as well as having skiing you have the stop-motion
sleeping bags the bag verms it’s just for me it is an excellent example of his
work this film and Blizzard of Aahhs are two totally different films okay in the
same way that if you look at other directors when they make two totally
different style of films people will say well this one’s better than that one I
think as something that highlights Greg stumps abilities his creativity his
style this one beats Blizzard of aahhs any day as a general film
blizzard of aahhs is better but for something the show’s stumps creativity
and it’s from watching films like this that got me into making films about
skiing without Greg stump there would probably be no 150 days of winter I know
you’re pretty write and complain to him of course if you disagree with me and
I’m sure I’m sure you will leave the comment down below and of course you’ve
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again everybody’s opinion and that is it and on that note I will see you in the
next video ciao


  1. Thanks for the fun review. That's actually Davey McCoy (not Hattrup) monoskiing in the buff with Plake in Strangeglove. 🙂

  2. Showing my age I know – but this review is just the best! Esoteric, Sardonic and Seriously intellectual all in equal measure. Plakeiness and Stumpiness – absolute genius! Alex – have you found your summer vocation?

  3. very nice job you brought back memories- tell Greg thanks! his late 80's movies inspired me and my ski brothers to move away from Minnesota and go out west and find jobs in Colorado ski towns so we could ski 100+ days a year…… 2001 I went to Alaska, bought a sled, still here today. Thanks Again Greg! wow Alex nice review vid, Have a great riding/skiing Season! (ever need couch in Alaska to crash on for a weekend hit me up) Maybe its time for a REMASTER the old vids? heck better then a Live album lol

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