Top Baseball Plays of 2018

Singer high fly ball Mike Trout you gotta get it out of here
I mean at this point how many times have you seen him do that I mean it’s become
an art he knew exactly how much time he had where the wall was he took his time
I don’t know who doesn’t matter him Griffey Torii Hunter some of the greats
man but he’s become second nature for him he’s not boring that’s for sure he
has to laugh at himself at this point the beautiful thing to watch that is
persistence he’s hanging on hoping for a blast from judge 13 he was elated when
he got an errant judge batting practice home run ball has stayed the 13 innings
and is rewarded as judge launches a two run homer to left center that’s a
lifetime memory for that youngster that is hit hard in the air to left been
intending and another loud out this postseason that this Red Sox outfield is
able to haul in what a catch yeah not the easiest position to play when you
got that big green wall right there attendee on the go leaping catch by the
AL East standings out there whoa off the wall and a few feet to go
on the track but a long way to get it going toward the line to his right
the globbit’ made an ounce rojas gets to it throws to third with an
absolute beauty that ball took him in the shallow left field and from his
wallet in one motion throws to third and i don’t know how in the world miguel
rojas did that he was on his back when he made that toss to third base that’s
one of the best offensive plays we’ve seen all season spectacular play on the
cut of the grass in the dirt behind the third-base bag Wow
he does it again the man’s a magician at third base that ball looked like it was
ticketed for left field he doped to his right made the play and from a kneeling
position threw across the infield with a whole lot on the throw to Ryan McMahon –
at the end of the day easily get Alex Blandino that was her play that saved
the tie game little floater into right-center field this ball wanna catch Cody Bellinger makes a
sliding cat Bellinger came over like Superman and made the dive and held on
to here’s the 3-2 to DeShields and the pitch is grounded deep in the hole TD
feels to his feet throws got him piling up play wanna play a hotshot in the
shortstop hole went into a slide got it back in sprang to his feet and fired a
bullet and beat a very speedy runner Wow was that a play this was an incredible
play by Gregorius even Delino DeShields can’t believe it he’s so used to hitting
ground balls like this and beating him out four base hits Gregorius to watch
the slide in the toy he wasn’t even that was throwing the ball as you were
getting up he drives one out into deep left center Elmore back to second and hopefully Albert’s
okay lost his helmet there is a hat in the
process but caught the ball he’s a Lucia well Bobby lost his breath he’ll be
playing a game of anything I can do I can do better
brilliant play last night maybe better here this afternoon Michael Brantley
with a bunt Musgrove one heck of a play oh my goodness that is one of the best
you will ever see by a pitcher Joe must roam how did he do that how did he make
this play he’s doing this how do you not throw balls down the line control right
there that is ridiculous Moscow is a big man he’s not some little
quick guy he’s quick but he’s not little man to get off and make that play that’s
that’s ridiculous and a high fly ball in the right center field long run for Kane
and he leaps to catch the catch is worth the price of admission
has done it again just get on the boat come by Lorenzo Cain up against the wall
with a leaping grab wow you know what you come to expect it from him he does
it so many times high up on the wall but he grabbed it and hung on to it
here we go the youngster has a chance to do some damage in his first start so the
low bold the left see you first pitch first homer first RBIs 3 nothing Mets
gets wet 1 you’re playing tomorrow it’s Washington 3 San Diego nothing
welcome to the major leagues 19 year old and youngest player the big leagues
it’s gotta be a curtain call doesn’t very gums Jones sandy Martinez back will
that find a gap oh crap Martinez crashes into the wall that made the catch that
was one of the better catches JD Martinez has ever made right at the 365
mark what a catch as he slammed it in the wall a sensational catch that’s the
best play he has made in the outfield with the Red Sox and he paid the price
Martinez says timing that perfectly going up against that wall makes a great
play one oh I deep drive at a right field that one carrying way way back
deep to right bets they’re leaping at the wall Mookie Betts made the catch he
caught the ball cookie with a leaping playwright at the
fence on any other time that perfectly I mean he was hit so high that he didn’t
have to rush back for the baseball he could glide back check how much room
he’s got and stand there and get some ups and he done a plenty of ups on that
on this one all he rips one to left on a line in a Cunha lays out and makes the
cat’s Branagh Laconia junior saves a run with a diving play spectacular catch by
Ronald Acuna jr. robbing Hernandez of a hit and costing the Dodgers a run and a broken bat bloop play Jeff McNeil
just keeps outdoing himself he made a great diving grab going to his right
last night and an even better play now go on away and snagging into the webbing
what a play I’ll say great hustle lays out just a great play through down the
pitch a swing and a ground ball up the middle diving play by the young throws
the first and he got him he got him somehow beyond threw kike Hernandez out
bending the inning I thought well he saved a run with the diving play but
scrambled to his feet through on one hop to carpenter the inning is over
and gomber gets out of the inning with a one-run lead ground ball that ball is
going to shortstop right dad Galvez throws and his knees got him it’s his
best play of 2018 and there’s so many to choose from
this ball was absolutely scalded and I thought there’s no chance on that dive
normally does the Sitz live this was the full extension died to his left and
throws from the ground and gets the runner that’s number one for you Fred
numero uno and thanks for the pelipper to watching you play this year no doubt
about not only did he make the play he also saved an RBI George Springer just got robbed that
he’s barking at story you’re gonna see this when he get George Springer with
chips Trevor’s story the business as Trevor
heads back to the dugout what a play by the old star shortstop soft ground ball
right side oh what a play
I say God Olson boy can enter Barea play shortstop
that was some play here’s another look at what Michaels talking about didn’t
even transfer from gloved ahead like a highlight says that he flips it to
forehead gets the ABS but the only way you would have got to look where he’s
coming from from here second base he’s more than
first and and a good stretch by Boyd on the other
end as well how about that play here’s the one oh that’s a lighter in the right
field it’s going to trap in for a base hit
Albert Pujols has done it another milestone for Albert you’ve just punched
your ticket into the 3000 hit Club the fourth player Major League Baseball
history with at least 600 volt runs in 3000 hits
joining Hank Aaron Willie Mays and Alex Rodriguez add Albert Pujols to that list
and what a moment this is for Albert with his teammates his family here Chapman hustling over maybe did he catch the gold in here for Matt Chapman
continues watch this play how in the world does he do it night after night
after night full speed racing and then draping and
almost diving his way on top of the tarp and he backhands the ball and takes it
away from nestling right between the tarp and the seats over there Matt
Chapman he’s going to win the Gold Glove my goodness his second sterling
defensive play at third base that is a spectacular play by Adriane’s at third
pace a dive to his right and as quick as he doe for it is how quickly came up and
threw to second the throw to first in time to get Chapman on target throw at
petit even at second base quick nicely turned by the twins to two popped up
right-center tough play KK Hernandez boy great job by Quique and
nice job by Matt Kemp avoiding him that would not been a lot of fun leading your
team with runners in scoring position hitting one of your best defenders that
can play all over the field beautiful play little gem shot
it’s going to be crap you’ve got to be kidding me
the gold want right now is to assume it’s going to be here
Truvia boat I don’t think there was any chance he was getting to that ball Vader comes in have yourself a knight
Harrison Bader my goodness you talk about closing speed yeah
maybe in the NFL but also the MLB also in the tremendous first step his
reaction to this ball makes this even possible but the speed is just
electrifying he is getting a standing ovation by over 40,000 a sellout crowd
of sadboys Stadium and a centerfield check for incision Center this is
incredible it’s the jump it’s the closing speed it’s the fearlessness to
lay out and make a play for your team it’s incredible how to even see where
the runners were with the hair going all over the place he’s done it before could
no Rob Healy robbed in this inning Red Sox debut is that some debut goodness gracious
and holy cow and maybe today from zero to hero it was a tough game at the
beginning but we came back we don’t give up I’ve been watching these guys when I
was down there in the bushes you know I’m back in that little Georgia and you
know play in front of my family of fans and I said man if I get a chance to do
something I’m gonna try to make something happen I need to make it rain
today and then they see you know look what having great ball two strike count
Tillman’s delivery two unbelievable defensive play there skips over the
glove of Beckham keep moving until the ball is contained and Manny in a spot
you saw make this play so many years at third base on the run full speed going
to the backhand side and then somehow is the ability to make a perfect throw with
a little hair on it there was still a drifting into the stands did
he catch it ever come out we don’t know but he made
the catch played by Tommy love Stella that was by his life it’s in the air a
long time that gives him an opportunity to get over there assess the situation
he’s got some friendlies in there there’s a lot of blue he’s going up into
that they were being all that cooperative here’s a 3-1 drip into deep right-center
field chasing Mariano back to the track near the wall reaches for the Athletics
taking extra bases of an RBI away from the veteran Adrian Beltre Laureano skeleton Beltre he have already done
long homer earlier in the game takes extra bases away from the bedroom one of
the Kuna junior now the youngest player to hit a closed season grand slam both
him and Mickey Mantle did it against the Dodgers franchise Mickey did it when he
was 21 years old in the 1953 World Series against the Brooklyn Dodgers the grandest of all home runs a towering
fly ball to the left field bleachers by Ramallah Cunha and a five nothing
Atlanta lead waltez delivery – a blur lined into center field moving back is
Broxton still back warning track leaps up hits the wall hangs on Keyon Broxton
with another whale of a catch in deep centerfield took an extra base hit away
for sure from schebler jumping up into the air on the warning track baseball
found the glove and then he banged into the centerfield fence and somehow held
on to that baseball what a play by Broxton that’s two really nice defensive
efforts from kion Broxton in this series and Freddy Peralta tips his cap Nick
Ahmed backhands it oh my goodness nibble Medora blob right
now number one I didn’t think he could get to it number two identity could get
rid of it that quickly and number three I didn’t think he had enough arm from
that position to get the ball across the diamond in the air to Goldie big stretch
to the outfield side look where he’s at he’s in an alkyl graft he got rid of
that baseball and it’s like put this possibly be here’s the pitch by Courtney
that ball is driven in left-center field that’s hit a long way toward the monster
and rock down by Jake Marisnick what a possible cat out of nowhere it crashed
against the middle of the Green Monster the out-of-town scoreboard
that’s why Jake Marisnick software what a huge play for to save possibly a bases
clearing extra-base hit by Andruw been intended we could have had a one-run
five what a play by T there is the one one two
Semyon line grant by that’s up on Raya wanna play so they put H in 4d and he
just flashed some Levin a great leap and a great catch
that’s exactly why he’s there what a play by echeverria just tremendous
there’s a line into right-center field splitting Tony
Kemp and Josh Reddick but Wow with a great diving catch out of nowhere
spider-man Red Dog flying from right field to make that play that looked like
it was splitting the gap the whole way absolutely Tony Kemp playing to that
opposite field gap in left-center so it only left Red Dog on an island by
himself he had a long way to go digging for a long time
laying out making the catch that is one of his better catches as an astro here’s
the pitch it’s hit in the air the other way and dickerson nearing the wall and
dickerson leaps dr. dickerson quarry just robbed Kyle schwarber timing his
jump perfectly at the wall in the left-field corner – Rob’s warmer of a
home run he didn’t really did get up high that was gonna easily be back to
maybe even the favorite landed in the second roll one of the great catches by
any left fielder in the history of PNC Park
Maxon has his sign here comes the 2-2 pitch swung on hit hard Seager dives
he’s near the line he’s got at the throw to first it is in time an incredible
play by Kyle Seager he dome on the line at third scrambled to his feet and threw
a rocket to first scoop by Healy and that is it for polar and the Blue Jays
here in the 7th what a play by Kyle the bat is amazing 1o pitch to Taylor
ground ball to third backhanded by moose it’s a fair ball throw across the
diamond oh what a play by Mike Moustakas who
just saved not only one run but potentially three from scoring
got up fired across the diamond and a beautiful pic by hey Zeus Aguilar on the
other end just in time to get Chris Taylor swingin a bouncer third-base side
great grab by Franck oh quick throw across the diamond that’s as good a play as you’ll see well
in a foul territory when he threw I just didn’t think he was gonna have any
chance with the throw when he got to it and he was crossing the line his
momentum was taking him across the foul line a little bit of a jump long throw
from well into foul territory that’s as good as you’re gonna see down there
third and low but own setting up inside the barrel of the bat flew all the way
to the screen and look at this see you later
on a broken bat the bad hit the screen behind the bat boy and Bryce Harper hits
it out of the yard I think Roy Hobbs just hit a home run I know it’s happened
before I’ve never seen it a broken bat home run for Bryce Harper II kidding me
well that’s shocking bat snapped in two and Harper hit at 390 feet to
right-center for his eighth home run of the year and it’s one nothing washing to
the legend gross I do not know what say about that Joe Mauer in the center field
back is Broxton and Broxson leap that makes that catch
kion pulls another one back day after day this guys make it highlight reel
plays perfectly timed his leap he got that a wall jump straight up he’d know
exactly where he was straight up and hold it in
want to play yeah Jennings just got a gift and knows that he’s ready to go so
is Tim Beckham and we’re underway shot the center that’s it hard going back
warning track wall who made the great catch on Chris Davis now comes in and
Rob’s Beckham on the first pitch of the game
well you just sit down as a fan walk first pitch into the ballgame you see
the center fielder Jake cave hustle back and time his leap perfectly and brought
that ball back he drills one out into Center now more back at the world home run he’s made a bunch of them but
that might be the play of the year so far yeah Wow he’s wiling himself if he’s
wiling everybody in this ballpark elmora may have stolen a homerun from Tyler
Flowers he ran back to the centerfield fence it’s eight and a half feet high he
reached up I do believe that glove was above the top of the barrier and he’s
going to turn around look at the big board and locks his magic axe high fly
ball hit toward left-center field ender is on the run to the track to the wall
leaping trial fufufu and her at the last moment leaps
up and takes one away from kingery wanna play to out timed it perfectly by not
getting too close to the wall that might limit his height on the jump wheels and
deals home it in the air centerfield backing up cane
warning track at the wall shots he took one back from Cody Bellinger on a
dazzling catch by Lorenzo Cain and we actually thought it was out of the
ballpark Lorenzo measuring it the whole way able
to leave perfectly time able to grab it and Lorenzo Cain keeps his a one to
nothing game for Wade Miley in the Brewers this is swinging a flyball
left-center field deep trouble Jones tracking it till the wall is going to
jump up jump and we’ve time to jump he was halfway up our defenses the glove
went over the fence and he came back down the ball was in his love one
attached to Toby Jones just a shift on Sanchez well into right field and that
is going to be really hard for red dough to make the play and by golly he did it
way to his right on the move on target to Zimmerman
Anthony Rendon may be his most amazing play of the year
unbelievable range maybe ever card but do you want to take it there because
he’s going away watch the squibber so it’s tailing away from him the momentum
is going toward the third-base line he jumps and throws all in one motion
across the infield put five stars by that that’s amazing I mean the play
itself is just ridiculous three two coming to Peterson Center slicing away
from conforto makes a great catch oh wow that ball was well struck and it kept on
working its way away from conforto who makes a brilliant catch to save a run
all the way to the backstop and look at this they may have a play at third it
ricocheted right back to Sanchez and he throws Kemp out we have seen a little
bit of everything tonight that pitch was headed somewhere in the direction of
Staten Island if it wasn’t stopped by the backstop but it caroms directly back
to Sanchez who despite his other defensive deficiencies is a very strong
arm hello thank you boom and sure enough Oh Tommy will bent
with the bases loaded no fans who came to see Otani tonight in the lineup we’re
gonna have a chance to see him bat with runners everywhere and a chance to end
they impact this game that’s out toward right-center field going back on it a
zipper at the wall fair ball
Valbuena thinking extra bases handing your digs and what a throw
unbelievable play on both ends both ends falling into the corner we could barely
see him from where we were at right Valbuena hits it hard solid line drive
able to keep it fair but it goes all the way down into the corner
Mitch digs it out and gets rid of it quickly he has a strong throwing arm and
it’s right on the money with a shagged by Segura ground ball to the right side
pool holes gloves hit stop us rose over I hope Albert’s okay I don’t know how he
got that throat to say but she covered first-base Albert down wine gets in at
baseball stumbles and still he the night but read at first base still a
perfect throw the first fortunately but a big target at first base but wanted
unbelievable play just it want to get to it to still throw a strike somehow a
perfect strike biases boys as he tumbles into the stands
what a play I hope he’s all right that area is very unforgiving in terms
of the bricks the all makes it a very difficult play and
headlong into the stands another highlight from Baez great catch
and I love at the end he goes into the ball and comes out of with a smile on
his face like yep that’s just me being me hits it back and caught by Matt so
it’ll be a double play side retired whoa that’s how you double them up
Matt’s with the incredible reaching behind the back catch of a line drive
and turns it into two what a play some magic from Matt’s behind the back
falling down and gets up let me tell you that was a big deal a
hotshot and in the process of sitting down he made a backhand catch of a line
drive and the toss to first to end the inning doubling off pasca right-handed
hitter slightly open stance swings and hits into the air to right tour the line
goes out of eaten into foul ground leaping up against the sidewalk he
climbed the side wall and makes a leaping catch to retire the side what a
play by atome he leapt into the wall for a ball out there a couple of nights ago
tonight one step up on the wall he climbs the side wall reaches up and
makes a spectacular catch weakly to the pitch Alex Gordon’s out well he boots
like a raptor dan there he is you’re looking at a Harvard grad right there
standing ovation to create environmental science and public policy jumping on
this one like a big calf we’re going to come the grande pulmo look at it right
here Fred get up dive right in left center
Margaux on the run Margeaux into left centerfield and make
the ground what an incredible first step for Manny
Marco such an important task as this ball smoked that first step is the
direction the baseball he stuck the landing with a nice diving catch yes the
Scotty drills one to Center way back DeShields at the track over his head and
he makes a phenomenal catch and crashes up against the wall
loses his hat to shoes catch up against the fence are you kidding me Delino gave
it all to reel that one in what a play by the Llano DeShields his cap went
flying off as he went into the wall exposing that canary yellow hair but
what a catch by Delino DeShields leaping into the wall in dead City run saving catch and who knows how much
more it’s going to be a long for Taylor and he makes a spectacular
over-the-shoulder catch on the warning track falling to the ground what a play
by Chris Taylor and of course we said these fans are waiting for something to
cheer about well they’ve got a chance right now but blend or coming up again
with a runner in scoring position the 3-2 breaking ball in the air to
right-field Grossman by the warning track at the
wall he’s such a special player it’s hard to
say this but that was almost expected he has a red
we’re an X camera light is on him when the lights are brightest he is at his
best a curtain call Jonathan holder one and two on Joseph’s
setup away got it in drives it the right judge going back judge going back at the
wall reaching Caleb Joseph of a go ahead
run in the 13th inning he caught it he caught it
he caught the ball he brought it back in otherwise that baby is in the first row
well I take a look at it now he’s going back and he really timed that you could
see it and he’s over the fence that was over the leg he really pulled that back
what a terrific catch high flyball centerfield the shield’s going back near
the wall from Hunter Renfro to preserve the shutout what a catch by Kelly no
ditch Santana in the air to Center Dyson started in now going back still going
back still going back at the fancy leap and he caught it
he caught it Jerrod Dyson just took away a three-run home run from Domingo
Santana he gets a Happ tip from Matt cook and this game is still scoreless at
the end of four he took it back jump straight up
all jump straight up and pulls it back heck of a catch this safe three runs I
thought that was a routine fly just kept going that one’s deep in trouble my took
back jumps up Mikie Mahtook Rob Harrison Vader of a
homerun faith the catch of the wall he brought it back that was a home run and
he robbed him of a home run break play so Mike he might sit up against the wall
he took a home run back and he keeps the Cardinals off the scoreboard Segura two
hits a three at bats and now one of the best double plays of the season
outstanding play by Correa diving up the middle while lying on the ground
flipping it with his glove to second and the inning is over
diving stop behind the bag at second flips it right out of his glove to
Gonzales they get Navin at second they double up cigarette first six four three
heck of a play by Correa to retire the side ground ball toward the middle
Simmons goes into a dive flips it to kids before moving back to first get off Oh Ted Simmons with a Goldblum twin
killing the see important decides to challenge it and there will be no
challenge got them at first base sensational play I’ll tell you what that
might be one of the best double plays turn you’ll ever see at any time in any
season up the middle the glove the flip all in one motion and then the turn want
to play six four three double play hard hit Dozier with a diving stop gets it to
Machado their new guys turn a beauty Dozier to Machado for a double play
special in a lot of places that grab then Machado reading the flips going to
be short so using the momentum to get the one out at second to get the second
out at first Dozier diving to the centerfield side of
second base from his glove and on his face he flipped it back handed to
Machado and then from Machado onto Muncie in a highlight film
double play this one’s got to feel Thompson’s bag he caught it
sensational play by trayce Thompson to take a 2-run Homer away from queeg
unbelievable Thompson an unbelievable leaping catch over the wall in as a
starting debut against his former club and he Rob’s yasiel puig of a two-run
home run Mitch a Nagar first hitter pitch swung on driven deep the left play
by Garcia to save the shutout that was a towering fly ball off the bat a Hannah
Gert and the ball just hung up looked like it was going to go Leary back goes
up high over the wall and makes the catch
what a play that is he goes about as high as he could go up and Soria can’t
believe it Joaquim Soria is pitched in 611 big
league games and he looked like a kid in a candy store right there well here he
pulled one back for him he swings the first pitch pops it up Cole Burson foul
ground glasses greening into the stands tumbles into the seats and he never
looked down at the tarp with his last 10 or 15 steps he knew where it was what a
great effort and catch my goodness what a play
all the Braves players he’s played here more than anybody else and it paid off
in a big way right there then he sends one into left-center field pretty well best of the year Jake Marisnick put in
for defense this hitting and it pays off as he lays out on the diving cats come
off the bench and make a play like that a belly flop in left-center field
gorgeous play by Marisnick and left panicker quickly cutting across a Nagar
picking up some speed that’s he make the catch he makes the catch at centerfield
what a play bitch Hannah girth full extension catches it just before it hits
the ground did not think he was going to get there made up a lot of ground dives
a little bit early how often you see the catch made when you’re already on the
ground yeah he dies too early for it incredible blood he would think that
forced the collision of hitting the ground round would make it almost
impossible to keep the glove of the right spot for the actual catch
curveball hits Velasquez he’s ambidextrous so it’s not surprising that
he got up and threw it left-handed what’s surprising is that he did it
after being in so much pain well I think the adrenaline kicks in there and keeps
the pain from bothering you with the play that’s one of the most unbelievable
plays I have ever seen credible incredible to be that athletic to be
able to do that and field back the pitch swinging a fly ball out to right field
that’s hit deep at the wall Grichuk he leaves and he be the catch Richard
pulled it back a game-tying home run into the glove of Randal Grichuk Randal
Grichuk doing it all tonight a man with home run and a tremendous defensive
catch elevating as high as he could go Grichuk went into the front row the
right-field wall and taking away from the fans and the Blue Jays keep a
three-run lead in the night David voted the pinch-hitter he’s been very good off
the bench 3 for 6 in this capacity fastball down in the zone perfect swing
down a magical swing magnificent result with the bat flip pinch it walk-off
Grand Slam in all of result of baseball gods do not lie I knew he had that
little two-seam sinker in there I was trying to get underneath it just like
you said and I got to centerfield my third career grand slam once in high
school once in low way and then obviously this one here and from the big
leagues this one’s just as sweet the best fans in the league goal Chicago
love you guys this will be the 13th pitch of the eighth back three and two
runners will take you on there we go it’s time to party right here how about that one of the most
electrifying at-bats of the season I mean anywhere in the major leagues
Mookie Betts slaughters a Grand Slam and incredible at-bat that amazing in it
just DISA way the Red Sox are going it was time to party again I’m telling you
look at him go backward I mean he is getting off here boy I mean he is just
digging it man a one to left-center field on the move Jackie Bradley lunging great catch by Jackie Bradley and the
crack of the bat it looked like there was no way on earth he was gonna run
that down but he did look at a ball I mean he’s standing there just clapping
welcome to the Red Sox when you’ve got job did Bradley incentive feel like that
that gets right there is one of the best I’ve ever seen he’s getting a standing
ovation here goodness gracious paid the price just remarkable you can’t
make better place than this runner at first two down runner goes well hit the
right knee Quinn what a catch holy smokes he leaped in the air grabbed
it hit the track and held on a standing O indeed racing back King in the air it doesn’t get any better than that
it’s the Morales I Drive right centerfield Dave Jackie on azores back
into the track is still going I turn step oh what a catch
unbelievable with his back the whole play and Bronco hugs him unbelievable
between the garage door the 420 mark I mean he put his head down and he
sprinted and he went a long long way maybe a hundred feet reached up with a
glove palm up and somehow leaped and made the catch that’s the best
outfielder in the game of baseball Jackie Bradley jr. well if you’re not
convinced now you never will be he’s the best I mean that was just
absolutely amazing and the one to hit up the middle diving stop by Wong he’s
thrown at first look at his teammates they can’t believe it he’s on the ground
picks it up and throws it with his really his body in midair oh my goodness
how about that two outs runner aboard the oh one swing he loses the bat it
breaks with the handle flyball right field Hannah got charged you didn’t dive miraculous Superman style tension right
field how on earth did Mitch Hanna ger just fight gravity and win he has walked
down a 3-2 Mariners win that was simply remarkable what a ballgame today for the
Mariners outstanding play Mitch Hannigan right there the broken bat goes about 15
rows behind the dugout third base side but Mitch made that play and he lines
this sharply toward right-center field and this is going to be go he caught the
ball no way Billy Hamilton just made a sensational grab that’s one of the best
we’ve ever seen here unbelievable catch by Billy Hamilton kidding me unbelievable play made by red
centerfielder Billy Hamilton completely horizontal to the ground take a look at
this Wow bird drives that in the air to Center in deep and go back to the wall
leaves what a catch by angle to rob bird of a three-run home bring it back 15 what a great play
realize exactly where he was and time his leap perfectly to haul it down Anna
mangle is one of the best defensive players in baseball the numbers bear it
out your eyes bear it out just an outstanding effort watch out to
right-center field and Cole comes up with it are you serious
laid out like Superman and he runs tours of extra bases you talked about the defense Victor to
start this game look at this defensive play by cold not taking his at-bats
after the field the rains and the dive and the cats just before that baseball
hit the ground and the enthusiasm a lot of time you see guys time it absolutely
a phenomenal play that ball is crushed Higashi oka left-center angle back-to-back nights what are you do it
out there Adam this one might have been a little bit better than the last one as
he goes all the way back to the wall let’s add a mango
in measured it once again and at the apex of his jump he’s able to make the
catch peasant outrageous play the second night
in a row flyball backs up Dyson and right field
at the track at the wall he takes a home
from Jake Marisnick what a catch by Giraud dicen timed his leap perfectly
does it get much cooler than taking a home run away from
look at Sarat dicen this plants that pleat in the fence the arm full
extension all the way over there nobody happier about that than TJ mcFarland in the air right centerfield angle back
in the warning track in the wall at of length 3 the homestead goes up as high
as he can go once again brings it back into the ballpark that’s a third time
not one of them has been easy all of them have been perfectly timed what a
play again just brilliant in center field out to center field
odubel going back toward the fence he jumps hi there’s one four highlights around
the country Freeman thinks he’s got a home run he
does have a home run well google got caught the branches bow home no big deal
gives himself a hand the Red Sox trying to grab a stranglehold on this World
Series up two games to nothing tie game top of the 10th fly ball into Center is
it deep enough genzler tags here’s the throw
the game that stays tied by Ballinger to keep it long long Bellinger setting up
makes the catch here comes Kinsler here comes the throw Ballinger with a rocket to the plate on
the fly tinsel around at home and the side is retired holy smokes what a flow
by Cody Bellinger Dodgers against the ropes
somehow avoid the knockdown punch you Baldy on three and two fly ball left
center field will hit back at the wall and the Loess World Series game in
history has come to an end a mighty blast by Max come see the Dodgers are
back from the dead they win it 3-2 – they moved back to the two games to one
in the 2018 World Series and historic game at Dodger Stadium and Muncie is
being pummeled at the plate once he flies one in the air to left center it’s over mudsy 3:18 night night
so Bennett’s India’s walk with two outs in the ninth and Hanley Ramirez has been
a thorn in the East Side over the years he’ll be coming off he struck out twice
and popped out and this would be a suol pitch and it’s on the way and it’s swung
on a ground ball to short here they come in from the bullpen and
just to the left of the pitcher’s mound hit the Coliseum in Oakland the seventh
no-hitter in Oakland it’s history it comes on the 21st of
April 2018 he is one out away from Mariners history in this ball game the
big lefty from Lander British Columbia the fans are on their feet here’s the
windup and the old to pinch swinging on what happened a third segars gotta toss
across builds over James Paxton has just thrown a no-hitter the big lefty is
getting mobbed out of the mound the young man from British Columbia throws a
no-hitter against the Blue Jays north of the border here at Rogers Centre in
Toronto his teammates are mobbing him at the mound he is surrounded by his
teammates Paxton has thrown a no-hitter tonight here in Toronto on May the 8th
of 2018 flyball centerfield well hit Zimmer a long run a complete all-out diving stab and he
hung on in deep left centerfield look at a crowd the crowds clapping for that’s
how good that catch was on the road watch his last leap he took off and I
mean he was flying through the air like Superman on the backhanded side that was
an unbelievable catch if they would have had another one on the board watch the
last leaf what a catch timed it beautifully to hold off out
number one great catch 1o pitch hit in the air center field backing up Dozier
and Dozier and Broxton jabs he got another come on kion get out of here
what a play this guy something else that might be one of his best ever that
just continues to amaze you out there in center field my goodness he is so happy
loves making plays that’s not showboat at an aegis exuberant right just
sometimes guys even impress themselves with some of their plays and it goes
back he’s measuring it he’s time in his late preferably time they’re able to
fall in taking a home run away those runners will be off for the crack
of the bat with two outs Kimbrel deals Bregman in the air left-field pennant
indeed ides back stuck its game saver Andrew Bennett nd the Red Sox win all
day spectacular catch by been intended left field what a finish I just went
head over heels in my chair oh wow what a catch by Andrew Benin 10 D
unbelievable what a play in the Red Sox lead the series 3 games to 1 tremendous
play by Benny as gutsy of a play and a decision as you can have with it all on
the line Andrew Bennett nd first pitch slinging a high fly ball to center field
how about a Mary Garrett believe that that bulb continued to
carry and Billy Hamilton goes up and over the wall to bring back a would-be
homerun you have got to be kidding me Billy he does it again
Hamilton Rob’s carpenter another unbelievable catch by Billy Hamilton Billy Hamilton in center field one of
the great plays we’ve seen in 2018 holy smokes want to play Guilmette
pauses that’ll play with the old one and that is slug deep centerfield poll are
racing back getting to the wall he jumps and it makes the catch soaring through
the air Superman has done it again Kevin Poole
are racing to the wall extending and robbing it at the top of the fence this
house is alive that was awesome my good boy look at him man he climbs
the wall and takes a home run away from Nicholas Cassiano and that wall is about
ten feet high my goodness best catch I’ve seen this
young Mario runner goes 3-2 pitch is hit to the gap in left-center field in a
long way out on the run is Liriano and he makes the catch an amazing catch
sails to throw back to first base at this busy time of the fly from rubber
laureano what a double play by the rookie an
incredible play streaking to a left-center field makes the catch on the
run and sails it on the fly to first base and doubles up Eric Young
unbelievable that throw to Kanna
it wasn’t from the cut off as them believe of that was from lariato I’ve
been to catch alone was enough but to finish it off with a double play great
play right here and he throws this ball almost all the way from the warning
track in the air all the way to first base to get ey jr. wow you’re not gonna
see much better play by an outfielder than that that was unbelievable really
absolutely amazing that was one of the greatest plays that any of us has ever
seen you

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