Top Chef: Women’s Volleyball

– Alright welcome to
Lope’s Kitchen Edition One. We have team purple and team gray tonight. Tonight’s challenge will
be a four course meal on fruitful Friday, fruit
must be in every course. You have 90 minutes to prepare and to wow our special guest celebrity judges, Lauren Murphy and her husband Joe. Your entrees will be judged on appearance, inclusion of the secret ingredient, as well as taste. Teams are you ready? – [All] Yes. – Timers begin. (upbeat piano music) – We’re not the best cookers on our team. – Alright well, we’re
supposed to be making some fruit pizza, but
I left my phone at home with the instructions on it. My brother who I got the recipe from, stopped answering me. So we’re gonna wing this. I don’t know what I’m doing. (upbeat piano music) – Woohoo! – This just in, we’re cutting
some slabbed chicken right now ’bout to dip them in some lemon juice, lather them up with some bread, making some breaded lemon chicken for you. (upbeat piano music) Alright well, there’s
a hole in our chicken. – She keeps snacking. – I’m snacking. – Dessert is gonna be real strong. We have a couple good bakers on each team. – Every fighter watches Chopped, and every fighter dreams
about being a Chopped judge. So today the GCU women’s volleyball team has made my dreams come true. I cannot wait for this, I am so excited. – My brother texted me back. I know the recipe. – I am emptying the pineapple
so that we can use it as a decorative bowl so we
can put what we’re making into it. (upbeat piano music) – Good. – I am so bad at cutting things. – This is cool. This worked out well, I
like what y’all are doing. – I’m being exposed. (upbeat piano music) – I keep getting caught
eating all the food. – Go get a spoon. – On it. – A spoon. (upbeat piano music) (yelling) – You see this, do you see this? (smooth pop music) – That is really good. We get to keep the
lemonade the whole time? – The purple team gave
that to you by the way. (smooth pop music) – Did you guys make the dressing yourself? It is so good. – I thought the oranges were
a little bit overpowering. – I liked the oranges. – I did like the slivered almonds, it was better than walnuts. – We got a grilled breaded chicken, lemon, and sauteed asparagus and lemon. – We got chicken pineapple fried rice, it’s got some cashews in there, it’s got some vegetables. Enjoy. – This is so good. – The hints of lemon is nice. – That thing is amazing. – Yeah that’s pretty awesome. – Yeah alright. – Cookie’s really good too, I’m eating this whole thing. – The main dish especially
hit it out of the park. Like that was incredible. – Overall decision, for us came down to that entree with the pineapple chicken. (cheering) – You guys have really like
made my dream come true today by being a Chopped judge. (cheering)

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