Top Corner Table Hockey: How to be a better player

hello gang I have come across too many
people in my day that are just average at top corner hockey and that’s quite
unacceptable so we’re going to go over a few things that should help you win some
more games so let’s start things off by taking a
look at some plays on offense so the first key to good offense is being good
at passing you want to be good at moving the puck up to the ice and this may take
some practice but eventually you should be able to make countless tape to tape
passes once you become good at moving the puck amongst your teammates you’ll
be able to create plays with this typically on offense your player with
the best chance of scoring is your Center your wingers tend to be blocked
off at the sides and don’t have a good scoring angle this is why it’s good to
be able to move the puck to your center once you’ve figured out passing you’ll
be able to try one of the best ways of scoring which is a one-timer if you can
do fast one-timers in top corner hockey you will be unstoppable especially when
playing against someone that forgets to move their goalie all the time let’s
talk about shooting with top corner hockey it’s got the rod button that you
pull and you can unleash a very nice wrist shot some people seem to mistake
this button for a slap shot the slap shot is very weak I don’t recommend it
the reverse use of the button can be handy though for trying to get
hard-to-reach pucks now you don’t have to depend solely on your forwards for
scoring chances the defenseman often are left with good clear lanes to shoot at
in this game so be sure to always be looking for clear lanes you sometimes
have a clear lane from the defenseman stick and you can shoot and look at that
score with your defenseman so remember good passing can lead to great scoring
opportunities okay so now let’s take a look at some of
the things on the defensive side order to play a good defensive game you
want to get a good feel for which rod is which player you want to be quick on
this you don’t want to be looking down you want to keep your eyes on the game
at all times so get a good feel for who’s who be able to play multiple
players at the same time when you have a good feel for which rod is which player
you’ll be able to bring your players back very quickly when the puck goes the
other way see the pucks on this players stick right here I brought back all
kinds of pressure on him and I’ll want to be waving my players around trying to
block any lanes keeping him from connecting passes and you just want to
shut down scoring opportunities maybe that will lead him to come down to the
corner and look to connect with this player again bring this player down here
try to intercept that pass give them very limited scoring opportunities
remember those lanes we are talking about seeing for offensive purposes well
you want to minimize those for the other player and remember there’s no penalties
in top corner hockey so feel free to hook a guy using that button and finally let’s take a look at goaltending goaltending tends to be the least
concern of most players playing top corner hockey and that’s fair enough
because if you’re playing against someone that moves the puck fairly fast
you don’t usually have a lot of time to get the goalie ready and make a save but
you can do a few things to limit the amount of times they will score on you
one thing is remember to reposition your goalie this is something people often
forget the puck is over on this end just throw the goalie back over there
and then go back to controlling your players and just remember every time the
puck moves to a different part of the ice reposition him you’ll sometimes find
yourself with a puck in a bit of a danger zone that you want to clear it
out in a hurry one good thing is to know the direction of the rod and which way
it will spin so that you can quickly kick the puck away
I find kicking the puck away works a lot better than the goalies stick you
typically can get better distance from a quick spin kick now one example is when
you get the puck right on your goal line there’s a high risk of you accidentally
knocking into your own net so if you know the direction to do a rotating kick
and kick it with the back of the goalies leg there get it out of harm’s way that
can really help you out and prevent some goals and lastly one more thing for
goaltending when you have a player right in the slot ready to shoot on you just
wiggle him around and try to distract your friend maybe use that useless stick
feature and remember I’m someone that’s playing
top corner hockey at a pretty high level so if you have any questions feel free
to ask and I will answer them semi-promptly

7 thoughts on “Top Corner Table Hockey: How to be a better player

  1. Well done video. This is my favorite game ever! I have a box of spare players and parts and even a unit unboxed !! Thanks for the tips. Can rarely win a game against my youngest teen.

  2. Legendary video thanks for sharing. I'd been looking for Top Corner for years and found one curbside in my neighbourhood recently. Only half the players twist to shoot but excited to get it fired up

  3. I think my roommates and I single handedly put Top Corner out of business…we broke so many players while trying to make the playoffs…the company ran out of spare parts in the late 90's!

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