Top of the class for the WANI LIGHT 2?

hey guys
Woody Valley WANI LIGHT 2. so this is another reversible airbag harness with
integrated back protection, integrated reserve, similar to the Supair Altirando Lite. The Skywalk Breeze is in that category, Advance Easiness 3. if you like to
get your kit really compact and still have some back protection but have
a very small harness that’s what you’d be looking for when you’re going for
this class of harness. let’s begin in the backpack mode that’s got a pretty good
volume, there’s a big volume there and it’s got a clever system where it’s clicking down
the cover which just tidies it up so the harness is sort of tidied away and gives
you a nice space to put your paraglider in on top. there’s a bit of a void down in
the bottom here so I would pack your jacket or something that’s bulky just to get rid of this void and then you’ve got a reasonably
flat space to put your paraglider in. as far as reversible airbag harnesses go
it’s a pretty good shape, it’s well designed that way. my reserve
is here. I’ve got a pretty big reserve in here. I just did that to test the system so
it goes up to 120 kilos and seems to fit in no problem. so reversing the bag out there
you’ve got a bit of wire stiffening, you’ve got your airbag intake there and
you’ve got a little vent here which probably just helps keep the shape of
this airbag so that the air is flowing in and it’s got some way to come out. that seemed to fill up just with me
standing around. so I’m gonna fold the back away. you’ve
got a very plush well padded carrying system for the backpack and you’ve got a
very nice thick waist strap with zip pockets on both sides left and right. I
would note that this comes around your hip on the sharp point of your hip so
it’s no good for putting your smartphone in because you’re gonna crack the screen
but the smaller items that can be moved around are better suited for these
pockets and yeah otherwise very deep water bottle pocket on the side, another
pocket on the side there, you can put your hiking sticks in there and then
you’ve got these click straps which you could use to neaten that up a bit. for these
reversibles, you don’t really have much to pack in the back because your
backpack is inside and then everything else you’re wearing so this is more than
enough space. I mean this has got a lot of volume in here.
if you wanted to pack other things this back area is not connected to the air
bag so it doesn’t matter where you pack things you can just stuff things in and
fill it up. There’s more than enough space for if you’re doing a Volbiv adventure or
something. you’ve got zip pockets on either side
that’s a plus a nice big area there, same on this side so
it’s probably the best in terms of storage that I’ve seen in this class.
you’ve got a tidy little reserve handle here it’s kept in just pinched in under
the fabric on either side it’s got a little bit of velcro at the back and
you’ve got two pins that pull out pretty easily. I’ve done some test
deployments, no problem. then you’ve got a bomb bay door that opens this way and
that way with the zips, very good. you’ve got a nice little stand up speed
bar system that comes integrated so that’s gonna be very easy to get your feet onto.
coming around to a pulley I would say that little pulley … it’s okay but they
could have gone for a higher spec pulley there. it’s quite adequate. It has got a seat
board that’s made out of that sort of a plastic like cardboard, that
plastic honeycomb. it’s light and feels sturdy enough and you’ve got a bit of neoprene
coating on the leg straps to just make it a little bit more comfortable.
otherwise straps in all the right places these adjustment straps are a bit
difficult to work with you can’t adjust this one in the air you’ve got to set
this up in your hanging system and work the webbing through. it’s designed that
way so it won’t slip once you’ve got the adjustments correct. on the sides
here you have got a little pull tab to release it, so that one you can adjust. You have gotta find the right angle to pull on this and you can quite easily adjust the
shoulders, so shoulders and lateral you can adjust, this one at the bottom which
raises and lowers the carabiner height and that strap goes under to the
edge of the seat board, that one you need to adjust in a simulator. I’ll just pop my
little handbag away with my camera gear I’ve got a little skywalk mini wing to
play with because it’s pretty windy. that too can go in the voluminous back
storage area along with the pole which we don’t need. let’s cover that over so it doesn’t poke through Righty ho! on with the show. that was great to fly in, it felt very nice,
it was a very responsive harness, it gives the maximum feedback (particularly in roll) of
what the air is doing so if you are wanting to get more feeling and feedback from
your wing the WANI LIGHT 2 is a good option. It does tip around quite a bit in
thermal conditions so if you’re unsettled by that you might want
something with a little bit more stability or dampening. certainly very
low dampening in this but some pilots will like it because of the freedom of
movement. you’ve got a classic seat board feeling. your weight transfer is immediate
and you can tweak the butt cheek and get that quick turn, the hook-tight
turn if you need it. it does reach a certain point where it will give you
more stability and it’ll tighten up a bit but it didn’t feel restrictive at
all so I’d say it’s the most unrestricted harness in terms of roll
freedom in the class. This has got by far the most roll
freedom that means it’s giving you a lot of feedback about every little bit of
lift which is quite good for light conditions but beginners might find it a
little bit overwhelming just in terms of the amount of feedback. it’s a little
tippy, let’s put it that way. you see the least amount of dampening
out of all the harnesses that I’ve tried and it’s the same as the GTO Light
it gives you that roll roll roll up to a point. it’s got more freedom for turning but at this angle here it’s supporting you but in the in-between
it’s quite a lot of roll feedback. it’s not unsettling but there’s definitely a
lot of movement you got to be aware of. I felt it was very stable in pitch, it was
a very nice comfortable position, it didn’t move and it’s kept me in a semi
upright position but in a comfortable place that was easy to fly in and it
didn’t move around much. yaw is very stable. so overall very comfortable. in
the air very comfortable. I feel nicely supported in a fairly upright position
but not super upright it’s about ideal
and I feel like the straps have got enough adjustment. I’ve left my chest strap as wide as possible. there’s a bit of movement across the seat board so it’s
not exactly snug, there’s a bit of freedom there but that means there’s a bit of
space for more generously proportioned pilots. well my usual criticism of these
reversible harness bags is that the bag doesn’t feel comfy. this is great.
I don’t feel the reserve pushing out and I feel really nice. comfy. there’s a fair
amount of competition in this space the reversible airbag Harness for hike and
fly. The WANI LIGHT 2 does it very well. super comfy quite plush actually lovely
finishes very comfy in the air. classic seat board feeling in the air
and yeah a lot of space in the back, more than enough for your wing and your bits and bobs. I’ve actually got my helmet inside along with a very big winter jacket yeah
it’s actually winter and my helmet and I did a fast pack of my glider now. my
glider is lightweight XALPS 3 so your wing is probably gonna take up a bit
more space in this but that’s just to show you that I could just do a fast
pack with the glider tossed in and you have got all that volume inside. very tidy.
these push through buckles I found these are the soft cornered and easy style, easy to do, no problems with those. The only thing I found lacking is somewhere to put your instruments. I wish they’d done something like the
Skywalk Breeze with a little cockpit option in the front we you could put
your instrument or your phone on top but apart from that, it is a very well-thought out, complete and beautiful design overall it’s my favorite reversible
harness backpack airbag system. it seems effective, the airbags good, the volume in
the back is good, it looks great, it carries well, it’s comfortable in the
air with lots of feedback from the harness, the reserve is in a good position. so all-round really good for pilots that want maximum feedback from the harness, they want an unrestricted feeling and still want to keep their kit really
light, have some airbag protection and have volume enough that with a light
wing you could do a volbiv adventure just with the bag on its own. it’s a
compact attractive and durable design that is great for adventuring and

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